Fallout: New Vegas a post apocalypse game


Fallout: New Vegas is a single player post-apocalyptic game from Obsidian Entertainment, set in an open world in and around present day Las Vegas.

This is just another chapter in the Fallout franchise, each game it’s own separate side story in a wasteland many years after a nuclear war collapses society. Before the warheads were released, some people escaped to self-contained ‘vaults’ to wait out the nuclear fallout. As a ‘vault dweller’, this is where you come in – finally emerging to discover what awaits on the surface of the Mojave Desert.


Fallout: New Vegas is a hybrid FPS/RPG game, with an emphasis on character development. It has everything you’d expect – leveling up, skill points, stats and perks that can completely change the way you play. Being open-world, you can explore however you like, and there’s TONS of content. Only a small part of the many locations and missions you find has to do with the main story, which lends itself to an apocalyptic buttload of variations. The PC version of Fallout: New Vegas has a popular and expansive modding community, and it’s almost mind blowing what can be found there. There’s also quite a few DLC packs, opening up different locations near the Mojave wasteland for you to go adventuring in. Each is almost a separate game unto itself. The graphics and sound effects are damn sweet, too.


You romp around the wasteland, scavenging items and fighting or avoiding dangerous characters and mutated animals that seem to flourish here. There are scattered settlements of people and caravans you can trade and interact with. While the environment might be harsh, you’ll soon find more danger from the various factions in the area vying for control of New Vegas. Sooner or later, you’ll be drawn in and find yourself on one side or another… indeed the main story line diverges into several different endings depending on your loyalties. With so many character variations and story arcs, the replay value is very high.

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One piece of helpful Vault technology is the Pip-Boy, an all-in-one portable device that fits on your forearm. It’s used to access game data, such as your character’s stats and skills, local maps, inventory, a motion sensor and even radio stations. It also allows access to VATS (Vault Assisted Targeting System) which players of Fallout: New Vegas either love or hate. When triggered around enemies, it ‘stops time’ and allows you to choose target locations with hit percentages. Then once activated, your attacks happen in ‘bullet time’ aka slow motion. This makes for very some cool sequences from different angles, especially when a critical is scored and the target is eliminated in a very messy but extremely satisfying animation. After 100+ hours of play I still enjoy it.