DARK SOULS III – The Deep Cuts

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SPOILERS AHOY in this smattering of III sections.


  1. I’ll kindle your bonfire anytime, baby.

  2. Wilson Fisk #Daredevil

    Man this is gonna be overrated as hell.

  3. So its just you running around and showing enemies? wtf? Its not really
    entertaining neither informing the consumer about the game aspects.

  4. mr Sterling ive never played any of the souls games at all would this be a
    good starter to the series? the way you explained how the difficulty works
    has me intrigued and multiplayer gaming is slowly losing interest to me the
    only multiplayer i really play anymore is world of warships, left 4 dead 2,
    and star trek online while most single player games ive played recently i
    breeze through the campaign in a day ,2 days with a decent game and lose

  5. The crab reminds me of the Monster Hunter crab boss/monsters

  6. 8:30 – *Jim Fucking Cleric Son*

  7. gridsleep the english boy

    Clipping through the trees seems a bit slipshod. The tree should stop the
    crab’s swing with a resounding thud, and maybe some splinters of bark and
    leaves coming down. What is the use of having trees to hide behind if the
    crab can clip right through them?

  8. taking a break from dark souls 3…….. to WATCH dark souls 3. my
    priorities are straight

  9. so good….

  10. Fear the old blood Lawrence, by the gods fear it.

  11. The Incandescent One

    Spoilers? But there’s no story!

  12. Git gud scrub.

  13. Giant enemy crab? Attack its weak point for massive damage!

    (only the freshest memes here lads)

  14. I do think it is official, Jim Fucking Sterling Son, has crabs, I gander
    one is called chungus.

  15. Skyrim had crabs.

  16. pfffft i beat boreal on the first try, GIT GUD, SCRUB! 😛 (lol not going to
    mention the zillion deaths i racked up geting to the boss, transitioning
    from bloodborne is fucking hard)

  17. Jim, try to remember the basics of CQC. You can use a plunging attack on
    the Giant Enemy Crab for massive damage.

  18. Clipping through live enemies. That’s really cheesy considering you can’t
    clip through the dead ones.. XD

  19. Sigh, the PC version is pretty broken. I was really excited for this game,
    but even with well over the required stats, I can’t run it at 60fps ( Now,
    I can’t tell the difference, but eh), furthermore, it will kick me from
    online mode every time I start to play, the game freezes whenever I pick up
    an item, the game slows whenever big monsters appear, and tones of

    Now, I could probably forgive most of these, unfortunately, buggy launches
    are the norm nowadays. But to not be able to play online is something I
    won’t let slide. Hopefully they fix this soon.

  20. What’s the best class for someone new to the game?

  21. That first boss you show stomped me pretty hard. Once he charged, he kept
    running around stunlocking me to death, couldnt roll. Shame about the
    controls though.

  22. So we can sum up the Game of the Year right now. DARK SOULS III GIANT CRAB

  23. If you like crabs, play monster hunter 3 ultimate… fucking daimyo

  24. Irithyll of the Boreal Valley is easily my favourite area in the game, and
    one of my favourite moments in the entire SoulsBorne franchise, not least
    because of what this part signifies to the series, and simply the sheer
    yarbles FROM showed in creating it.

  25. Caught between making sure I want to buy game at launch and not wanting to
    get anything more spoiled than it is

  26. If you’re looking for a spear with crowd control, I recommend the partizan.

  27. I’ve put about six and a half hours into this game and I’m loving it so
    far. I won’t give any spoilers. I’ve killed five bosses (if you include the
    tutorial). I find the combat to be really satisfying. I’m honestly finding
    some of the run-of-the-mill enemies more difficult than the bosses. I’ve
    only died on one of them. The fucking giant crabs destroy me every time.

