Outlast Complete Full Game Walkthrough

Outlast is a first-person survival horror video game developed and published by Red Barrels. The game revolves around a freelance investigative journalist, Miles Upshur who decides to investigate a remote psychiatric hospital situated deep in the mountains of Lake County, Colorado. Outlast was released for Microsoft Windows on September 4,…

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Metro 2033 achievements

Welcome, achievement hunter. Here are some of the more difficult Metro 2033 achievements. Note these are not specifically for Metro 2033: Redux though there is probably some overlap. Quick-witted – Break the support and activate the chandelier in less than 20 seconds. Generous – Help the poor, a coin for…

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Hard Reset achievement guide

It’s achievement hunter Monday and I’m talking about Hard Reset Extended Edition since I just reached 100%. Once again we’ll concentrate on the really hard ones you might need help on. Note to get the difficulty achievements you have to have STARTED a new game at that difficulty. Upping the…

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Sanctum 2 brings more FPS to tower defense

sanctum 2 armored heavy

Sanctum 2 is the next installment of the most challenging tower defense/FPS hybrid game I have ever played.

Sanctum 2 is a sequel to a incredibly well-known first person tower defense game known as Sanctum. Both games have been developed and published by a popular company named Coffee Stain Studios. You represent the last defenders that can save the planet from hordes of deadly aliens. You can attempt this as single player or in co-op multiplayer.

sanctum 2 core

This is a first person shooter game where the player also has the power to make a maze filled with defense towers that help him protect the oxygen-producing Cores from an increasing number of aliens that are out to destroy them. There are a variety of distinctive weapons, towers and enemies in Sanctum 2, each one of them having distinct strengths and weaknesses. Also each character has his / her own specific primary weapon. One has shotgun, one has sniper rifle, one has rocket launcher, one assault rifle and the newest character has a special crossbow. Now each weapon has its own style of play. The shotgun character is good towards larger enemies that come running at him. Rocket launcher is sweet versus swarms of enemies since his damage applies to an area. Sniper and Crossbow characters are most effective versus game bosses, since they deal largest amount of damage in a single hit. And assault rifle is okay versus just about anything.

sanctum 2 maze

Each character can also have a secondary weapon. There are many different secondary weapons so the player can match precisely what they need to complement their primary weapon. There are additionally diverse perks in this game which help out with bonuses to your character. You might choose a perk that turns slow but strong weapons into very fast, even more potent weapons. Or maybe a perk that slows down every alien you shoot. There are dozens to choose from and that makes for a varied game play experience. Of course, don’t forget there are a lot of towers that assist you in fighting off the alien horde. Gun towers, laser towers, drone towers, etc. and each can be upgraded between invasion waves depending on your resources. Each tower is usually good for one specific thing, and it is up to player to discover what’s the optimum method to make the towers fit in with their play style and what’s most effective versus what enemies. Of the various kinds of enemies that are trying to take over the planet, some are small, numerous and quick, while others are powerful, slow and difficult to kill. Find the right mix of weapons, towers and perks to take them out before the core is destroyed!

sanctum 2 towers

Sanctum 2 vs Sanctum 1 main differences:

Emphasis is now placed more on the players to damage the aliens instead of with dozens of towers. In fact, the number of towers allowed is capped at 15, no matter the number of players on your team. Also, aliens will now target you specifically if you’re too close – totally different from the first game when they generally ignored you. However this also allows you to interrupt their progress and slow them down if you’re quick and agile.

Feats of Strength! These are basically five options that make the game harder. The enemies attack faster, regenerate health, have more hit points, etc. Defeating a map with all five selected is definitely an achievement.

There is now a leveling system that unlocks more weapons, towers and perks to the player as he progresses. These additional options allow the player to replay earlier maps with different strategies and feats of strength.

Perks! Choose up to 3 to modify your character or the game.

sanctum 2 perks

They took away the teleporters That was among the neat things from first game, letting you warp from one part of your maze to the other to deal with any breakthroughs. No longer. This will affect your game play and your tower defense.

Death: Yes, one can die now, and guess what? If you die, you have to WAIT for a respawn, even if you fall off the map by accident. If you’re using a certain Feat of Strength you’ll have to WAIT until the end of the wave. Ouch. Don’t die.

While many of the enemies are carried over from the first game and look just about the same, there are some new alien types thrown in, especially in the DLC content. This gives an additional challenge to Sanctum veterans.

Can’t improve weapons directly: This has been removed as well. You choose a gun, that gun stays the same, no upgrading it stronger or quicker, or faster reload… However you can choose perks instead that basically do the same thing and more.

The final word

Sanctum 2 is an indie game that really shines. If you like shooters and/or tower defense games, this brings both together in a very challenging way. The artwork is fantastic and the music is amazing. I highly recommend you support this independent studio.

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Dino D-Day a new take on World War II

dino dday market

Dino D-Day is a multi-player PvP shooter that combines the ever-popular World War II theme with bloodthirsty dinosaurs like from Jurassic Park.

In this alternate history line, Adolf Hitler has succeeded in resurrecting and training dinosaurs to join his Nazi armies in a bid for conquest. The Allies desperately try to catch up with their own dinosaur research as they battle across Europe and the Mediterranean. Each side has seven playable characters each with unique weapons and abilities, even – yes you guessed it – dinosaurs equipped with machine guns. It’s a unique spin from indie developer 800 North that attempts to combine two popular genres, with mixed results.


Dino D-Day plays out like most multiplayer FPS games. The two sides spawn on a map and battle it out for victory. Not much new there. The maps are nice, but the game’s strengths are in it’s classes. You may prefer playing one of the soldiers equipped with specific World War II armaments, or try your hand as a genetically modified dinosaur with their special attacks. It’s kinda cool charging down others as an armored Desmatosuchus or pouncing on prey as a Velociraptor. It’s different, but takes some getting used to and there are some possible balancing issues to be sure.


Unfortunately there is no tutorial to speak of, so before jumping in a live game you probably should create your own game with bots to practice on. There are just some class specific key strokes you’ll have to figure out, but luckily there is a plethora of goats around each map to practice on. Soon you’ll be spitting acid in everybody’s faces. Well, maybe. I stumbled around for quite awhile, learning by trial and error. I was lucky enough to run into a friendly player named Buddy the Space Parrot who showed me a few great tips.


The game itself is okay, but depends entirely on a multiplayer community, which is fairly sparse. It’s going to be hard to compete with free to play games like Team Fortress 2 with a much larger base. Hardcore pvp gamers will find a rather small amount of regular players to tussle with. There is no single player campaign, though you could use bots if you wish. In either case, unless you are a major dino fan, the play value of Dino D-Day is not so great.