Markiplier Warms Up for 5 Minutes

Some people wanted to know my creative process before every video recording. Well I’m always happy to be there for my true fans so here’s a sneak peak in the wonderful world of and how I mentally and physically prepare to create the wonders that you see on the channel. I’m really proud to be able to show you such a private moment on such a public forum. May you carry this life lesson with you through each generation as you pass on this story of legend. May the force be with you.


  1. Kelly Barchanowicz

    Imagine the captions at the end ask if he’s okay

  2. I just can’t believe I actually sat through all five minutes of this

  3. Did anyone else put on the captions xD

  4. I was so scared he would pop a vein

  5. warassassin Selbyx


  6. So…Whats his name…Anyone know??

  7. Can I have 1:37-1:57 as my ringtone?

  8. Samlikesbacon gaming

    Know I know why Donald trump hates mexicans

  9. Now you too can hear the sounds Markiplier would make in the bedroom!

  10. *attempts buddidm*

    i died

  11. this mesmerized my dog…

  12. Why are there captions!

  13. wow I laughed so hard I’m red in the face???

  14. now we know how mark warms up for the sex

  15. “hello everybody,my name is Markiplier,welcome to let’s play..F***k!!!!”

  16. ANONYMOUS Person


  17. lol

  18. First video I’ve seen by him.

  19. wtf did i watch?

  20. OMG Mark is soooooooooo handsome while he’s warming up!!! <3

  21. 3:09 that noise

  22. demon possession sure is scary

  23. Swagmaster PussyDestroyer

    “I coulda been an engineer.”

  24. I watched all 5 minutes… And I feel ridiculous

  25. Alberich De Megrez


  26. the captions… went everywhere on this one lol

  27. the point

  28. This is what I have to do in chorus everyday for warm-ups ???

  29. … what the hell just happened …

  30. My dog got upset at the high pitch squeeling part.


  32. this has got over a million views. Mark has got a good voice, but its sad
    sometimes that real talent is not being promoted. Youtube should start to
    promote videos not based on view count. Otherwise you’ve got gamers like MP
    and PewDiePie etc getting to the top while the real talent is neglected.

  33. I laughed soooo hard at the intro lmaoo

  34. Awww, fudge and crackers! I thought he was going to crack, at the 3 minuet

  35. Setup to FAIL Inc.

    I advise everyone reading the comments before the video, .:TURN ON YOUR
    SUBTITLES:. It makes it ALLLLLLL Better xD

  36. *No one knows anymore*

    I’m crying! xD xD

  37. My computer can’t handle mark’s warm ups.

  38. So sexy…

  39. me when i find a mirror

  40. this video would be useful someday for youtubers :)

  41. Mark? Are you ok? O_O
    Rubber baby buggy bumpers! XD

  42. looks like an advert for voice actors

  43. My april fools video! I am not supposed to enjoy this, am I?

  44. PutriAdriana Adzhari

    That was crazy funny!!!

  45. Hold me I’m scared

  46. The captions were different yesterday

  47. What if future archaeologists were digging and found Mark’s hard drive and
    only this video could be recovered… All of humanity compressed into

  48. This makes me very uncomfortable

  49. production

  50. XD lmao haaaaaaaaaaaaah~!!

  51. who the fuck is markplier this is fucking bullshit go to hell bitch

  52. WAT?


  54. And to think that he made 1,2k+ dollars from this one video

  55. I didn’t laugh…

  56. Is it right to say that this is immersive

  57. 1:56 *fangirling uncontrollably*

  58. Is he possessed? XD

  59. Who thought this was very annoying but oddly entertaining? :DD ps marki ily

  60. 3:41 “9-11″

  61. xXKawaiiWolf ThingXx

    OMG Turn on subtitles at 1:52 ! I died xD

  62. ” I should’ve been an engineer”

  63. Turn on captions!

  64. When I wake up tomorrow this comment better have ZERO LIKES !!!!!!!!

  65. 2:27 Imagine an imaginary menagerie manager imagining managing an imaginary


  67. ZombieSlayer225 !

    This is disturbing I couldn’t make it through 4:00 so I just clicked on the
    next vid

  68. This is even better with captions on!

  69. for all the music producers and animators here… u know what to do now ;)

  70. Shark800x Gaming


  71. why are you not on YTR (YouTube Red )

  72. omg 1:51 i put my captions on and it says fangirling uncontrollably XD

  73. Best 5 min ever spent

  74. EnderCraft Visualizes


  75. That’s me when I woke up early in the morning ? ? ? ? ?

  76. Subtitles! Omg! XD

  77. 4:19 to 4:32 I thought he would pop a vain

  78. It’s like watching a cyborg that’s glitching out.

  79. Do you actually do this mark?

  80. i’m speechless…

  81. Vidkmfmdmke penis jeixmeimivmd

  82. You should have done some will ferrel ancorman intro warm ups, unique New

  83. Hello everybody my name is Markiplier and lets play FUCK, Its a new game
    released early on steam and it’s probably crap.

  84. Turn captions on…

  85. Attempts buddism ???? wtf lmao

  86. Im glad i had earphones on ?

  87. Oh my god. This is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. Imagine
    being his neighbor and hearing this?

  88. I wonder if anyone in his neighborhood heard him? :/

  89. first the gmm silence episode and now this… where is this going? soon all
    the youtubers will just sit infront of a camera and say random stuff or
    nothing at all… oh wait…. they already do that? ooh ok no problem then

  90. I lost it, I seriously lost it from the start to finish.
    I understand fully why stuff like this has to be done, its to keep the
    voice and mouth muscles in good condition. Also helps when trying to
    pronounce a few words properly.
    But still funny as hell when done.

  91. Watching this with subtitles is more entertaining

  92. omg I loved it when he just stopped for a second to say “penis”

  93. THIS is my future husband
    *sighs? ?

  94. da beggining sounded like he said i like ribeye

  95. So did he do this whole thing before he filmed thud

  96. He had to warm up before the banana video. It was essential.

  97. good job mark youve waisted my time for 5 minutes xD and it was weird xD
    keep it going!

  98. remember to turn on your subtitles

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