The Elder Scrolls Online: Homestead First Look

There’s no place like home after a long day of adventuring. , ’s player housing system, is coming in February 2017. Watch our first look trailer for a glimpse at some of the homes you’ll be able to own, and what you can do with them.
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ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood and Gore, Sexual Themes, Use of Alcohol, and Violence


  1. Hmm yeah, gimme sum of dem sweet rolls.

  2. Where’s argonion?!

  3. “Small Home”

  4. I’m almost completely convinced that most of the people saying “I don’t
    want this, I want a new TES game” in the comment section are trolls.
    There’s no way so many people could still be ignorant enough to think that
    ESO is being developed by BGS.

  5. Clicked for sweetrolls. Was not disappointed.

    7/10 for lack of CHEESE.

  6. so “Fallout Online” is next….right?

  7. That thumbnail has as much clutter as an Elianora house

  8. Are there Telvanni Towers?

  9. DanteAtomosKageokami

    got anything more customizable? able to make rooms and floors and setups to
    your like’ing?

  10. Tau the bice Gaming

    We need a merchant and a bank at our houses. then it will be like real

  11. Ready to come back <3

  12. Can’t wait. Hopefully the prices aren’t too high.

  13. that’s a fuck load of sweet rolls man.

  14. I was hoping to see some Argonian homes not fair imo some races got more
    than 1 type of house showcased while other races got left out.

  15. :O !!! **drops other games** This housing looks so great! Now to make
    enough gold in ESO to start buying things! *gasp* I must level up crafting,

  16. Love the game, just wish they had a hard way for free crowns or something.
    like take a quiz on ESO lore and get 1 crown per 10-15 question quiz with
    maximum of 10 quizzes a day, so then we had the option for it to be free,
    but it would be MUCH easier to pay money.

  17. It looks interesting – Hearthfire was far and away my favourite DLC for
    Skyrim, but I fear that this one will not be nearly as practical or
    engaging. If this is simply about aesthetics, then 🙁 But if it serves a
    valuable function I’ll be happy.

  18. I hope every pet and mount will be there at once and we can display every
    weapon, armor, outfit, collectible useless trophies, and have chests for
    storage… I think these are logical kinda must have features to add
    funcionality to the homes plus to see and appriciate what we payed for real
    money, aren’t they?

  19. If I was to come to ESO what do I need to buy to have the complete FULL
    game with all expacs and addons? I want to be able to play the “full game”.

  20. Will i be able to share a home with my friends?

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