How it FEELS to play Spy in TF2

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Hello, and welcome to my video on . I did my best. I hope y’all had a great holiday season. Like/sub and whatnot if you enjoyed.

Silly servers IPs: and
TF2 Competitive server IP:

A little late but I feel like I should add to the description that you can try and find competitive lobbies here:
I remember there was some fiasco with the management on that website but it’s where I played these games

Music used, in order:
Ave Maria
St Mystere – Professor Layton and the Curious Village
Duel of Fates from Ster Wars
Cornered ~ Spell-breaker – Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney
2 – Right Behind You
Metal gear – Encounter
Professor Layton – Crumm’s Cafe

All the “electro swing” songs are from:
Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound (royalty free music website)


  1. Have I told you guys I appreciate you today? :thinking:

  2. I love playing Spy because he’s the most satisfying class to play as since you can sneak up behind someone and “Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru” them to death!

    Also, the animation and editing on this video is top notch and I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, LazyPurple!


  4. Thanks for coming back purp, this was worth the wait.

  5. “say thanks after every kill” lol I do that a lot and I don’t remember when I started that nor did I realise it was so common

  6. LazyPurple is uploading?

    *Alright, lads! Who’s hacking here?*

  7. I once had a Spy-Escape moment as a Medic. Actually, just a few days ago. My healing target got killed and I was left in the room with three enemies and I said “Fuck it” so I took out my Solemn Vow and solmenly I vowed “You won’t catch me, fucko!” and then I jumped around on barrels and steps and over the enemy that was chasing me and back down the steps and away and to safety. Didn’t get a kill out of it, but it was one of the best feeling I’ve had in a while. Because, as opposed to just pressing the mouse button and then healing people, which is just my job as a Medic, I did something against the odds where I wasn’t sure if I’d succeed.

    That is fun. Having the odds stacked against you and then succeeding.

    And playing Spy is a lot like that.

  8. You know, I didn’t want to subscribe.
    I really didn’t.
    I didn’t want to subscribe to someone who just started making content again.
    I didn’t want to have to keep up with yet another channel.

    But… you have left me with no choice.

  9. seDuCe mE

  10. 8:08 – 8:20
    I actually started to moan because of that feeling. Nothing gets my rocks off faster than getting 4-6 kills in a row on the cart.

  11. 2:44 spy has ultra instinct

  12. I love how you perfectly throw in humor, knowledge and entertainment in an acceptable length. You are a legend, not just to the tf2 community, but to the humor-knowledge-entertainment-youtubers (what).

  13. Father Pucci - Made in Heaven

    Spy? As a pyro main i have no idea what that is. Or is that the BBQ that spawns every so often around engineers?

  14. I’ve wanted to make this video for years, but didn’t know how. Now I don’t have to–beautiful video. Thanks for the shout-out, but more importantly, thanks for summing up the joy of my favorite hobby so well

  15. This is the best Tf2 content on the planet!

  16. •pastelskittle •

    How it feels to play Spy as me: *dies by a Pyro in under 8 seconds*

  17. “How it feels to play spy”




  18. When not in Combat:
    1. Don’t Get Backstabbed
    2. Don’t Get Headshot

    As a Long time TF2 Player, i give this my Approval because it is 100% Accu- *MEEEEEDIIIIIC* !!!!

  19. Seduce me senpai!!!!

  20. 8:02 Sweet jesus please tell me how you did this exact confetti effect. I have been trying to replicate it for ages. 😐

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