How to Deal with Zoe DongHuaP

Loli’s are all very slippery and hard to deal with

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  1. Omgomgomgomg Dong posted.

    Edit: I love the new camera.

  2. Basically

    *B E G O N E T H O T*

  3. Dong Huap thank you for this majestic content

  4. I love these How to deal with videos

  5. Dnt let your bros get fuked be Zhoe! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA


  7. My Dong, i need you talking about weird supports that pay off,such as orianna or camille.

  8. How to deal with Zoe: my answer.
    Before you start the game you have to be prepared.
    A wild Zoe is dangerous and has already slain a lot of people.
    Good people.
    Rest in peace my friends…
    Once I was a nice guy but now I have to play Omega-Squad-Teemo.
    Well back to how to prepare.
    The first thing is: you need a cellphone.
    It is always good if you can call for help.
    Next step: don’t que alone.
    It is dangerous to go alone.
    So don’t go alone.
    Now there are 2 possibilities: you have to Camp the shit out of her or you have to ignore her completly.
    Otherwise you’re chances are as good as our chances with girls.
    And the last step: you got your cellphone?
    Now you call a hotline and rethink what happened to you.
    It is important for you, rape is not a funny thing.
    Good luck guys.
    I hope you survive.

  9. Albeno The Pickle

    That on the top of the vid tho

  10. So we have to gang bang a 12 yrs old… Got you…

  11. Over sexualizes Zoe


  12. I wish Dong Huap was my dad, I’d get daily life advice in entertaining analogies

  13. *police Siren intensifies*

  14. σταματης βραγκας

    How to deal with zoie: dodge or buy qss

  15. Shouldve had your name in the title spelt dOnghuaP

  16. 8:02 jail time

  17. **casually mentions he watches loli hentai**

  18. Anytime a teammate gets hit by bubble, I shout “Mr. President!” and dash to the front to take the Q

  19. Dong you’re actually great

  20. She 12 but her mouth is 18

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