DARK SOULS III (PS4) – Bosses And Sunbros And Bosses

Tackling some and getting with for the .


  1. garbage YAWN

  2. I just finished my blind play through a few hours ago.
    Loved the game, but there was one notable huge disappointment for me… why
    the fuck does my Heavy Soul Arrow do the same damage (+-10) as a Soul
    Spear, despite the comparable cast time yet *massive* increase in focus
    cost? Actually, I’m going to go ahead and say; sorcery seems a bit shit
    this time around.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one to notice, and I’ll go look at stuff later,
    but I’m going to go ahead and mini-rant and say that Sorcery is
    bullshittingly subpar. I’m putting points into this, it costs a resource,
    so why am I so frequently just much better off using my little +3-4 katana
    from that cool guy at the start of the game?

    After all that; going all the way to this Dragon killer armor guy with
    floating things shooting meatballs, I find the scroll was in the other
    direction, and it turns out, the spell is complete shit. I think I went the
    wrong way, btw… the dragon armor guy gave me way more souls than the
    Pontif guy in the ice place. Whatever, it was fun.

    But wtf? I was so happy to get what I considered to be the “sorcerer
    defining spell”; and I thought to myself, “finally, I’m going to get to
    feel like a sorcerer, it’s going to pay off” and I did 10 fucking more
    damage with Soul Spear…… hell, I’m better off just playing melee if I’m
    getting better results in melee with my 50 fucking intelligence Sorc. Not
    what I fucking want to do though…. time to go look for a wiki.

  3. if you want to do more pvp but want to keep helping people, join the
    moonlight guardians, be the PvP cops and beat the piss out of people
    invading other people. you dont get called too often, but its still good

  4. ouy m8 you gonna do ds on pc any?

  5. Never played any of the Souls games and I intend to keep it that way, but
    my god how beautifully creative these bosses/mobs are. It’s always a
    pleasure to see footage from these games

  6. I really don’t get the whole “spoilers how dare you???” attitude so many
    people in the Souls ‘community’ seem to have.
    I mean…. if you don’t want information on a game… don’t look for
    information on a game….
    Also, you have to *try really hard* to experience anything like a coherent
    story in these games.
    The stories are weird *at best* and gibberish at worst…
    How is “The game has a convenience feature many big RPGs have had for many
    years” a spoiler??????
    That’s made me even more interested in a game that I was already interested
    in! That’s the sort of thing that should have been in the intial review!

    What’s next? “There are NPCs in the game” counts as a spoiler? What about
    “You lose your souls if you die twice”?

    I just don’t get so much about the big time Souls fans.
    I think DS1 is a good game, with serious issues (Sen’s Fortress has no
    place in it, and it’s ultimately a series of ledges and hallways with a few
    open areas), but I don’t see why it’s become this strange *religion* with
    it’s own strange dogma about it.

  7. Personally not a fan of the rinse and repeat stuff. I’ve played Dark Souls
    1 already, so all the fanservice for nostalgia fags kinda turns me off

  8. Ooh, your character is a cutie, Jim!

  9. reminder that if you summon a phantom you didn’t really beat the game

  10. the great tree of hemorrhoid grapes
    HIT the Pustules! Hit em, slap em around!!!

  11. I’m happy that Jim finds the coop enjoyable as well because I agree it’s
    some of the most fun I’ve had in a game in a long time. There was this one
    particular guy who summoned me for dragonslayer armor three times, the
    first two times he died (no doubt in my mind that he probaly died way more
    times to it since it was a few half hours between each summoning)and the
    third time we beat him together and it felt so nice and it made me feel
    like a better person. That why I love these games not just for the
    characters, the environment, the well designed bosses but because they
    employ some pretty cool psychology. Like Jim said before seeing these giant
    creatures and knowing you have to beat it can be scary at first but usually
    as you play you get better and better and before you know it you’re kicking
    that once terrifying bosses ass and it’s really fucking rewarding. It’s a
    real shame this may be the last souls game but the way I see it, it’s
    better to go out with a few brilliant games than to go on forever with each
    sequel getting worse and worse. That’s why I got worried when ds2 released
    I thought it was going down that path and why I don’t care about other
    series which have done what I previously mentioned *COUGH* assassins creed

  12. I hate the fact you can’t upgrade armor, or add enchantments or infusions
    as it’s called in this one, to boss weapons. I never find myself using boss
    weapons now, and that makes me sad.

