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Another rereleased game to join the throng. This is a damn good game, though.


  1. I just really get angry when there isn’t iron sights aiming 

  2. hard reset seems too have got some ideas from shadow warrior

  3. Saw it on steam, did not have a clue about what the game was (I am only 19
    years old) And I think im going to try it. Good video again, Jim.

  4. what pills are you on ?

  5. Christyn Pienaar

    you made my day with this.. love this game.. just got new laptop.. yes man

  6. …now I want to draw Jim Sterling as a giant fan.

  7. not done watching yet so I’m not sure if you’ve figured it out, but I think
    the dashing is there for the sword

  8. This just makes me wanna play the Shadow Warrior reboot. Katana is actually
    awesome in that game.

  9. Jeffery Morehouse

    Jim I finally listened to the Parapod. Funny stuff. Thanks for the heads

  10. Now I need to go back and actually play more of the original. Redux is
    looking swell.

  11. Sexual mistakes got me good Jimmy boy

  12. Sold me on red nipples on the breasts!

  13. Think life leech or a temporary shield on the katana would make it viable?

  14. Hi Jim, hope you don’t mind a personal question. What kind of meds were you

  15. Dear god, that FOV was making me sick. I actually had to stop watching the
    video and just listen to Jim’s docile tones instead, imagining what was

  16. I have this game on pc and played it in 3d, its very good…..but way too
    hard for me

  17. 1:13 lol you remastered your old review, that’s amazing Jim. Love it :)

  18. liquid0001 (Squadalaxd)

    Jim, Valve is finally doing something about Digital Homicide on Steam.
    Yesterday DH spammed greenlight with shitton of games and Valve took almost
    every single one of them down. Marked them as incopatible or something.

  19. Problem is they haven’t upgraded the graphics at all, it looks much worse
    than the original.

  20. Michael Kreitzer

    That’s some fancy gamepad work there Mr. Sterling! :)

  21. Oracle of Games

    So, they took the katana model and animation of the swings from their
    Shadow Warrior game and put it in this game. Did anyone notice that?

  22. HARD RESET REDUX is a graphics degrade compared to the original. look at
    the Candyland comparison.

  23. how long does this game last? Not supper interested in spending only 8
    hours on this game.

  24. Sexual mistake? =(

  25. I tried out the demo, and it was alright. Gunplay doesn’t feel great,
    doesn’t feel bad. It seems like an okay game, but nothing I’d be excited

  26. Wow, serious sam!

  27. Alexander Sexton

    #FucKonami incoming!

  28. Really retro feel

  29. The melee looks like it came straight out from Shadow Warrior. Like….
    straight, nothing queer about it other than the beam part of the katana.

  30. Can’t wait for this week’s FuckKonamiNews =3

  31. TheRealFifthColumn

    for $3? worth it!

  32. I enjoy this game, but the “secrets” are garbage.

  33. you click on new game, intro is skippable, first level starts, you already
    have your first weapons, you walk three feet and the first enemy appears.

  34. Obligatory comment chastising for the use of a controller with an FPS

  35. Roses are Red,
    Foxes are clever,
    “HIT THE LEVER!!!”

  36. this game is about as good as a sad goat rolling up a hill singing about
    how sleek konami isssssssseseseseseses

  37. Is time for Jim to bring out the thunder on konami again.

  38. Now we just need a return of the RTS genre!

  39. First 30 minutes of Hard Reset? You game reviewers play like filthy
    casuals. I watch for your salty commentary though.

  40. Reminds me of deaf space

  41. Ezelion the Ironclad

    See I enjoy the shotgun comp of the bullets gun.

  42. Hard Reset is the perfect example of the way environment design and
    aesthetic can make fairly basic, standard level design feel real and

  43. One does not simply crouch in Hard Reset Redux.

  44. Not only is a new Serious Sam confirmed, but it’s also, interestingly,
    being written by Jonas Kyratzes, whom you may know from The Talos Principle
    and The Sea Will Claim Everything.

  45. I thought this had something to do about that After Reset kickstarter/scam.

  46. 11:06 “You see the range on that, like i was as far back as far back”
    expert word smithing via Jim Sterling. Although I guess you were full of
    brilliant quotes this entire play through. Also filled with drugs

  47. I love your humor, Jim, even if it’s unintended and caused by a
    painkiller-addled brain, like with overusing words and your metacommentary
    on it. It’s such a pleasant bonus on your insightful games commentary (I
    mean that last bit! For real!).

  48. The melee is REALLY good against some enemies – the cyborg soldiers
    especially, who are awful in melee range. It’s often safer just to charge
    and stab them than trade bullets. But don’t try using it on enemies that
    are trying to engage you in melee, because you’re gonna lose.

