POTATO THRILLER – The Chips Are Down

The cringe is painful.


  1. Thank goodness I have a rope and a chair

  2. What is he saying at the end there? A “plumb”?

  3. horrible game

  4. When the text-to-speech voice sounds better than the actual voice acting,
    you know it’s a top quality game.

  5. I must say that potato thing is pretty fucking disturbing. Reminds me of a
    Courage the Cowardly Dog antagonist

  6. We as a society need to bring back public floggings for these contemptuous
    acts of stupidity.

  7. I bet you any amount of money this will get through fucking greenlight.

  8. “Games” like this just hurt my cerebral cortex.

  9. Makeshift Pop filters are so easy to make too. You just need some panty
    hose and something to frame it on.

  10. Well we need to compensate for the pure awesome that is *Nelo* that’s on
    greenlight right now with some really *really* *really* low quality tish

  11. No, this is Patrick

    Awful attempt at being funny.

  12. 1 “Aphid” Person

    Because news readers say “He is an absolute nightmare” all the time..

  13. this is a virus. it’s not a game.

  14. I C the cringe fairy has arrived.

  15. I’ve had this running gag, where adding the word ‘yeah’ at the end of a son
    instantly kills the entire song because you can always fit it at the end.
    so when I started hearing singing I knew it was dead before it even

  16. Sigh

  17. Why am I getting alvin and the chipmunks and the annoying orange in this
    video’s suggested video side bar.

  18. Weird…I can’t shake the feeling I’ve seen this before. That cringe
    inducing end bit in particular seems very familiar for some reason.

  19. Question: Could it be possible to modify the Greenlight voting system like
    this: If you end up with a net NEGATIVE number of votes (below a certain
    threshold), you are banned from promoting anything else on Greenlight for
    five years?

  20. You can use a headset to record audio. Turtle beaches work great.

  21. Yeah yeah go go fuk yourself and stop begging for votes.

  22. That wasn’t an indie game so much as it is a crappy student project.

  23. Trailers are supposed to be there to sell your game not make everyone want
    to shoot themselves in the ear.

  24. Guide to watching cringeworthy videos: pretend to have a cold, get your
    tissue paper ready, and every time you hear or see something cringy blow
    your nose really hard, or pretend to be sneezing.

  25. Looks like the running animation from Temper Tantrum

  26. So I downloaded GameMaker and have been learning to code with GML for less
    than a week. I am confident I can make a game better than 80% of greenlight
    games. I quit humanity.

  27. I don’t get it. I’m not a wealthy gamer but my rather economical mid range
    headset mic is leagues beyond whatever these trailers use

  28. I dunno why but this reminds me of that aweful game “whateverface’s trick
    lifestyle”, probably due to the terrible voice acting job. Is this by
    chance the same dev?

  29. You know, Jim….. Candice Debebe’s Incredibly Trick Lifestyle got
    greenlit……… so sadly, this probably will too 🙁 I fear for humanity.

  30. i feel so bad

  31. Crikey I cringed so hard at the end of that trailer.

  32. Really, these guys need to make games as a hobby to gain experience in
    their craft… then they can start making REAL games after they learn
    everything they need to know. Also, they need to get better hardware and a
    better microphone. If someone is setting out to make games for a living,
    they need to have the hardware and tools for it. XD

  33. So I noticed that the hallway from about 1:00 and that screenshot at around
    5:10… Did this guy just try and copy the hallway from P.T? It looks very
    similar, in a shitty kind of way that is.

  34. Stock unity assets yeaaaaaaaah

  35. fourcrippledhorses

    I want to deep fry my brain after this.

  36. Best Of Steam Greenlight Trailers makes me pull the gun ever closer to my

    I love that, thanks Steam.

  37. PTemper PTantrum PThree

  38. I muted it when that dick started his sing talking shit. Thank god it had
    text to let me know when it was over. Phew.

  39. Oh look, the flashlight has a Virtual Boy filter.

  40. Just burn greenlight, just burn it all.

  41. If we could harvest cringe energy, this would be one of the main power

  42. im thrilled

    GAME, YOU TALENTLESS HACK!!!! You know it’s Greenlight!!! Whooo-hoo
    GREEENLIGGHT!!! You’re never gonna make it with the voters on Greenliighttt

  44. Samer Khatib (SnowConeSolid)

    So, I’m guessing thats a no then? Lol.

  45. TheUndefeatedMagician

    The cringe….oh dear fuck the cringe.

  46. This is neither thrilling nor is that an actual potato.

  47. Dragonslayer Doppelgänger

    Jim just roasted these potatoes. Eh? Eh?

    I’ll see myself out.

  48. “Mom… wait what, what do you mean we’re out of bleach mom?
    Oh fuck me…”

  49. Jim Fucking Sterling son – Decider of Wots Memes or Not.

  50. Dominic O Driscoll

    Mr Potato head! what happened to you!!! Tell me, buddy, what did Andy do to
    you? Was it crystal meth? Damn! I told you to stay off that shit!

