Sexy Serial Killer – It’s As Good As It Sounds (Direct To Video)

Hello YouTube, you’re definitely going to tell me this one’s unsuitable for advertisers, aren’t you?


  1. Are we quite sure she hasn’t just shoved two water balloons down her shirt?

  2. *sees first frame*
    OH BOY.

  3. So you need 2 Pluto’s on you chest to be sexy? Let me get my spare yoga balls

  4. Even games with over-the-top jiggle physics aren’t this ridiculous.

  5. Hey now.. Not all of us can have silky smooth chest hair that doesn’t penetrate everything within arms reach of us.

  6. She’s coming… for your soul?
    also now I have Indian lesbian stories on my suggested videos bar.
    thank god for Jim

  7. I’m assuming this is made in Unity, and if so, it’s like 2 lines of code to lock the mouse cursor damn it. Come on.

  8. Jim sure does play the most interesting of things XD

  9. I woke up today blissfully ignorant of the existence of this game and Christian Mingle, the movie.
    Thanks, Jim.

  10. This was far worse than I thought it would be

  11. The beginning… I just… BOOBS DON’T WORK THAT WAY.

  12. StraightOuttaJarhois

    Yeah, this one’s definitely made by an incel.

  13. Those breasts put Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 to shame.

  14. Oh hey the game starts with the noises fans made over your 7/10 botw review

  15. Lesson learned: In order to be a sexy serial killer, you must shove two small planets down your shirt, wear a Jason mask, change your surname to Vore, scream like a pig when chasing your victims, and dangle actual human hearts off your jeans.

  16. I really wonder if he would put this game on his resume.

  17. And this is why I think The Sexy Brutale should have gone with a different name. I quite like the name but unfortunately, to someone who doesn’t know anything about your game, having the word sexy in the name probably makes people think of this kind of absolute shite.

  18. 0:42 Finally, the Cornflakes Homonculus has his own game!

  19. this is the ideal female body. you may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like

  20. Jomaster The Second

    She’s not even sexy.

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