Dandara Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch

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In a bizarre universe where the oppressed are on the brink of oblivion, Dandara has awoken to bring balance to directionless world. Dandara launches February 6 for Nintendo !

Learn more about Dandara!
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  1. I neva freeeeeeeze

  2. BatenProyect/Tops/Noticias y Mas

    Indies everwhere

  3. Does anyone here know what wiimmfi is?

  4. Superyoussefgaming

    looks AMAZING

  5. SMELLS PRETTY *sniff


  6. More new, fresh & cool games!!! I love it

  7. That music is incredible! I’ve been waiting forever to play this! I can’t wait!!!

  8. This is gonna be revolutionary

  9. The Inconcievable Glueman

    If Nintendo doesn’t drop a Direct I am going to *KILL*-
    Uhh I mean, give them a stern talking to

  10. muy buen video NINTENDO 😀

  11. Brazilian game

  12. This is a Brazilian Game.
    Dandara was an Afro-Brazilian warrior of the colonial period of Brazil. She was married to Zumbi dos Palmares and had three children. After being arrested on February 6, 1694, she committed suicide, refusing to return to a life of slavery. She is a mysterious figure today, because not much is known about her life. Most of the stories about her are varied and disconnected.

  13. #GoBrazil

  14. Its insane to me how many creative platforming mechanics are still being created, you’d think there’s nothing left to innovate on with platformers. Great job to these indies!

  15. Uncle Mike The Dragon


  16. That was mindbending.

  17. The music is so amazing!

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