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EA cierra Visceral Games
transformada en cascarón.
En Andromeda se perdió.
Ya carece de corazón.
Piensa con la cartera, piensa con la Loot Box.
Esto es un poema, es una lamentación.
Muerta y vacía por dentro, a Visceral se ha cargado.
Ay EA, escucha este lamento
Ay EA, haz un Jade Empire por tushmuerto xD

Espero que os lo toméis con humor y un abrazico.


  1. Maaaaaaan i normally hate these kinds of videos but its been 5 minutes and im still laughing.

  2. “You have lost internet connection: You must be connected to the internet in order to play single player.”

  3. Sad truth. I m boycotting EA’s games until we get a Mass Effect Andromeda 2. And it hurts. Battlefront 2’s solo campaign seems interesting, and anthem is graphicaly beautiful… But I want closure.

  4. “Sir, we’ve received reports that (company) is developing an amazing game”

    EA: “Prepare a boarding party.”

  5. This contains disturbing content. This video may be inappropriate for some users, you should make it age restricted.


  7. Focus on multiplayer so you have to buy the dlc/maps

  8. Lmao Bioware’s all like “I don’t care if the games not done! LAUNCH!!!!”. I mean I guess they did what it took to survive…

  9. EA is now officially the worst publisher in gaming. Considerations Activision and their milking of properties to the Nth degree, this is extra fucking disgraceful.

  10. On point, I just resent something as cool as Darth Vader being compared to EA

  11. Looks like a typical EA game, with 5 fps

  12. Thank you for the Origin nod. EA you have been a thorn in my side for far too long..

  13. Ain’t that the fucking truth!!

  14. i wish i cared enough about video games to understand what this means. but as long as they keep NHL games the same idc

  15. Hahahaha! I lol’d at Stormtrooper EA Sports behind Darth Vader EA

  16. this deserves the world news

  17. I’m still in shock they killed my beloved SimCity. D:

  18. *clicks video, realises doesn’t speak Spanish, clicks off video*


  19. “Black” was such a amazing game, way ahead of its time.

  20. They gutted so many good companies. I grew up with the likes of Bullfrog, Maxis and Westwood. Ahh well, time for a beer I reckon.

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