Scalpers: Turtle & The Moonshine Gang – Plague Masks Though! (Jimpressions)

We found a good one! We found a good game among Steam Direct's trash heap!

Steam store page:

(Excuse the slightly inferior on my voice. Had to use backup audio due to something I late in the video)


  1. Reminds me of silicon valley on nintendo 64. Cult classic

  2. Barnacle Britches

    Came here for plague masks.

  3. I thought for a second this was about actual scalper’s and i was about to get real mad because mob mentality

    And because i hate scalpers

    Thanks jim, great video

  4. Oh god- realizing you’re the only one playing a game xD

  5. Jim/Contra crossover when?

  6. Mic audio sounds off?

  7. RIP TMNT show on Nickelodeon

  8. Microphone died ?

  9. I’ll have you know that i am not industrial in the rectal shredder department. I identify myself as “AAA”.

  10. Game’s already shitty for having loot boxes.

  11. Who is keeping an eye on the Boglins??? Surely, we are missing out on some hot Boglin takes…

  12. Best co-op twin stick shooter is alienation. Best Single player is probably nex machina but that’s cause I adore housemarque. 10tons is probably next best after them with neon chrome and jydge.

  13. Comments didn’t see it in the description, so to explain:

    We’re having some weird sync issues with our Direct to Video stuff lately. It happened again here so I resorted to backup audio, which is sadly not very good quality. We’ll be getting the issue sorted out soon.

  14. I might actually pick this up…haven’t played a good top down shooter in a while.

  15. A Physics Professor

    Oh, no. Jim said “guns”.

  16. Thank God for Jim Sterling

  17. Jim,
    you have either corrupted sound driver[s] somewhere [or possibly they need updating?] or, worst of worst scenarios, your mobo’s soundchip is on the blink so new motherboard time.
    Get your techie guy to do some diagnostics. It’s usually something very simple but easy to overlook!

    A long shot could be you need to optimise your SSDs/HDDs {I’m guessing you’re using SSDs nowadays but if you’re not then you DEFINITELY need to defrag the HDDs your games are installed on. I remember well what a fragmented HDD does to game sound/video synchronisation}

  18. Videos spikelink!

    I like turtles.

  19. #BlackbirdsMatter

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