HYPER LIGHT DRIFTER – Hyping The Light Fantastic

This. I like this.



  1. That intro cutscene was absolutely beautiful. Holy shit

  2. Skell-ah-ton
    The”a” is not pronounced the same as “ing”

  3. My only current problem with this game is how the shoot and teleport are
    tied to the mouse, so I cant teleport one way while firing in the other

  4. xTheSilverRavenx

    8:01 Try Jumping

  5. This is my favourite all of the squirty plays/jimpressions, really enjoyed
    the commentary too, un, cheers!

  6. For some reason this game’s art style & direction reminds me a *lot* of
    Axiom Verge mixed with some Samurai Jack. That’s just the best thing.

  7. been playing it and its fucking difficult as fuck, if you suck at games
    (like me) i would be careful with this one.

  8. This game is fucking beautiful!

  9. Nuclear Flamingo

    The soundtrack sounds very Disasterpeace.

  10. John Doe (enjoi2point0)

    Another awesome retro game that came out recently and flew under the radar
    is Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exidus on Wii U and PS4. Seriously, it’s
    soooo good! For fans of Super Metroid, Zelda 2, Castlevania, Shovel Knight
    etc. Highly recommended but fair warning, it doesn’t hold your hand.

  11. I get a very “Ghibli” feeling from this game. an aesthetic somewhere
    between Nausicaa and The Castle in the Sky.

  12. Looks like Titan Souls.

  13. I played this for just under 2 hours. I went a different direction than Jim
    did though, i went right instead of down. I got my shit pushed in.
    Especially when I ran out of Healing Items in the area. I’d be interested
    in Jim’s thoughts if he manages to not get stuck in this.

  14. Hey Jim! Did you hear about the guy who went and hacked Steam twice in one
    week? And how he told them all about the holes in their security and they
    didn’t compensate him for his work at all? Something about watching paint
    dry I think.

  15. Alex Blandin (StoryStratos)

    Such gorgeous art, perfect screensaver or background material

  16. bozitojugg3rn4ut

    Why is there still no “Chungus” t-shirt in the jimquisition store??

  17. Bartleby! :D

  18. I know some people are sick of pixel indie games or whatever but personally
    i love pixel art, ESPECIALLY when it’s done as well as this is. The game’s
    gorgeous, love the Disasterpeace soundtrack too.

  19. This is gorgeous. Between the art style and the awesome synthy music, I may
    have to grab this.

  20. W0lfbane Shika (W0lfbaneshika)

    This is pretty well designed, if they designed it in a more realistic anime
    style… yeh.

  21. I thought I recognised that music style, amazing stuff from Disasterpiece –
    really had that Fez vibe of mystery/wonder

  22. we live in an age where retro style games by indie devs are much more
    promising than most in the triple A market. I love it.

  23. Reminds me a lot of Fez

  24. The audio… or lack of it, turned me off immediately

  25. When those 3 monsters popped up I couldn’t help but think they were

  26. Adam Poole (animeguy4ever)

    kind of neat looking. if it was $10 and on ps3/ps4 i might get it

  27. Lavender Harmony

    I adore the aesthetic in this. It’s kind of Dustforce Cave Story
    TransistorBastion Fezowrun nidhogg…. hm.

  28. Oh my, this looks like Undertale, except prettier!

    And.. You know.. Fun. >.>

  29. Sigh… yet another shoddy, barely-functional asset flip. The player is
    just dumped into a bland-looking map with no sense of direction. And the
    dialogue is so bad, I can barely even tell what the characters are saying!!
    I can’t believe you give a cookie-cutter piece of shovelware like this a
    free pass, but are so unfairly harsh with a trailblazing masterwork like
    The Slaughtering Grounds. Whatever happened to *standards*, Jim!? Whatever
    happened to *integrity*!?

    (Okay, but seriously Hyper Light Drifter looks amazing. I definitely want
    to buy it, now that I’ve seen it in action.)

  30. Transistor + Bastion + Fez = this game

  31. Animation style reminds me of Another World.

  32. Joseph Wroblewski

    you got mitomo to work? is that your April fools joke?