  49. Sasaki (Sasaki Kojiro)

    Nothing wrong with people playing the game the way they want to play it, so
    I’m not mad or anything, I just wish to say that most aoe attacks have a
    windup. The game gives you dashes for that situation. The Katana has high
    damage and is a hit and run weapon. Swing 3 or 4 times, dash out when it
    starts to wind up, dash back in, continue to slash.

  50. Never really heard of this and glad I did now, love me some run n’ gun

    Though I gotta say, the feedback for the first gun, the machinegun thingy,
    is atrocious. Maybe because you don’t actually see the bullets flying out
    and they seem to spread a lot, but it felt like Jim couldn’t aim it for
    shit and just hoped firing in the general direction of the things would be

  51. Jim: sexiest gamer alive? A strong cum flavored possibility.

  52. so this is basically just the shadow warrior reboot engine with the hard
    reset assets and a dressed up nobitsura kage.

  53. Enjoying your state-subsidized weed there, Jimmy?

  54. Sorry to hear about the back problems Hoss. I feel your pain, or some like
    it at least. Too much bum wiggle?

  55. “Hello you sexual mistakes”… lol best one yet

  56. The graphics definitely look dumbed down

  57. Lol painpills….

  58. WatchingtheAerial

    Sexual mistake is my ex girlfriend’s pet name for me.

  59. Bezoar city? Grim.

  60. I wanna party with Jim

  61. Frisky fresh Dank Memes

    Can you plox play So much blood, so I can drown in memes peacefully.

  62. Way too much running backwards in this game for me.

  63. It’s a pity that it actually looks worse than the original version.
    Candyland did a comparison and there are some noticable missing effects,
    such as ambient occlusion and some lighting stuff, as well as blurrier
    textures. It does run a lot better though.

  64. stalker menu?

  65. It was ok back in the day, and no it wasn’t a breath of fresh air. It was

  66. 7:00 please tell me this has VR support!

  67. benzodiazpines long term = seizures and an awful, potentially deadly,
    physical addiction. be careful jim.

  68. A refreshing FPS that focuses on a simple objective with plenty of

  69. Wow. This game looks really good. Never heard of it before.

  70. Nice game.The final boss was a giant air-fan.

  71. Jim, about your audio post production. Maybe it would be a good idea to
    compress your vocal a little more (3 : 1 with a fast attack speed and slow
    release). For example every time i open a video from you i am alway’s
    startle by you vocal intro that is very loud but later in the video i need
    to focus on the thing you say cause it become’s quiet. A big dynamic range
    isn’t always the best solution.

  72. I am glad I spent the $3 to get the upgraded version on Steam now. (For
    people who own the old game on Steam, that’s how much they are charging.) I
    don’t remember buying the old game – much less playing it. But if Jim says
    its good – then it’s good.

  73. Dennis Baltruschat

    Well that was strange. Never had any problems with motion sickness of any
    kind but just watching the video made me sort of dizzy.

  74. Please don’t become the next Prince.

  75. Better than Doom

  76. Sean “DeViLzzz” DeMarco

    This looks like a game with a difficulty level I could handle. Also the
    graphical presentation is just tremendous. I will have to look at getting
    Hard Reset Redux.

  77. “ground pounding it… ground pounding it!”


  79. you should link to your review in the description.

  80. “I was as far back as far back!” That’s a great T-shirt line, Jim.

  81. TheUnstableThinker

    Are you telling me that the sword has a shit range and is poorly
    implemented? No, say it again. And again, and again.

  82. I’ve been itching to play this game again for a while, didn’t even realise
    they brought a redux out. That’s pretty cool.

  83. Wow, cool. and its really cheap for those who own the original game, too.

  84. Jim sweety. Glad you got your medication. : ) Maybe try taking a small nap
    before recording after taking your medication will help clear your head a

  85. Doesnt look to bad. a bit DeusEx+Crisis.

  86. The world is empty as most people are in a neural network or some shit,
    explains it in the 1st 5 minutes of the game…

  87. Muffin Cannibal

    You play good games?

  88. I kinda get the feeling that the original release had more enemies running
    at you.

  89. How to next gen shooter: MAKE “OLD SKOOL” shooter.

  90. Hello jim jimminy you should do a video on Metal Arms: Glitch in the
    System, I know you love that game!

  91. KingsN' Jenssons

    the fov in the game is SUPER werid

  92. The thing that stopped me from really enjoying the original game when it
    was new, were the aimbot enemies. Once you reach the shooting enemy type
    they just instantly lock and hit no matter how fast you were moving about.
    Got pretty ridiculous.

  93. I was away for a while with no internet and then i came back and squirty
    plays are no more, when did the name change?

  94. I’m not a mistake. =(

  95. I think I like spacey, loopy, medicated Jim Sterling.

  96. What is wrong with the FOV? The center is much farther than the sides,
    as if everything is viewed through a lens. It’s disorienting.

  97. Cooltrainer Ian

    blue skin……… red nipples……… on the breasts………..

  98. OMG please tell me the original gets a free upgrade to this, I already own

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