Metro 2033 achievements

Welcome, achievement hunter. Here are some of the more difficult Metro 2033 achievements. Note these are not specifically for Metro 2033: Redux though there is probably some overlap.

Quick-wittedBreak the support and activate the chandelier in less than 20 seconds.

GenerousHelp the poor, a coin for the kid, medicine for the sick. You help everyone you see.

You need to give a bullet to a beggar at Exhibition, Riga, or Market Stations. The coin for the kid is the one found at Riga that offers to lead you to Bourbon. The medicine for the sick is the man sitting on the bench by the teddy bear at Exhibition Station.

ShockingGet 50 kills with Volt Driver.

Pretty self explanatory, but obtaining the weapon is the challenge. It isn’t available to purchase until very late in the game, so it may be too late to get 50 by the time the game ends if you wait to ‘buy’ the gun. You will need to find one out in combat. Here is a list of where some be found:

Lost Tunnels – appears on the bag with the ammunition.
Armory – appears on the bed with the Heavy Automatic Shotgun, shortly after the blacksmith rescue.
Sparta Base – appears on a the pile of boxes to the left of the weapon rack.

The Volt Driver has two (2) firing methods. Using primary fire (M1) adds to this kill total. Using secondary fire (M2) adds to another kill total for the “Stunning” achievement.

Invisible manComplete ‘Frontline’ level without killing anyone.

goggles are mandatory if you want this achievement.

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MercifulComplete the level ‘Black Station’ without killing any Fascist Soldiers.

goggles are mandatory if you want this achievement.

EnlightenedFind the truth.

This is story related, but missable if you don’t meet the criteria for the Dark Ones to accept you for your good deeds. This is considered the “Good” ending. I recommend playing the game going for the “Enlightened” ending, so you optionally get both endings with a quick reload of a saved checkpoint.

In order to gain ‘acceptance’ from the dark ones, you need to get as many “Moral Points” as possible. Be careful to avoid doing things that will make you lose your “moral points”.

Near the end of the game, once you place the laser targeting system down, you will go through another dream sequence, where you will hear the Dark Ones speaking. If the Dark Ones are saying things like “He’s here to kill us” or “He must be stopped”, you have not met the criteria for the good ending and will have to play through again. If the Dark Ones are saying things like “He hear us” or “He can help us”, you will have the ability to get the good ending. I recommend getting “Enlightened” first, then reloading the checkpoint and getting the “If it’s hostile, you kill it” achievement afterwards.

Khan will give you a gun, and you need to shoot the Dark One. You will then return to the targeting system, which will be counting down from 20. If you shoot or knock over the targeting system, you will get the “Enlightened” ending. If you do nothing, and let the missiles launch, you will get the “Bad” ending, triggering the “If it’s hostile, you kill it” achievement.

RangerFind all Ranger stashes in Dead City 1 and 2

There is no clear definition of a Ranger stash. There are the obvious supply crates, but just finding all the supply crates is not enough to get the achievement. You do need to find the dead bodies, but perhaps not all of them. You do need to find some of the ammo that is laying around, but not all the ammo. Probably the best definition of a Ranger stash is any grouping of multiple items that includes a filter.

Dead City 1:

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Dead City 2:

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Hedge-hopperOn the level ‘Frontline’ kill all of the enemy Red Army and Fascist Soldiers.

Once you start the level take your time and kill everyone in the station. Just slowly work through the level and check every corner of the tunnels. Also, there are several wounded and captive soldiers on the lower levels which you must also kill. There are several easy-to-miss locations, so make sure you check them all. (there are about 20 or so soldiers in the main chamber (upper and lower decks))

>> At the very beginning of the level, there are two (2) soldiers behind you at the start of the tunnel.

>> Two wounded inside the tunnel to your left once you enter the main chamber
(they are laying down, moaning in some beds, not moving. Shoot them.)

>> Three soldiers in a small stairwell off to the right as you make your way to the second tunnel area

>> Make sure to go down the stairwells also as there are 2-3 more in the lowest portions of the level.

>> Two Red Army soldiers driving a Combat Trolley (need to be quick to get these 2)

>> Three Fascists sitting on the ground in the second chamber being guarded by some Reds (these are the fascist prisoners, kill them too). ****NOTE**** killing the prisoners will void the achievement “Rescue Ranger”. If you want to get both achievements in one play-through, get “Hedge Hopper” to pop, then reload your checkpoint and leave the prisoners alive.

There are around 30 or so Red Army soldiers between both chambers. The achievement will ‘pop’ once you shoot the last enemy.

Wheeler-DealerExchange 500 Military-Grade 5.45 rounds at Exchange kiosks.

