BREAKING BONES – Breaking Bad More Like… But Bad Like Proper Bad… Not The Show



  1. Dubious Dick Gaming

    cmon, Jim, throw these Devs a bone

  2. Steam description ‘Breaking Bones is a survival game using the technology
    of photogrammetry’……erm what?

    Google definition:
    photogrammetry…. the use of photography in surveying and mapping to
    ascertain measurements between objects.
    Oh now it makes sense!!

  3. I’ll taste test it for you.

  4. (Looks in the corner of the screen) 8-l

    “Top 10 Hip-Hop Albums for People Who Don’t Like Hip-Hop”

    (Wonders how this relates to Jim Sterling’s video) :-/

  5. Alright, you get a like for that intro good sir

  6. Whoo let the dog out???


  7. Jim, the skelingtons are bleeding because the blood in the body is made in
    the marrow of bones actually. If ya knew anything about skelingtons you
    would have researched that Jimbo

  8. To be fair it looks better than a lot of the shit you play on this channel.
    Still shit though.

  9. Dwarf-Elvish Diplomacy

    Its likea even worse made version of Chivalry hoard mode

  10. This game looks pretty bare bones, even considering you play as a bone fide
    hero. If you pre-order it, do you get some kind of bone-us ? The enemies
    don’t seem too bright, are they numb skulls ? I bet the soundtrack will be
    a DLC and it will all be tromBone music. I have a bone to pick with this
    game, why do skeletons bleed ? They don’t have the guts for it.

  11. Jim Fucking Skelling ton

  12. Peter W (Rednev444)

    I mean theres some nice looking models but thats about the only thing good
    about this game. How much do you wanna bet those models are from an asset


  14. I love how the hammer effectively slashes the skeletons. it’s the same
    sound as the sword.

  15. Someones been enjoying FFXV.

  16. It looks like a poorly reskinned and stripped down version of killing

  17. Usually wave-based games in multiple closed arenas already aren’t that
    good. So, myeah if a game doesn’t even offer that or anything else… ?

  18. Can’t wait to try it

  19. Better than Last Guardian? Sold!

  20. That level up slowmotion is ripped straight off Crusaders of Might and
    Magic. All they needed was that little horn toot.

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