PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – Keep On Running (Jimpressions)

It’s that Battlegrounds game everyone loves so much. Yes it is.


  1. Not for me, but I luckily don’t decide what others should like.

  2. Diego Antonio Rosario Palomino

    Aka the game whose developers are ignorant ( or take offense that ) genre defining gameplay mechanics can’t be owned

  3. Poor mans DayZ.

  4. Fortnite is better. Can’t stand pubg.

  5. Jim, buddy, you gotta

  6. Pyubg? I always heard it as PUB-G

  7. “GOTY GOTY GOTY GOTY!!” – my 12 yo cousin

  8. man this a rally fun game, but the PUBG guys just need to step the fuck down, they dont won a whole game genre, its not like H1Z1 or DayZ didn’t exist before it.

  9. Ah, typical Jim – ignores a game until the peasant version comes out…

  10. The only reason I don’t support this game is because of the devs attitude. Calling Fortnite a clone and banning people just because a streamer claimed they were stream sniping without any proof

  11. killed by something you didn’t see + running for 75% of the time = this game in a nutshell. Bugs aside its a decent game and there are a million funny PUBG vids on youtube if you are ever bored.

  12. its amazing how this Arma mod is being sold for 29.99

  13. 6:05 Jim, don’t you dare exchange a level 2 backpack for a level 1 backpack EVER AGAIN!!!

  14. Game looks fun, but I’ll probably wait until more bugs are ironed out and it’s optimised better.
    No, I’m not going to hop on the hate wagon for this game.

  15. id rather have nioh instead of this on my xbox.

  16. Imo overrated game. Only appeal is the realistic side of battle royale. It lacks fudamental elements that makes a game. This is a full released game now, and the servers are terrible, my game crashes more than acceptable, and the console version is garbage. We dont even have aim assist and they want to try and make this game cross platform. Really? Console players have a hard enough time with controllers and no assist, and you want to add mouse and keyboard players with those console players. Not to mention if you like cosmetics the loot boxes only give you one item and double the cost each time you buy one until the week restarts. The developers are so high and mighty it pisses me off. You didnt invent battle royale, hell your game is based of a mod of another game. I bought this game to play with friends and we cant even do a squad of 3, we always have to wait for a 4th which takes forever because who plays squads by themselves in this game. Not only that we just want to do our thing, we should have an option to only do 3 people even if we are at a disadvantage. Again no aim assist?? Like i kid you not most console games when it gets near the end of the game and the circle is small, it will be all cars driving around because its impossible to hit them. Not to mention x and y sensitivity is fucked. They dont equal each other. One will always be faster than the other no option to change that. No first person mode only on console? No shoulder view reset when leaning?
    Not to mention the time you spend just walking around to randomly get killed such a waste of time. P.S no killcam on console, or match recorder. Like no killcam… so you die and just look at your dead body until you decide to leave… come on id at least like to know how i got 1 shot. Like this is 1 game mode. 2 maps (1 on console). You should be able to refine this game to a point where it should be great. How long have theyve been working on this game again? I mean we all know console was rushed out because fortnite was taking your audience but seriously, im kinda sick of these developers. They got their money, no reason to improve it dramatically. Just spoon feeding. Shameful.

  17. I really can *not* see why so many people have gotten into this. It’s an actual crap game.

  18. To be fair, I can understand why people can find this game fun, but I can’t fathom how it can be the most popular game on steam right now. As you said Jim, most of the game is just running around with nothing happening and how that became so popular I’ll never understand. The only times the game is exciting is when you land at the start of the match and at the last 10 minutes of a match.

  19. Looks just as shit as it does on PC. How this rectum mess got GOTY is beyond me.

  20. tried Fortnite Battle Royale yet?

    it’s a lot more polished, not as serious but fun, and it’s FREE

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