Jim Sterling Reacts To Nine Horrible Meme-Filled Trailers


BMC Studio is one of the most prolific shitpeddlers Steam Greenlight… or Steam Memelight, as it’s quickly become.


  1. Jim Sterling Reacts To Nine Horrible Meme-Filled Trailers…. Grabs

  2. yacine isthemastah

    I have $20 CAD what should I get on steam? Can’t wait for sale since i’m
    getting bored.

  3. I could’ve stared at pictures of *Hitomi Tanaka’s* , or maybe *Maserati’s*
    tits while contemplating on my mommy issues for 31 minutes and 3 seconds.
    Instead I watched this.


  4. So how much money did the devs waste on Greenlight?

  5. NastyLittleBagginses

    Cut ’em some slack… it’s painfully obvious none of these young men will
    ever know the touch of a woman. Making “hilarious” videos… er, “games”…
    is all they have.

  6. The ”dev” names are sounding a lot like theyre from Québec… Please
    don’t be ;-;

  7. do you think god stays in heaven because he’s afraid of what he’s created?

  8. Steam Memelight

  9. legitimate seizure warning from 15:24 to 16:04. christ these people

  10. I gotta ask, are these devs actually making ANY MONEY? The use money and
    effort to make these shit games, pay to put them on greenlight, and the
    sell the for 99 cents a piece. What do they get out of this?

  11. 27:10 Coldplay song?

  12. anyone else really hoping this gets copyright claimed? I’d love to see Jim
    rip these people to shreds

  13. “Experience a new type of game!” ahahahahahahahaahahah!

  14. You only need to pay the fee once? That explains why this keeps happening

  15. Do people pay for this shit?

  16. In a few years they will look back at all there ”trailers” and feel a bit

  17. A few hundred dollars……….. for that. I wonder how much charity in the
    world that could’ve accomplished…..

  18. BMC, AMC… The Moonwalking Dead, The Walking Dead…

    Now I see.

  19. Mark Noone (Nooney)

    ok Jim you just raped my eyes and ears with this I feel so violated ? lol

  20. Where’s your ponytail gone? Put it back! ;)

  21. Now, it’s a little hard to tell because it was all utter gibberish, but in
    the Girlbusters trailer, were they using a brown sock puppet to represent
    the black character?

  22. Jonathan Malbranque

    It’s not even funny, just cringeworthy

  23. pretty sure I just cringed into myself… And I’m only on the second
    trailer…. May God help me

  24. Do… Do they not know Youtube is a thing? Or do they just not have Youtube
    in the fourth circle of hell?

  25. Clicked video, saw Jim in the bottom right, scrolled down a little, and
    just watched Jim! Well worth the 30 minute video runtime! There was some
    other stuff going on, but never really paid much attention to that.

  26. Did they mistake Steam Greenlight for YouTube?

    That was kind of hard to watch, even with Jim’s commentary.

  27. Sorry. I couldn’t make it past the second trailer. BLECH! (them, not you)

  28. BMdigitalhomiCide

  29. Anyone else notice the selction of Digital Homocide games on-screen at 19:12

  30. The most stupid thing is that some of these “games” have made it into the
    top 100… NO! PLEASE GO NO!

  31. They have a frame hanging on the wall that contains the title screen of
    numerous DigitalHomicide games… The Slaughtering Grounds, Deadly Profits,
    Temper Tantrum… Are these guys serious?

  32. I now know hell exists listening to the “music” guy.

  33. On this day I shall not thank god for Jim, for Jim has bestowed unto me
    grand discomfort and migraines.

  34. its like my seventeen year old playing with his Lego,

  35. These “devs” must have some serious mental issues, if they truly think this
    nonsense is good or funny or worth paying money for.

  36. A cold shiver runs trough my body and the power of cringe shuts my eyes.
    Then the Russian voices ensue and the a capella rendition of movie themes
    commences. I’m knocked out, down for the count, what’s this strangling
    feeling around my neck? Oh it’s a noose.

  37. jim, why do u do this to yourself?

  38. Gus Davis (Major G)


  39. The Sarcastic Sasquatch

    Is it still better than the new Ghostbusters trailer? No, no it isn’t.

  40. I want to slap young Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

  41. You should check out their Patreon page. I can’t honestly tell if these
    people are parodies of actual human beings or not.

  42. I honestly can’t tell where one ends and the other begins.

  43. Speaking as an autist who has a history of weird behaviour, this is a
    shameful display of a complete lack of self-awareness and rampant moronity.
    I have weird tics too, but christ i try to keep it behind closed doors.

    Oh and Jim was there too.

  44. Mako The Spider Queen

    watching up to the 7:00 mark and I already want to hang myself…

  45. oh good god my eyes

  46. I do hope that is a mighty strong dink, jim.

  47. I am so glad you had the facecam available for Half-Lie 3. You could not
    have summed up my pure resigned disdain any better, and you did it without
    saying a word.

  48. So at 19:07 onwards the kids have a framed picture or a screen up…. with
    a load of DigiHom games on it. Is this whole bollocks some sort of creepy
    Sterling bait? Or are DigiHom now memes?