  51. Was his awkward and obviously scripted dialogue at the end of the trailer
    supposed to be charismatic or something? Because it wasn’t

  52. when the chips are down, these err… chips err… down err… these sers
    people… they’ll eat these chips

  53. I feel like you are being unfair to the developers for the poor mic quality
    and voice acting. A good mic is fairly expensive. Everything else about it
    looks awful though. There is no excuse for such an ugly game.

  54. I’ll hop infront of the suicide train aswell. This makes me want to tear
    open my razorblades with a rusty wrist, and watch the staples pour out.

  55. Potato is not going to be memes, eh?
    hahaha well well well, we shall see about that!

  56. Was that the naked kid from Temper Tantrum @ about a minute into the vidya?

  57. lol, yuri of wind impression asking to vote for the game ahahhaha… wow…
    just wow

  58. I thought it looked alright, but then I was like “Why the FUCK is Wee
    Willie Winky right behind him half of the time?”

  59. Oh god, this feels like Digpex studios all over again.

  60. what just happened??

  61. Well…are there games still? That ending bit and that mic
    quality…jeez…what a cluterfuck. Either end Greenlight,or apply some
    fucking quality control to it.

  62. I thought selling drugs to earn money was low… This shit is basement

  63. My phone records better than that…

  64. Don’t fool yourself, Jim. Awkward, cringeworthy sign offs and rants are
    obnoxious no matter who does it. Whenever you do it I either close the
    video if it’s towards the end or skip ahead about a minute and a half. I
    don’t see the humor in it, just the cringe.

  65. How’s your back?

  66. Look at the eyes on that potato.

  67. I wouldn’t mind this so much if it wasn’t commercial. Steam is dying. This
    shit is going to get out of control at some point. We should all allow
    games like this to be greenlit just to force Valve’s hand.

  68. Mystic Sword Gaming

    Egads! Painful cringe on that trailer, indeed. Especially that singing and
    begging at the end of it and the horrible audio quality.
    But yeah, for now it doesn’t look like a game I’d be interested to play. :p

  69. Sorry for potato quality…

  70. Oh christ, I have actual cringe in my bloodstream! Dx

  71. This is how this game makes me feel on the inside.

  72. Why does he seem to have Tingle’s purple chromed cousin following him…?

  73. 1:15 Is that Pewds on the portrait on the right? If so, this game is
    Youtuber bait.

  74. I was having a good day… then this happened.

  75. Sans The Skeleton

    Hey Jim, what’s your mic setup?

  76. Pear Of Salamanca

    Whoever said this looked like a Residents video should be deep fried for
    comparing this poopoo with a seminal avant garde music band which wears
    freaking eyeball helmets to remain secret. Shame on that commenter.

  77. Though I barely cringed, I just naturally roll my eye after seeing the

  78. enoughofyourkoicarp

    I kind of get the impression that this was made just so that Jim would rip
    it apart roastme style.

  79. You could say it… runs like potatoes….

  80. Serious contender for GOTY 2016 I think

  81. WiseLogicLiberateOfficial

    The dumbass literally copied the design of the hallways from P.T.

  82. That “promotion” at the end is the equivalent of a stand up comedian
    saying, “soooo, this is my first time doing this…”

  83. I don’t want to video game anymore. Not after that cringe, never after that

  84. “You have to know the rules to break the rules.”

  85. This game probably won’t have PLAMZ either.

  86. I just fucking love when game “devs” have a completely abysmal setup and/or
    trailer. That deep breathing that we heard? The best thing I’ve ever had to
    listen to. That song that played at the end was great too… just
    In all seriousness, this “game trailer” makes me want to die. Also, I
    really hope that the people that frequent Greenlight are intelligent enough
    to not upvote this. They are…. right? Good God tell me this won’t make it
    onto Steam.

  87. So Jim, what you are saying is that you will not be voting for this game to
    be greenlit? I mean you don’t have to vote if you don’t want to.

  88. Fwazangalang Gaming

    Anyone else mute the video once the “dev” started talking?

  89. To quote the great man Francis of the Filth: “The cringe is so strong, it’s
    like a bump of coke.”

  90. uhhh…. uggh… yeah…. could you guys… like ugh… like this comment,
    I mean you don’t have… too, unless like…. you want to, it would be….
    cool if you like…. did though… so ugh, yeah…. I mean, I mean…. like
    you don’t have too…. and stuff.

  91. When GradeAUnderA can record lines better off his phone, you legit have no
    excuse for such shitty recording.

  92. i actually thought it was my phone that was running low quality, its on
    1080p, its the trailer. just wow

  93. that first “gameplay level” was a /lot/ like pt’s room

  94. *Cringe Intensifies*

  95. Its not memes. Its just not. Sorry guy.

  96. You mean the CRISPS are down!

  97. Obviously he did it to piss at everyone and possibly at you too Jim … :/
    And not sure what is more desperate…

  98. TheSuperIndigo DEUX

    Hey, they tried more to make a good game than Digital Homicide tried with
    anything ever.

  99. So is this cringe enough to make it to the cancer channels I mean the
    “commentary” channels

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