Hard Reset achievement guide

It's achievement hunter Monday and I'm talking about Hard Reset Extended Edition since I just reached 100%. Once again we'll concentrate on the really hard ones you might need help on. Note to get the difficulty achievements you have to have STARTED a new game at that difficulty. Upping the difficulty when restarting in EX mode DOES NOT count.

Boredom No More (Tier: Insane)Kill a Heavy Grenadier within 30 seconds on difficulty Insane

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Enraged (Tier: Insane)Kill 30 enemies within 20 seconds on difficulty Insane
Extermination (Tier: Insane)Kill 20 enemies with one shot on difficulty Insane
There is a public bathroom area in the Underground, 6, you enter to get a NANO unit, then the doors lock behind you and lots mini bots swarm you. This is the perfect spot to get both Enraged and Extermination achievements. Just kite and pray you live until enough mini bots appear, then gather them with a magnetic grenade followed by a grenade or RPG. You can also try this glitch:

Hawk EyeShoot down a Zeppelin
Just blow up some barrels at the start of lvl 7 when the Zeppelin starts floating by.

Treasure HunterFind all the secrets in Bezoar
EliteCollect 41 full N.A.N.O. bars
Exile: MillionaireFind all the secrets in Barrens
Steam user WinuX has a great Steam guide for all secrets and N.A.N.O.s in Hard Reset.

Power Down (Tier: Insane)Destroy the Atlas on difficulty Insane

Suicide (Tier: Insane)Destroy the ‘Shrimp' Construction Machine on difficulty Insane

Exile: Sucker! (Tier: Insane)Use the blowers to destroy all 20 Bird-bots on the Crusher level on difficulty Insane
The concept is simple. On this level is a room with a giant vacuum device in the ceiling that has enough power to suck up any Bird-bots underneath it. You just to kite like a mofo to get all 20 in position one or two at a time to get sucked up and destroyed.

Exile: Bug Splatter (Tier: Insane)Kill a Heavy Scarab within 20 seconds on difficulty Insane
A challenge to be sure. The best spot is in the Junkyard Level, on the Road Back checkpoint (lvl 9, part 11). While you are still on the stairs going downwards before the Heavy Scarab encounter, throw 5 proximity mines on the spot that the Scarab will appear (while you are still on the stairs). Once placed, head down with your RPG selected and pummel it as fast as you can. It might take a few tries, but this is probably the only spot that the Insane kill is possible to achieve.

Exile: Deconstruction (Tier: Insane)Destroy the Overseer on difficulty Insane

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