  28. That bit at 9:20~ made my night.

  29. The Ultimate Gamer

    Where is this GIF you mentioned, I can’t find it and I want to see it’s
    glory with my own eyes

  30. Jim Sterling. Always happy to get crabs.

  31. can someone smart tell me why ‘real’ is pronounced ‘reel’ but ‘Boreal’ is
    pronounced “bo’ree’aa’l”…. to me it makes sence to pronounce it bo-reel
    but i understand that this is wrong and so i do pronounce it bo’ree’aa’l. i
    just don’t understand…

  32. FUCK those giant crabs they can piss off

  33. fucking hell Jim! too many spoilers! how about some warning next time!

  34. giant enemy crab

  35. This Dark Souls seems harder than the others. Even the bonfires kill you.

  36. i v been sodded off

  37. Not watching to avoid spoilers. is ds3 worth it for a lover of ds1 lore and
    all that?

  38. Serious question. Is Dark Souls 3 considered a “AAA” game? It looks kinda
    too janky for it (like the Risen games for example) with a ridiculous
    amount of player clipping through enemies (and scenery), but then so is
    Fallout 4 and that is supposedly “AAA”.

  39. “The crab section of this video sponsored by Old Bay seasoning.”

    I kid, I kid.

  40. 2:30
    That’s weird…when I saw crabs, I bought a special shampoo and shaved off
    my pubes.

  41. It’s not a proper DS game without frame rate issues at launch. Arggg! I
    want this game! But too busy with work ATM.

  42. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Vengeance! You killed it’s baby!

  43. damn, sorry I have to fuck off, i’ll miss the vid and you. have to put it
    into my watch later, buh bye till then.

  44. GIANT CRAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Thank you for that disclaimer in the intro.
    But I’ll watch this after I get and play the game 😀
    Praise the Jim

  46. I wonder if cuddle-puddling the enemy is a legitimate strategy in Japanese
    or European history or wherever the hell Miyazaki is taking inspiration of
    the combat from? Because just nestling in the bosum of large enemies just
    seems to be the main strategy for every single enemy in the Souls series.

  47. I am liking DS3 overall so far, but I find it borrows too much from
    Bloodborne with how fast enemies are. The PVP is still leggy as all hell as
    well, From cant program PVP netcode worth a shit.

  48. Skeletons, crabs and frogs. Good mix.

  49. weird video.. should’ve made it longer.

  50. Fk you JimmyBoy!
    You don’t tell me what to do!
    I will fk off because I want to!

  51. Either the game has performance issues, or you need a very powerful PC to
    play it. I can’t get over 20 FPS with an at least decent laptop, that can
    easily run Shadow of Mordor.

  52. The fuck did I just watch?

  53. Sean “DeViLzzz” DeMarco

    Nice graphical presentation for a Dark Souls game. As for the frame rate
    issues eh isn’t it expected these days that since the Xbox One and PS4 came
    out that pc games that are also console games will be **** in some way or

  54. Darksword hypeeeeee!

  55. hello darkness my old friend

  56. 10/10 Too much Crab

  57. Thank you so much for the spoiler warning. trying to stay away from them
    until I get it.

  58. Too bad game crashes when you reach the bonfire, overhyped failed PC port
    again. Waiting for patches then pirating this simply because it’s a third
    game in a row and they fail at simplest of things… Irresponsible

  59. No link to the .gif? wtf mate

  60. Littlegraycells28

    You want freaky crustacean bosses? Pikmin 2 has some memorable ones, it is
    after all the Dark Souls of RTS collection quests.

  61. Now that I know there is crabs I wont give up in frustration at the
    tutorial boss like I was planning on doing. Thanks Jim!

  62. Silly Jim, you pressed start before you got gud

  63. Mrelephanteatingman

    isn’t it just a dlc to dark souls 1 and 2? looks identical

  64. Matthew Blackburn

    crab is a 2/10 for me, no top hat, no monocle and not shouting obscenities
    while attacking you. someone get on a mod for this immediately!

  65. The knight bug is so inconsistent. Some people could only play knight, some
    can play any except knight. Right now the knight crashes all the time, but
    I’m not sure about the other classes.

