Dusk Of Confinement – Alone In The Literal Dark (Direct To Video)

This one has absolutely EVERYTHING you would want from a terrible first-person horror game on Steam.


  1. John smith, what was john doe busy?

  2. They have committed the Golden Sins of horror games.

  3. This is your curse of darkness!

  4. Alone in the Dark is probably how good Indies on Steam direct feel

  5. The Inconceivable Glueman

    This isn’t your average everyday darkness, this is… *advanced darkness*

  6. Everything looks very gray compared to the thumbnail.

  7. Great stuff!

  8. Not dark enough, unsubbed

  9. Another day, another video from Jim. Love your content Jim. Also idk if you had the patience to check this out in Metal Gear Survive, but it actually costs money to purchase a save slot in order to create another character. Good old Angry Joe made a video on this. So yeah, Konami decided it was a wonderful idea to make save slots cost extra on top of the $40 for the game. So fuck Konami.
    Also this game looks like another pile of shit.

  10. Man, I can already say that the Horror game I created for College is 100 times better the this game, because I actually decide to give players a Flashlight that actually lights up the room and doesn’t have a draining battery.

  11. I ain’t ‘fraid of no table-
    An invisible table-
    A freaky ghost table-

  12. It’s like they watched your video on what not to do in horror games and was like, “LET’S DO ALL OF It”

  13. I would say this game looks shit but…. I can’t fuckin see anything!

  14. Hey Jim, are you going to check out the absolute trainwreck that is Hunt Down the Freeman. Stolen assets and everything. Doesn’t work half the time. Missing cutscenes

  15. “Jim Sterling Bait” should be it’s own category on Steam.

  16. This is the Update 1… on steam… speaks for itself…

    Added hints
    The game can be finished

  17. Two days ago, I finally started playing Silent Hill 3 on PC, the only Silent Hill game I’ve played so far. And playing it I realized just how fucking *bad* all of these modern Steam horror games are.

  18. *darkness intensifies*

  19. Thank you for being like a better version of Jesus, Jim. I appreciate you suffering through these horrific experiences so we don’t have to. You’re a true hero and savior.

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