  33. This game is complete shit, we need a masterpiece from the BEST CREATORS

  34. Very nice intro but might need a flashing lights warning. A very cool
    looking game otherwise o.o

  35. The art style reminds me a lot of the game “Out of This World” (“Another
    World” in other regions) on the SNES.

  36. The colour looks like it’s CGA level over the text friendly RGBI connector,
    instead of the graphics friendly Composite connector.

  37. Wow Jim, this episode just reeks of Desperation and Cheap Booze.

    Good game though.

  38. Wait is this a Jim Sterling video? This game is in no way shape or form
    shitty, nor is it Dynasty Warriors.

  39. The dissolving giants were like the ones in Nausicaa

  40. The Ultimate Gamer

    This was the first I had heard of this game, for the first 12 minutes I was
    starting to get a 2D Dark Souls vibe. When Jim mentioned Dark Souls I
    almost jumped for joy. I’ve been hoping for a 2D Dark Souls like game for a
    really long time.

  41. You are no mere common tater, good sir. You are the specialist of taters.

  42. Funny how Youtube seems to not have time to fix its Fair Use issue but have
    all the time in the world to push this SnoopVision BS. Priorities, hmm

  43. The perspective and art design kinda remind me of Transistor…. Just with
    less singing.

  44. ChristopherHanssen

    What name will he choose next??

  45. I hope this will make its way to PSN eventually. Looks like something I’d
    enjoy playing on my Vita.

  46. Delaney Spradling

    I’d say this is more sci-fi Zelda than Dark Souls

  47. This is light SPRIAL KNIGHTS meets SONGBRINGER. I LOVE IT.

  48. MalevolentDivinity

    Reminds me of Nausicaa.

  49. Would people say this is good compared to say Transistor or Bastion?

  50. “It’s so nice to play a game that’s not a complete load of shit”- Jim
    Sterling 2016
    Now that was a rather fitting comment for Greenlight.

  51. SubliminalMinstrel

    This seems like what a good horror game should be – just when you think you
    have figured out how to defeat everything, the whole goddam world starts to
    kick your ass…and not a single jump scare, or flying ghoul, or pitiful

  52. im pleasantly surprised

  53. Is Dark Souls comparison a meme?

  54. You showed the exact 30 minutes of the game in which it doesn’t
    relentlessly pound you with difficulty.

  55. I agree that this game is very reminiscent of The Game You Can’t Mention
    :P. You’re a relatively week individual, discovering an entirely hostile
    environment and trying not to die. As generic as that sounds, it just FEELS
    so Dark Souls. That first skelington that you encounter seems almost like a
    direct nod- I was assuming you’d have some dialogue with him. Their
    philosophies on combat are also similar; you have every tool in your
    arsenal to go through the combat relatively quickly and efficiently, but
    you don’t have the skills to, not at the beginning anyway. I found that the
    best way to solve most rooms was to slow the hell down and actually analyse
    what was going on.

    Honestly though, I’m really not happy about how this game feels to play.
    When I booted up the game for the first time I was worried that my graphics
    card was on the fritz- how could a GTX960 be having so many stuttering
    issues? Then I learned that the framerate is locked to 30. I feel like alot
    of the artificial difficulty would be removed if the game would just give
    me even 15 more fps to understand what the hell is going on, but alas.
    Also, avoid playing this game with a mouse and keyboard like the plague,
    because it’s clearly only built for it insofar as it KIND of works.

  56. This is the best look pixel art game I think I have ever seen. Fuck, even
    if I don’t like the gameplay, I’m going to play it just to look at the

  57. Dark Souls? I was not thinking of Dark Souls while watching this. It sucks
    that any game that doesn’t tell you everything is compared to Dark Souls,
    but whatever, I love Dark Souls and this game looks REALLY cool as well.

    I totally didn’t excpect that.

  59. Shambles1980TRealOne

    makes me want to play chrono trigger

  60. I’ve played the game for a couple hours now and I really enjoy it so far.
    The progression really does remind me of the game that will not be
    mentioned and I do like that aspect of it. And yeah, when I saw the opening
    cutscene, Out of this World was the first thing that came to mind.

  61. just sittin here drinking some whiskey, waiting to be summoned.

  62. We can always use more Dark Souls like games.

  63. any one else getting samurai Jack vibes from this

  64. Why art direction is a good thing. Keep that in mind, indie developers.

  65. The art style is really strong…

    Like really good…

  66. The fucking animations and endless time wasting by the game. It needs a
    fucking rocket up its ass and skip a whole bunch of needless crap.

