PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BUBBLEBUTT (The Videogame Show What I’ve Done)

gets in the thick of the experience and lets us know what Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is all about.

He tries to, anyway… the poor sad git.



  2. I’ve cringed about 10 times in 1 min over all this misinformation. 10/10 but too much water, and how do you catch the Pokémon?

  3. Like a bad dunkey

  4. God I need to think of a Spongebob meme fast!
    Uh… _it poisoned our water supply, burned our crops and delivered a plague unto out houses!!_

  5. Why does VideoGameDunkey sound so white today?

  6. I found this to be quite so-called amusing.

  7. Fortnite lobby music in the background or am I hearing things?

  8. Jim, what is this?
    Jim, I’m scared.

  9. Am I the only one who thinks that PUBG looks like an asset flip?

  10. I swear i just watched a crappy dunkey video

  11. The shots on Logan Paul, I like.

  12. “Which is both funny, and erotic” Jim Sterling in a nutshell

  13. I’m not usually one for all that ASMR horse shit but god damn it Rory, that was awesome. Güd jüb.

  14. Holy shit Jim is shitposting now.

    My life is complete.

  15. Dragonslayer Ornstein

    For all the people who might not get it; he does, in fact, like the game. He’s just having a bit of fun.

  16. Bonfire Keeper James

    That jab at Logan Paul was lightning fast.

  17. PUBG for Xbox one is a pure example that “Xbox One X Enhanced” is another marketing gimmick to get people to buy an Xbox One X even though its not as powerful as many Xbox fan boy/girls think it is. Remember how Sega tried to advertise Blast Processing back in the 90’s ? Well Microsoft is trying to do the same with “Xbox One Enhanced” games.

  18. I hate how exactly like Dunkey this is. Except not as good.

  19. PlayerUnknown’s Coffee Grounds, ahaha

  20. Big Cow Productions

    For people that don’t get these videos… Look up the word facetious.

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