RED WAKE CARNAGE – Stripped Bear

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I had to cut more than half the recorded footage to make up for the sheer void.


  1. Jim Sterling… you wild beast 😉

  2. fuck you jim

  3. Big Fuckin’ Fucks

  4. OH Boy

    More CRAP

  5. Daddy Jim delivers

  6. OnionRingsAndMemes28

    “Find and kill animals, dangerous animals!”
    So, asset-flip loving game devs?

  7. GurrrenWraith Lagann

    “Hello you big fucking fucks” ah Jims greetings are as great as ever.

  8. Jim you glorious 6 limbed octopus shaped meat puppet fucking fuck your self tenderly and i mean that with love and vigorous not as directed application of marmite

  9. Rap Reviews *shameless plug on my faves page*

  10. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  11. No Jimothy, for the LAST time I will NOT fuck your wife.

  12. “So many animal fucking animal sounds”

    I’m no expert, but I don’t think we heard any of those kinds of sounds…

  13. I saw planet 2000 on ps4 store. Can you eviscerate it for me?

  14. I like the trees with those luminescent leaves. Do trees like that exist in real life?

  15. Sideshow The Game Freak

    You do gamers a great service, your psychosis must of taken a toll after all these years of horrible games.

  16. I did not hit her, it’s not true. it’s bullshit! did not hit her; I did Nahht!
    Oh hai shitty game.

  17. So let me get this straight-
    It’s a hunting game
    with almost *no* animals to actually shoot?
    Truly a new Kojima in game design, this dev is.

  18. NastyLittleBagginses

    If anyone would know what “animal fucking animal sounds” sound like, I’d put my money on Jim.

  19. Another STEAMing pile of sheite

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