  67. Why does this art style remind me so much of Fez?

  68. chungus, what an interesting and unique name i’ve never before seen

  69. Game is great. Really great.

  70. this game has 100% the Evangelion vibe in its art style

  71. love the mix of fantasy with an advanced tech under tone.

  72. LieutenantAmerica

    As someone who just beat the game, I’d just like to say:
    First, this is a really good game.
    Second, if someone could explain to dumb little me what the heck is going
    on at the end, I’d be grateful. I was never good at piecing these kinds of
    stories together myself. That friggin’ dog…

  73. 26:54 has interesting background.

  74. I pre-ordered this a month ago, I think. I did it on the sole basis that it
    LOOKED like my jam. I’m so thankful to know that I do legitimately enjoy
    this game. I’ve beaten the boss to the north and east. The boss to the
    north will likely piss you off and the boss to the east will fucking
    disgust you and, my god, it’s so gory.


  76. I was sold 5 minutes into this. I bought it.

  77. I remember this from kickstarter.

  78. Beat it a bit ago. Only 9 hours first time. Not 100% though. There are lots
    of differences from the trailers and alpha build. Not all good.

  79. Such a berserk like intro…I am genuinely scared

  80. So glad you talked about this. I’ve been hyped for this game release

  81. This game is very reminiscent of Fez to me, with the beautiful art style,
    the mysterious, unexplained lore, the glyph language and mostly open world.
    Plus both soundtracks are by the ever talented disasterpiece 😀 I can’t
    wait to experience this game.

  82. Man I went a different direction from the start and the place I ended up
    seemed way harder than this bit looked. Also yes, I attempted the DS1
    catacombs first cause I can’t follow directions or take a hint :P

  83. strongly reminds me of fez, for aesthetic.

  84. hyper light drifter more like




    of zelda

  85. Not a fan of low res pixel art. That’s a relic from the past, when systems
    were low resolution. I get that it’s used as art style today but many devs
    just use it because it’s cheaper/easier/faster. Just use a bunch of pixels
    and limited colors (who has the time to draw anyway) and BAM! “art style”.

    Having said that, this game doesn’t look too bad. But nowadays i’d rather
    have properly drawn, high detailed 2D art.

  86. Oooooooh, pretty! Uh… yeah the combat and controls certainly seem fluid
    and responsive, and the hinting at mysterious lore and ancient relics pique
    my curiosity, yeah. >.>

  87. This game gives me vibes from Fez and Bastion, this looks really good

  88. Yeah, looks good, very artistic, but I can’t say the the pixel art style
    actually enhances anything. Would rather have seen a higher fidelity
    approach (although of course to do that properly takes more time, so I get
    that it’s a balancing act).

  89. I got to the first boss, really challenging stuff! I hope more youtubers
    will cover this game, it really deserves it :)

  90. “It´s so nice to play a game that isn´t shit” The genuine tone of that
    sentence is almost as refreshing as playing a game that isn´t shit.

  91. why is a fucking pixel art game locked to 30fps? i was looking forward to
    this game. shame to find out it’s abject garbage.

  92. I’ve gotten a very good feeling about this…

    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to disturbing anime art?

    Count me fucking in!

  93. I really don’t like the art style of HLR, not that I mind pixel art. In
    fact, one of my favourite looking games is in pixel art.
    But this… it looks way too soft. Both in how it’s designed, and the
    colouring. It just feels dull to me, like the bland lifeless feeling I get
    from crappy 80s pop songs. And the in-game music doesn’t help at all.

    It needs Slain!’s exciting style while Slain! needs HLR’s exciting game
    play. Oh well, double loss for me :-P

  94. jim playing a good game on steam????? WHAAAAAAAAAAT??????? ALERT THE POLICE

  95. The biggest thing I had to get used to while playing this yesterday was
    that you don’t get invincibility-frames while dashing. Looks like you would
    but don’t.

  96. “Isn’t a total load of shit” -Jim Sterling

    That should enough of an endorsement for me

  97. ✌Vindicator✌

    Reminds me of Bastion/Transistor, but pixel art’d.

  98. Looks like Transistor meets Out of This World

  99. sup you glorious god of misschief, I heard you like Souls, so you should
    play Salt and Sanctuary

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