Wolfenstein The New Order Complete Walkthrough

Complete Walkthrough / Full Game Walkthrough

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  1. I really like how b.j threatened him with the chainsaw and after he told
    him what he wanted to know, he cut his head off anyway

  2. Nice even though some moments were rather frustrating

  3. Where is BJ from? He’s the first protagonist since I could remember who has
    a notable southern accent (though I can’t quite place it…Arkansan?…but
    not Texan….a sort of refined Kentucky?) whose accent is never brought UP,
    let alone lampooned and poked fun at.

  4. This guy really needs to know how to sneak lol

  5. i cant smell shit in my dream… the fuck are you talking about?

  6. Wow only 6 hours that’s amazing 

  7. Not a single death. Nice walkthrough. Great game.

  8. This is not true.. Im pretty sure the game is about 10 hour not 6 hour
    At least twice the cod

  9. ” You’re clear. “

  10. what the fuck ! 6 h a gameplay you a fackin hardkor guy ! 😀 

  11. Tanner Williams the gamer

    what is your difficulty

  12. Thank god, it’s not CoD.

  13. The new order has one of the best storylines ever

  14. Rly good job Mate.

  15. Rabid ur a fucking beast 

  16. RabidRetrospectGames

    Wolfenstein The New Order Complete Walkthrough / Full Game Walkthrough

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