Ammunition be exchanged back and forth between dirty and gold at a 50% loss in quantity. If the combined value of all your gear and ammo is 250 MGR, you can sell off your equipment then repeatedly trade dirty-gold-dirty-etc… until you have this achievement. Once it pops, you can reload the last checkpoint to restore your equipment if you’re afraid of continuing on unarmed.

One way to do this early on is to pick up the Volt Driver in “Lost Tunnels” (Ranger DLC required, not in Redux) and take it to “Market” where you trade it in for a big (190ish) profit which combined with your other ammunition should give you the 250 you need.

ExplorerThere is no place in metro you did not visit

The exact requirements for earning this achievement are unknown. I think it is definitely related to getting flashes when finding objects on any of the levels. I know that you don’t need to get all the flashes in order to get the achievement. It may also be related to finding objects that don’t give a flash. Again, not all hidden objects would need to be found in order to earn the achievement. The best advice is to find as many dead bodies, ammo stashes, supply crates, and flashes as possible.

Sterling EffortKill 50 mutants with your knife.

On the level “Cursed” waves of mutants will rush a central point non stop. (as long as you do not complete any of the mission’s objectives) This allows you to grind out and kill 50 mutants quite easily.

WeaponsmithKill at least one enemy with each weapon available in the game.

Here are all the weapons in the game.

[ ] Knife
[ ] Throwing Knife
[ ] Grenade
[ ] Sticky Grenade
[ ] Revolver
[ ] Bastard gun (first one you get)
[ ] Duplet (2 shot shotgun)
[ ] Heavy Shotgun (6 shot shotgun)
[ ] Heavy Auto-Shotgun (chain driven shotgun)
[ ] Tihar (Pneumatic BB Rifle)
[ ] Helsing (Six chambers, shoots arrows)
[ ] Volt Driver
[ ] Kalash 2012 (used in prologue)
[ ] Kalash (AK47)
[ ] VSV
[ ] Mounted Turret (used in story)
[ ] Mounted Flamethrower (used in story)

SherlockFound all gold ammo, throughout the stations.

Metro stations 1.1 Exhibition, 2.1 Riga, 2.5 Market, and 3.5 Armory

Exhibition Station
1) +3 In the pot by door #9
2) +5 By the foot of the guitar player (IMMORAL for taking)
3) +2 bottom shelf across from the pigs

Riga Station
1) +1 unoccupied table in bar
2) +1 in the sink at the top of the stairs in the bar
3) +1 by the filing cabinets underneath the bar
4) +1 by the wooden pallets underneath the bar
5) +1 on the platform by the railing
6) +1 to the left in the sleeping area
7) +1 go over the first bridge, look on top bunk of open room
8) +1 in the trench, on floor of open room with two occupied bunks
9) +1 in the toilet on the right
10) +1 exit the trench, on the crate by the candle
11) +1 cross over second bridge, bottom bunk of open room
12) +1 by the boots in the room by the middle bridge
13) +1 unoccupied table in room where you meet Bourbon
14) +1 on crate on the left just as you enter the dark tunnel
15) +1 on top of the electrical box

Market Station
1) +1 in a crate on the left at the entrance
2) +1 rightmost locker
3) +1 subway car across from the lockers
4) +1 bunk bed on the right just after entering the subway car
5) +1 in the wooden box on the side of the subway car
6) +1 bunk bed on the right at the just before exiting the subway car
7) +1 by the crates by the radio operator
8) +1 on the ladder across from the bar
9) +1 on the high bar along the wall
10) +1 on the table nearest the high bar along the wall
11) +1 on the bench with three pieces of luggage
12) +1 on the pallet
13) +1 under the butcher’s block
14) +1 by the rear wheel of the smaller vehicle
15) +1 on top of the white cabinet behind the fuel

Armory Station
1) +3 at the end of the first platform by the oil drums and wooden pallets
2) +3 by the subway car on top of a wooden crate
3) +3 after crouching down on a crate while being chased
4) +3 after leaving the Blacksmith’s room and going to the right
5) +3 at the foot of the ladder in the pit with the lamp

Sticks like a burKill 15 enemies using sticky grenade.

In the level “Ghosts” there are at the end several groups of rats… You have to reach them before Khan comes to them, otherwise the rats will leave. Throw your sticky grenades into the rats. I killed 7 rats in the first group and after I threw a sticky grenade to another group of rats I got the achievement!! So the little rats count as enemies! With this knowledge I would say that this achievement is one of the easiest! The checkpoint is also right there in case you short round yourself. If you have three sticky grenades going in to the level, you should be able to get the fifteen you need after only a few tries.

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