Turning Players Into Payers (The Jimquisition)

Activision’s patented idea of utilizing matchmaking trick players into buying DLC is an unsettling one, but if you think that’s as bad as it gets, you don’t know videogames.

Let’s talk about Scientific Revenue, the service that demonstrates exactly what games want from you – they want turn players into payers… and they proudly admit it.

The predatory side of gaming has only just begun show its fangs.


Read Scientific Revenue’s official response my questions: https://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/WilliamGrosso/20170829/304611/8_Questions_About_Dynamic_.php


  1. I’m so sick of your bitching and assumptions with no facts. “Only whales buy crates”. You are basing that off of conversations and conjecture, you have no hard facts showing game sales and who buys crates. People dont mind loot crates as long as its not gameplay changing (hence the uproar with battlefront and shadow of war). Games are incredibly expensive to make and market, and NO its not developers pushing the graphics envelope for their sake, the consumer loves amazing graphics and will often complain “looks like ps3” when a game isn’t freaking astounding. You are a “games journalist” there is nothing noble or special about your job, you talk about video games for christ sake. You are NOT in the industry, you have never programmed or made any sort of 3d art or map, and NO making youtube videos doesn’t make you a “creator” or creative.

    Dead space 2 selling 4 million and not being successful is proof enough on how expensive modern games are to make. Steam and retailers take a 30% cut, + a game can only be 60 bucks for so long so profits go down. I dont care spending 80-100 bucks over the course of a year on a game if I like it. Get used to it you entitled little babies who don’t know how the world works or the effort involved in making games.

    I’m sure your sheep audience will rush to downvote me. You want to really convince me, you need to be in the industry and present numbers, salaries, years to develop, marketing and distribution costs, and weigh that vs selling a single 60 dollar game, not your constant assumptions and bitching!

  2. I am SO certain THePunisher Xxx sounds exactly like Duke Amiel du H’ardcore. Well…maybe a bit more nasal and whiny, but pretty close. But his shilling would make for a good Commentocracy. (hint hint, Jim. Thank God. For you.)


  4. So these bastards want to have different pricing now? Isnt that pricist?

  5. @ THePunisher Xxx – WHALE AHOY, turn starboard and arm the tactical anti-troll whaling devices and the extra large harpoon, this looks like a stubborn one

  6. I said it before, I’ll say it again. There are a lot of cunts in the world. And things are gonna continue to get cunty.

  7. a chocolate starfish

    Thank god for you Cassandra.

  8. I’m Jim fucking Sterling’s son!

    Nah I wish.

  9. cant wait when you have to pay for jumpscares in horrorgames

  10. Is that an insturmental of Pink Floyd – Money playing in the background?! CHEEKY

  11. jim’s obsession with “greedy publishers” is just incredibly toxic and from the same playbook as anti-semitism. I really believe jim is a good person but he doesn’t realize how racist and prejudiced he’s being sometimes, and that probably stems of an ignorance of how things simply work in the video game industry from a NOT consumer standpoint. It’s very telling how jim’s videos, especially on monetary issues are constantly posted by nazi/altright/gg garbage people, or just the general cringeworthy “gamer” who unironically use word like consumer and anti consumer to describe themselves and others. The uncritical use of anti-semitic imagery doesn’t help either. Jim, as long as people are forced to live under capitalism, please lay off the horrid toxicity about how people and groups of people choose to make money, it’s really a dirtbag thing to do. do better

  12. Jim would you be interested in doing a video with recommendations for good mobile games? The only ones I’ve ever enjoyed, and that I still play today, are the ones you suggested. Steppy Pants, One Epic Knight, Threes etc.

  13. No one man could ever just call shit out from over two years ago and it becomes reality because the games industry is trash.

    And then comes the Cassandra of video games.

  14. Isnt differing prices based on who the customer is..illigal? Sounds like discrimination at least.

  15. I’m 2200 USD into a Browser Game. I don’t like Pay to Win under circumstances but I can afford to do it. I 100 percent disagree with what WB has done with Shadow of Mordor. Yet, I’m apart of the problem lol. It weird but I probably wouldn’t spend in Mordor yet I have no problem spending thousands in a Browser game lol.

  16. Hey when did the theme music change back?

  17. You are the god of games journalism!☝️

  18. Isn’t this like, the DEFINITION of price discrimination? “The action of selling the same product at different prices to different buyers, in order to maximize sales and profits.” Seems like subpoena from the FTC is in order.

  19. Wheres Jim’s Big Ego in the intro

  20. cody thedragondude

    next time you see money wasted on tv ads that have zero to do with the actual game itself making games expensive to make remember THePunisher Xxx the hero of youtube

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