  66. Why is the character clipping through the crab though?

  67. Jim, if you haven’t played Monster Hunter, you should, because Monster
    Hunter has crabs.

  68. Why has demon souls not been remastered and put on the new consoles and pc
    ? i sold my ps3 many moons ago so have not played it in time.

  69. seeing footage of the second boss annoyed me. I literally did 1/3 of your
    damage and took twice as much from the boss. thief class fails me again.

  70. And right here is the Giant Enemy Crabs, hit its weak spot for massive

  71. I don’t even know why I’m here. I knew you’d show shit I haven’t seen
    before, but I watched you ramble anyways you charismatic sod. Still, thanks
    for only showing footage of the second boss which most who got the game at
    launch will probably at least have already have seen at this point.

  72. It’s interesting that I’m about 15 hours into the game on an okay rig (if
    you’re interested, i5 4690k, r9 290x 3GB, 8GB ram) and have yet to have the
    game dip below 50fps on high settings, and the blighttown like area you
    showed in this video ran at a perfect 60fps extremely consistently. So from
    my perspective the game is pretty amazingly well optimized.

    Oh, and to people crashing near bonfires, I’ve heard it’s due to the
    lighting in the game not going down well with your graphics card.
    Apparently turning lighting to low fixes it in a lot of cases.

  73. Wow, what is the issue with Blight Town and performance hits?

  74. I saw your character die in another persons youtube video :p fex the people
    who run the wiki were invaded by what I’m assuming was you the character
    was named Chungus after all :p

  75. I haven’t played Bloodborne or this yet. Which one should I get?

  76. We are the Bumkindeled! Spoilers do not affect us!
    But seriously now, I’m out for now.

  77. Christopher Kendall

    Darksouls has joined that category of games where people take this bizarre
    pleasure in loudly announcing how much they dislike it/ how overrated it

    So it’s clearly doing something right.

  78. Is bonfire your new sponsor Jim?

  79. Ancient Lord of Meme, Giant Enemy Crab

  80. HammerspaceCreature

    Oh Jim you naive fool. It’s not just blighttown 3.0. There’s also a whole
    covenant dedicated to invading people there, oh yes. They rolled blighttown
    and the forbidden woods into one. When its been out a few weeks and there’s
    plenty of watchdogs that area is going to be hell.

  81. git gud

  82. Jim, give Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for the 3DS a try. Giant Crabs aplenty.

  83. Vordt is like all Souls games bosses just dont lock on and stand behind
    them and they become a joke.

  84. thanks for the spoiler warning Jim. saved for later.

  85. Attack it’s weakpoint for massive damage.

  86. I have the same problem with bosses I just shut down but for some reason I
    beat vordt first time losing no hp when it rains it pours I guess.

  87. Voldst is a joke of a boss.. I mean I literally did the boss on my second
    try without losing more then a couple of cm of my health (The first time I
    died cause i had no estus and had like 10%~25% health.)
    Even the first tutorial boss was harder than Voldst (I think that might be
    cause I played a deprived who has a shitty weapon and no armor but w.e).

  88. ow shiet that crab is epic, but im hooked on black desert online right now
    but il pick it up at some stage.

  89. So how do you feel about skeletal crabs? :O

  90. jRoldo A Last Name (Ride)

    How long until Bamco releases the 1.04 patch? I keep getting the same crash
    in Lothric, NO MATTER WHAT MY LIGHTING IS SET TO. When is this bullshit
    going to be fixed. I literally dont pay for games FOR EXACTLY THIS REASON.
    Of course the first game I buy in a year, and it crashes in the first 2
    hours of gameplay.

  91. This looks more animated and varied than the last one.

  92. “If you don’t want spoilers, fuck off”

  93. I am having flashbacks to “historically accurate representation of Japan”
    “Giant enemy crabs”

  94. A giant crab? Is this game based on the actual history of Japan?

  95. I would love it if you started every video with your character waving at
    the audience.


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