HORROR HOSPITAL – Warning! This Game Thinks Seizure-Inducing Bullshit Is Fine

Horrible head-bobbing and viciously blinking lights? Sounds like another unplayable !


  1. Sebasitan Rostron


  2. Jim. fucking. sterling. son.

  3. this is just what we needed! slender copies!

  4. The worst part of these Slender clones is that I never have any idea what
    the goal of these are.

    Collect the letters, but for what purpose!? How is that *fun*?

  5. I woke up and thought to myself, “You know what your day could really use?
    Surely a seizure. Yup”.

  6. Jim, you should invite Rory Fingers to do some Squirty Plays.

  7. Rule 1 of Jumpscares: make them last over ten seconds so the audience can
    get used to it and become bored with the image before them. Also make sure
    the monster is in clear view the whole time so they can study it and
    realize it really isn’t that scary.
    Rule 2: Disregard rule 1.

  8. “You are die”

    I’m am die inside

  9. This game just completely blows Silent Hill out of the water. #Subtlety

  10. Couldn’t watch full screen. If I was high, drunk or epileptic I would be
    throwing up all over myself. Congrats on making it through the game, you
    deserve a medal of some sort.

  11. WoW, is fucking horrible the game…

  12. Dubious Dick Gaming

    Dark Souls:
    You Are Die Edition

  13. 3 minutes of this were enough to make me nauseous, what the fuck

  14. Southern Discomfort

    *”Shovelware… has changed.”* – Solid Snake

  15. Half Aluminum Chemist

    Despair meter? Is this the new Danganronpa horror game?

  16. “You Are Die”

  17. So does this mean 2017 is better or worse than 2016? This was shit…but
    was it worse than the shit we normally see? I’ll have to ponder over this.

  18. first jimpression of 2016: pony island. went on to become one of jim’s
    first jimpression of 2017: horror hospital. dime-a-dozen shitty early
    access horror game.
    buckle up, boys

  19. Imagine this with VR, I’d rather have ipecac.

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