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  1. this is actually a fun game, more fun with friends

  2. Another top notch Doritos review by VideogameDunkey

  3. I want a Jim Sterling vs. Robbaz match.

  4. Oh my god, 18 views.

    Quick, I have to make a joke…


    Thank you thank you, I’ll be here all night.

  5. lets all hope he gives an honorable review 😉

  6. As I write this comment, Strippin has played 25 hours of this game in one non stop stream on twitch

  7. My brother took three people on in the beta with an Assassin and won. Just putting that out there. Its doable, and you don’t have to run.

    Don’t be a wet little pussy, and die with grace.

  8. For honor turned out to be a total blunder. Should have been renamed “For fucks sake: Ubisoft has been unable to make a single decent game since R6:siege edition”

  9. this game looks repetitive and boring.

  10. Hey look. Another mediocre over-hyped game.

  11. I heard “Ubisoft” and “P2P” and “Microtransactions” and said “No thanks.”

  12. This game is great, but there is one huge problem which means that they aren’t getting my money.
    No. Dedicated. Servers.

    If it was generic kids game #46 I could understand, but in a competitive game that might be getting an eSports scene. Fuck right off I’m not giving you any of my hard earned money.

  13. But, but… isn’t this game filled with micro-cancer-tractions and a season pass?

  14. wanted to support this game until the microtransactions and the unfair season pass


  16. For Honor looks good, but it doesn’t look like something exciting.

  17. i feel like a lot of people in the comment section have a VERY salty opinion of the game… but I’m not seeing a lot of reasons as to why.

  18. Chewable Arsenic Candies

    I played the Beta, and I actually enjoyed it. Gonna pick it up when I actually have the money to buy it.

    I am honestly quite surprised Ubisoft managed to make a game that was both good and a game that wasn’t an open world with a bunch of nebulous ‘content’ in it. Not a big fan of the microtransactions and the season pass but at least you _can_ unlock everything through playing and using the in-game currency that actually gets you stuff.

    Also the faction war seems to be decently balanced. The Samurai were winning when the Beta ended but that’s been reset so who knows? (Samurai best faction, btw)

  19. Doctorschnabelvonrome

    I feel like the singleplay of this game is going to be just like the one in Battlefield 1. A tutorial with narrative to warm you up for the multiplayer with collectibles here and there just for replay.

    Also I feel like this people are being too harsh on this game just because the ubisoft logo on the cover. Sure, it has problem here and there, but it seems much better comparison to the true blunder like Ghost Recon: Wildland, which is yet another open world sandbox game with repetitive missions. Seriously, I would gladly play this rather than typical open world, empty sandbox, repetitive boring crap like the new Ghost Recon.

  20. Matthias Joseph Thomas van Trigt

    I smell a Jimquisition coming up inspired by For Honor. Either it’ll be about how Ubisoft managed to fuck up yet another otherwise-good game with their greedy, meddlesome bullshit. Or it’ll be about why gamers shouldn’t be accepting let alone defending this fee-to-pay bullshit where you buy the game to then buy more of the game. The game is designed to frustrate players into buying Steel with their money which is unacceptable for anything other than a F2P game. Telling players who care about aesthetics or loss aversion their concerns aren’t legitimate because ‘it doesn’t impact game play so who cares bruh’ is elitist, anti-consumer and just plain ol’ dumb.

    Not just the experiences of game play-centric gamers matter.

    Looking forward to that episode, Jim.

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