  49. Where is the fair use?… You have just ripped apart and entire developers
    catalogue of games and I feel you have not been fair at all. One of these
    days somebody, and I’m not saying it’s going to be me is going to take you
    to court. They might even raise the money via gofundmemes. That was
    dreadful. Thank god for Jim!

  50. WAIT, did I just see a Digital Homicide poster @ 19:09 ????

  51. This is what happens when people with no talent get hold of GameGuru.

  52. You must be out of your mind boy

  53. These guys ever hear of Boomlibrary?

  54. 19:12 These sons of bitches have a framed Digital Homicide poster!!!

  55. Doyoufearthereaper13

    None of those kids are old enough to miss half life 3

  56. After these trailers I find a stick hilarious. A freacking stick! My life
    is now horrible, thanks

  57. This just makes me sad, kudos Jim for managing to sit through it

  58. What in the venerated and generously sized love sack of Jim “Fucking”
    Sterling is this!?

  59. is ‘is this memes?’ memes?

  60. DigiHom 2.0?

  61. emirhan ekşioğlu

    Somebody stop these people…. Plowing hacks.

  62. So these guys have spent $1100 on Greenlight to spread this shit?

  63. Hearing Machinimasound music on that second trailer….


  64. Foodstar456. / Panda Waifu.

    30 minutes of this madness…
    lucky sex jim jim’s livecam was there <3
    been watching that and laughting to his reactions.

    Here is a TV that looks like an apple!

  65. Honestly i dont want to believe these “games” are on greenlight cause it
    saddens me

  66. Do I get a reward for watching the whole video..? Cuz all of this made me
    very miserable

  67. And you know just because of how bad these games look, there will be swarms
    of idiots voting for and possibly buying them too

  68. Isnt submission to greenlight $100.00? So.. this cost $900.00?

  69. This is fucking painfull

  70. …These guys look maybe 15 at the most. Where are they getting the money
    to upload this stuff to Greenlight?

  71. The Rock Star Gamers

    BMC as in “Buy My Crap”, right?

  72. Can we get a version where the videos where flipped so we can have a tiny
    green light video and a big Jim

  73. Well, they had digital homicide cover art framed on the wall at one point.
    Pretty sure these guys have heard of Jim and are just doing this so that
    he’ll do exactly what he just did =P

  74. This whole trailer reminds me of those dumb kids in high school who did the
    whole “lol I’m random” bullshit. It wasn’t funny then, not funny now.

  75. I lasted 19 minutes before I had to stop watching. Those guys make my head
    hurt. Good on them for trying and all but no…just no. No more.

  76. There is a screen in the ghost buster rip off one displaying digital
    homicides titles. I knew those bell ends were behind this…. Or maybe it’s
    subliminal product placement. Either way screw digihom. 

  77. This feels like the sort of awfulness people used to do when the VHS Camera
    became a commercial item. Lots of film students and idiots using them
    haphazardly and creating awful content.

    But back then no one could hope to accidentally run into this garbage. It
    only made the parents and the professor miserable.

    Now the Internet has happened and uploading Steam greenlight videos is the
    equivalent of having a VHS Camera that uploads to the Internet.

  78. i'm in the flesh, not the scale

    every time someone mentions half life 3, gabe delays it by 3 more months.
    thanks to these guys, he added like 60 years.

  79. common video 2 real life action bull was from kids.. it was kinda funny ..
    the game is pure shit but they actually made an effort don’t hate on kids
    jim :(

  80. I was a little disappointed that the “Our story” thing wasn’t the same
    zombie game as the other games.

  81. Alexandros Katechis

    Fucking russians…

  82. Please Gabe and Steam stop this now!

  83. And to think these “developers” will be trying to charge people real money
    to buy this garbage… and the absolutely scary part about that is… I am
    almost 100% sure one of these “games” will get on Steam.

  84. Good grief…

  85. Safersephiroth777

    I thought Jim likes Memes?

  86. “I don’t know what these people are…”

    Shit Jim. The answer is shit.

  87. They think there workaholics

  88. I’ll be surprised if they don’t get threaten by Tumblr for the girlbusters

  89. Are these guys Russian

  90. These dorky fucks deserve a punch in the face

  91. Did anyone else notice all of the DigiHom games on the wall in the
    Girlbusters trailer? Not sure of the time stamp but its definitely there.
    Think ive found these kids inspiration.

  92. E3 2016 – best soundtrack
    And winner is Meme park!!!

  93. Some brave soul needs to sit down with these guys and patiently explain why
    Not GTAV works and their games don’t

  94. I just cringed so hard that I folded in on myself and now exist slightly
    out of sync with reality. Thanks Jim.

  95. So…the song at 20:24. That’s Energy Drink by Virtual Riot.
    Can they do that? For what I know, that’s not one of them non-copyrighted
    And allow me to, very reasonably, assume they don’t have the artist’s

  96. I think we found the new worst developer. We really need Digital Homicide
    back, atleast they take their games seriously.
    I have no idea how cpuld anyone post this on Steam Greenlight, i would be
    embarrassed to show this to anyone,and for some reason they are showing
    this to the whole Steam community

  97. this is just what my day needed

  98. This make me cringe so hard, I don’t know if I’m gonna make it to the end
    of the video.

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