AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS – Literally Painful Viewing, I’m Sorry

I am sorry I am so so sorry everybody.


  1. Lovecraft deserves better than this.

  2. StrawberryDoubleDip

    This video helped me throw up & thus clear my hangover.

    Thanks Jim!

  3. Made it To the end but i feel slightly ill now. Poor Howard must be rolling
    around insanely in his grave.

  4. I remember I voted for this game some months ago. What a moron I was. Oh

  5. Damn, if only you had the walking stick…

  6. I made it that far!! Now I need to take some paracetamol, because I have a

  7. I made it all the way now I realise my Totalbiscuit insists of all PC game
    having 60fps. god that was terrible

  8. Shoulda left before the end my fucking headache now

  9. Usually, shit like that doesn’t bother me, but after watching to the end I
    have a corker of a headache starting.

  10. Why? Why did I keep going until the bitter end? I don’t understand…

  11. Made it! XD

  12. I suppose………….the frame rates add to the horror aspect?


  14. I made it to the end; but I seriously regret having lunch while I watched
    this….I honestly wanted to throw up for half the video.

  15. i made it this far

    send help

  16. Made it to the end, although this was on my second screen so I wasn’t
    paying FULL attention to it….

  17. Made it to the end Jim, my eyes are blood red and full of tears.
    I think i need some eye drops and some rest after this :S

  18. I made it till the end. Horrible indeed I felt nauseous the whole time.

  19. Yes, Jim, we made it this far. We don’t know how you played that long

    Looked a bit like your rig was encoding your next Jimquisition while you
    were trying to play, the performance was so…….impacted.

  20. All the way to the end

  21. I made it to the end of this video and don’t know how.
    it reminds me of those unpleasant dreams you wake from. They are not quite
    nightmares but still leave you feeling ill afterwards.

  22. Made it through the whole video because I love this story. I was hoping
    some gameplay would materialize. Too early for early access. Sigh.

  23. You know, if they fix that motion blur and optimize the game a bit more,
    then it might actually be kinda ok? Yeah the English translation is awful,
    but in its native language it might actually be interesting to see. Post
    changes, of course.

  24. I made it through the video. However, I didn’t watch all the way through; I
    had most of it running in the background to have your angelic voice keep me
    company on my travels in Elite Dangerous, only occassionally alt-tabbing

  25. Remember when ride to hell was the worst game on steam?

  26. Oh dear god I made it through that, all jokes aside it actually did start
    to give me a headache. That is just … so awful its hard to imagine
    someone is trying to sell it.

  27. The Rock Star Gamers

    It’s been a while since one of these games made me feel ill, but it made up
    for the down time.

    I got to the end, but I’ll admit I had to stop watching in places!

  28. I watched the whole thing. I wish I hadn’t. That is so disappointing.

  29. Made it to the end, thank God for Jim…. And motion blur….. and walking

  30. I always watch your vids to the end out of the same curiosity, unless I
    absolutely can’t handle it (which I think has happened only once).

  31. 2th September…

  32. I made it all the way and I think this game in itself is an eldritch horror

  33. stayed till end….i hate motion blur so much though xD.

  34. Needs more Sam Neil.

    EDIT: After ten minutes, not even Sam Neil can save this.

  35. I made it to the end Jim…

  36. Dropping a comment

  37. “2th September 1930”

    A+ first impression

  38. I made it through the whole video. Feel a little tired and dizzy, going to
    lie down now.

  39. and lo, did I survive the trial that was set before me.

  40. Mrelephanteatingman

    the 2th September??? I made it that far

  41. Made it XD

  42. I’m not sure if this is made with CryEngine or not.
    But this engine makes me want to cry… a lot.

    P.S.: I made it that far.

  43. Made it. I confess I spent about a third of the runtime with my eyes either
    closed or focused on some solid object until the urge to heave passed.

  44. I made it to the end. I endured out of curiosity more than anything.

  45. I v made it. Now i have to flush my eyes with bleach.

  46. I made it to the end…but my brain feels like it just got faxed.

  47. Yeah I made it and have a headache too. I was really interested in this
    game because I like the story but there is no way that I will be able to
    make it through playing it.

  48. Well, made it through the whole thing…I think I’m going to regret it

  49. 2th september

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