Top Ten Shittiest Games Of 2017 (The Jimquisition)

*CORRECTION: For some reason I said 2K Games instead of Warner Bros. at one point. I blame these companies being so interchangeable. And the drugs.*

2017 had some absolute gems, but they were more than outnumbered by this year’s horrors, stinkers, and utter flops.

From those games mutilated to earn their publishers cash unabound, to those that simply had no talent behind them, there was much to choose from.

The wine has been drunk, the thinking’s been thought, and now we bring you 2017’s absolute worst games…


  1. Thought shadow of war was Warner Bros, not 2k?

  2. At 21:21 , has that misspelling always been there and I just never noticed

  3. You know, I remember a time on the C=64 when seeing the EA logo made me feel excited, stuff like M.U.L.E., Archon, Bard’s Tale, and Summer Games. It must seem weird to young gamers that EA used to produce ground-breaking games which represented the best the industry could offer.

  4. Digital Deathsquid

    I’m slightly surprised that Gacheduine wasn’t on the list. But then again… Life Of Black Tiger.

    IS SONY FUCKING HIGH?!?!?!?!?!

  5. “Take it away Skeletor”
    *dies of laughter* Really good Skeletor impression

  6. Watching the Jimquision is the best way to start a new year. Hell its the best to start the month, day, hour, second.

  7. LMFAO that EA shade at the end had me fucking rolling!

  8. I would have excluded Yooka Laylee and put NBA2k18 instead

  9. I hope EA loses exclusive rights to Star Wars because I would rather see Bandai-Namco make a Star Wars fighting games based on SoulCalibur or be given to Temco-Koei so Omega Force can make a new Dynasty Warriors but with the Star Wars paintjob, just like how Hyrule Warriors was DW but with Zelda attached.

    Oh! And happy birthday, Jim.

  10. Fernando Garci-crespo

    My frist video of 2018. Thank god for you sir!

  11. For all the idiots saying “I’m surprised Breath of the Wild isn’t on here” Jim said before it’s a good game. He didn’t say he hated it, that it was a buggy broken asset flip or that it was lootbox gambling cancer like half the games on this list. The people who think BotW would be on this list are either daft or 7/10 meme dead horse beaters. Let it go people.

  12. One cold winter morning, Mickey Mouse woke up and looked out the window, and there he saw written in the snow with urine, “Mickey Sucks.” Mickey called the police, wanting to find out who would do this. A few hours later, the police have completed their investigation and come back with their findings. They say to Mickey, “Well, Mr. Mouse, we have bad news, and we have worse news.” Mickey asks to hear the bad news, and the police tell him it’s Goofy’s urine. Then Mickey asks about the worse news. The police tell him it’s Minnie’s hand writing.

  13. I will be punishing myself next episode for saying “2K Games” instead of “Warner Bros.” like a massive bell-end.

    Unfortunately it will also be a punishment for my audience, as they don’t need to see this.

  14. Never even heard of Horse Racing 2016, Vaccine, Spear of Destiny, Art of Stealth and Life of Black Tiger… Kind of glad about that now.

  15. It’s high noon in Mordor. A lone tumbleweed rattles its way across the black, volcanic plain. A felbeast wails mournfully, somewhere in the distance. But the two orcs standing on the plain below do not react. They stand still, hands hovering over the axes strapped to their belts. “I thought I told you, Pushkrimp,” says the larger orc. “I’m the only Pushkrimp in these parts. This evil fantasy kingdom ain’t big enough for the two of us, so why don’t you Push off while you still can.”

    The other orc narrows his eyes and spits. “And I told YOU, Pushkrimp,” he replies, “I’ve been Pushin’ Krimps since I was knee-high to a Nazgul. If anyone’s gettin’ pushes off ‘round here, it’s gonna be you.”

    Both orcs jump backwards, clawed hands grasping for their weapons. They raise their axes, ready to throw, when all of a sudden…

    WHAM! Both orcs are crushed into paste by a giant lootbox falling from the sky. But at least they got a sense of Pride and Accomplishment.

  16. *Turning Players into Payers*

  17. Life’s

  18. Shadow of war and Destiny 2 ain’t bad games. I would debate that they are actually pretty good games with bad business practices. To say the game is bad due to the publishers throwing in micro-transactions and loot boxes is a bit unfair to the developers.

  19. Bonfire Keeper James

    Yooka Laylee…The lizard has 2 tongues. THE LIZARD HAS 2 FUCKING TONGUES!

  20. I was really hoping that Destiny 2 and Battlefront 2 would be in this ahah

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