TEXAS TANGO – Spawn Camping: The Game

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It’s sort of impossible *not* to spawn camp in a tiny, tiny square.


  1. Jim playing a game involving Texas while the hurricane??

  2. Princess Harmony Moonlight

    The map just drops off so suddenly and doesnt resemble anything close to reality. They could have at least extended the terrain even if they used invisible walls

  3. Why are the zombies there, exactly?

  4. Some edgy name idk no one cares honestly

    Tango isn’t even a Texan thing

  5. Please don’t cut the vids

  6. Reminds me of the custom Twisted Metal Black Online games I used to run. Warhawk rooftop stage, Dollface (Darkside semi) and super attack only. Just constant death.

  7. And why isn’t your character called Chungus?

  8. Red Dead Regret

  9. fistful of frags’ evil twin: fistful of crap

  10. New PUBG update looks lit

  11. You should do a rediculously long chain of though intro like you do that lasts the whole video

  12. You’re a glorious fucking Jim Henson cameo of man.

  13. Powered by the powerful combination of Steam Direct & Unity
    Delivered directly to your house, and then into your garbage bin

  14. Wyatt derp 3

  15. Now *THAT* is how you make a shooter

  16. Smallest multiplayer map in history.

  17. Question: do I have to physically fuck you WITH the baked beans, or just have them in my hand as I fuck you? Either way I’m game, but if it’s the former, there’s some logistics to be worked out

  18. I like the idea that Jim is showing off Steam reviews/ store page/ discussions etc in his gameplay videos.

  19. Jim it couldn’t hurt to leave like a one sentence review for these games.
    Unless it could. Unless that just leads to more headaches for you which I’m realizing as I type this.

  20. Jim, how long did you play this for? I’m guessing long than 10 minutes.

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