X-COM:Enforcer Review: A Test of Memory

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I started playing the recent : remake and have started wanting to play the whole series. So I decided to check out the oddest of the bunch first. It was curious to say the least. In years to come when I’ve forgotten about the rest of this entirely will remain, clawing at the depths of my brain.

Thanks to Pleyway the Sweed for sending me a voice clip I asked him for, despite not knowing in what context it would be used. He’s probably not happy about being the feed line to such an awful joke.

X-COM: Enemy Unknown — Geoscape music
X-COM: Enemy Unknown (Remake) — Ready for Battle
X-COM: Enemy Unknown (Remake) — Act 1 Base Music
X-COM: Enemy Unknown (PSX) — Geoscape 3
Pac-Man World 2 — Avalanche Alley


  1. best review ever!

  2. probably the most boring shooter i’ve played, it’s amazing a game this
    short feels so long.

  3. Nah, I just fucked up a word and tried to fix it while saying it. Then
    decided to go with that take anyway.

  4. 9.9/10 Awkward sound edit at 0:17.

  5. That music was a really, really, really good choice Snake. I’m very proud
    of you. And very very happy.

  6. That’s too far. I’d say it just promotes harmful dangerous acts.

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