ULTIMATE GUIDE to RECOIL Patterns in Patch 1.0 of PUBG, ALL Assault Rifles tested and compared

So which is the in ? This is the to patterns for assault rifles in !
Enjoy guys!

Music: Sappheiros – Reminiscence
Outtro Music: MK2 – Destructoid


  1. I fucking love everything you do sir. Thank you. Wow this was fast.

  2. the most useful pubg tutorials ever, thanks for all your hard work, we love you.

  3. https://s10.postimg.org/8g44zb0uh/recoil_comparison_1.0.png
    Yes! My voice sound a bit different because I have just been through a nasty flu. Nevertheless I am back and feeling good. I have been working on this while being “away” and spent ~20 hours on this – hopefully it shows 😉
    EDIT: The Jacket I am wearing is the PUBG Partner Hoodie 2017, this is exclusive to PUBG Partners and cannot be obtained in the game.
    Best Wishes

  4. Hey man!

    You recently deleted me off your friends list :/ and you blocked me afterwards 🙁


  6. Since m416 is the go-to rifle, can you make recoil guide with/without stock and no attachments? Because thats situations that i often are in. Either. Without any attachments, or without stock

  7. You’re really the best pubg youtuber. I’ve been watching your videos since I started playing months before and now im Rank 1200 on the EU Solo FPP server. Thanks for your awesome guides 🙂

  8. Wacky, Steven Hawking of PUBG

  9. Did you change your mic this time? Nice voice 😀

  10. Wow jacky your content is still the best out there ..
    Happy new year and all the best for 2018 ?

  11. Very informative video, well made

  12. I know you have been through a flu, but I actually like this calm voice more than your other video’s xD

  13. Excellent graphic work. Do you do something related as your day job?

  14. More people need to know this channel, its almost unfair Wacky dont having a shit ton of views with this quality

  15. For anyone who likes the AKM unless anything changed from 1.0 I don’t know about 5 bullets will kill someone through a level 3 vest if you hit all shots and Wacky’s 1+4 rule should allow you to keep using the AK effectively if you really like the gun 😀

  16. You werent kidding, that is one sexy voice.

  17. Eliminator Performance

    Came here from Reddit, just wanted to say that this video is very well done!

    Excellent job!

  18. Basically switched from M16 to M416 a day ago cause something felt different, now I can see why…

  19. Mr. Reinterpret Cast

    AMAZING visualization. Perfection! Mad props! My favourite is still M16 for single shots

  20. You need way more subs. Be thanked!!!

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