  13. Have you been doing much PvP?

  14. I don’t understand why people go for the puss balls on the trees front
    first. Go for the left leg then arm then front, much more damage that way
    and less you have to deal with when he summons its hand.

  15. Christopher Beckett

    Praise the sun…for Jim Fucking Sterling Sun

  16. To be fair Jim, my conceit was that as a critic who gets his games for
    free, telling people to ‘just buy it if you want to know if its good’ is a
    pretty damn cynical, disrespectful and downright useless attitude.
    Like…what’s your point? Why are you a thing if the singular criteria of a
    game, ie Is it worth my money, is not just ignorable, but below you?

  17. But jim, what if you dont want a console at all? WHAT EVER WILL YOU DO

  18. I so wanna watch this but i havent finished the game yet !

  19. Jim, hold down on the d-pad to jump to the first item on your item slot
    (such as the estus flask).

  20. ‘So why does that boss have a arm penis? “Because Darksouls”

  21. I had some trouble with some of the bosses as well. Pontiff, Dancer,

  22. another slow news week, i hate this shit! dont you jim?

  23. Double spear jerk looks like John Snow

  24. I think I’m the only one in the world that doesn’t care about Fashion
    Souls. I mean I see the appeal but I don’t care much for it.

  25. Do another installment please. Really enjoying it so far.

  26. Heyo,

    the PC issue seems to be specifically effects and lighting. turn them to
    Low and you should have no problems. I’ve been playing a pyro from the
    start with all its wave hair and garments and since adjusting the settings
    its running fine. I DO hope they fix it though.. Seems like they missed
    something quite obvious?

  27. Me and DS1 – we clicked… Me and DS3 – uuughhh… I am looking at it and i
    see nothing compelling…

  28. pontiff and dancer are literally the only hard bosses.

  29. so who else here had the Crystal sage bug out and become unkillable, its
    happened to me FOUR TIMES, anyone else have this issue?

  30. Looking at this Jim, makes me curious more than anything to play 😛 Is
    there much in the way of story or plot elements?

  31. DS1 is still the best.

  32. Imagine playing dark souls with occulus rift… man i would have to wear a
    nappy/diaper for that shit

  33. DeathToCockroaches

    This boss is so fucking weird, like really weird, not in disgust or
    something just fucking weird (the 1st one)

  34. Is that the PS4 capture thing, or does it really run that bad? (probably
    locked at 30fps, because consoles can’t handle 60, right?

  35. I don’t know if you’re ever going for another play through, but for future
    reference I found the Crystal Sage is much easier if you don’t start your
    combo unless you’re at full stamina so he doesn’t warp away after 2 or 3

  36. Holy Framerate batman.

  37. Would love to summon you in-game!

    Also i’m surprised you didn’t name your character Chungus.

  38. My god… EpicFaceFist’s animation was spot on.

  39. I’ve noticed that just bout very boss (not just the non-optionals like in
    DS2) have NPC summons.
    I’ll give From a nice hand for that. Maybe no easy-mode per se, but I
    personally like this idea., since not everyone can have online working
    nicely. :V

  40. Jim… Can we fuck please

  41. I disagree on the armor part. Since there is no upgrading, there is no
    reason not to pick the best for the situation. Many times I found myself
    selecting the armor with the best resistances for the bossfight ahead,
    looking completely rediculous but having the best possible defense for the
    If I could upgrade my armor, you would be more encouraged to always keep
    your best armor on encouraging fashion souls. So you could still wear that
    not so good but looking really cool armor in a more usefull way.

  42. Pontiff Sullyvahn was so fucken hard that I almost gave up and did it on
    co-op. After 8-ish tries, I killed the fucker in 10 seconds.
    Acomplishment overload.

  43. Mound Makers lets you help out too jim! If you white sign with the covenant
    you can kill enemies in the summoners world for them. Then be a cheeky cunt
    and backstab them at the boss fog.

  44. Faith is so shit in this game, good luck later on.

  45. Wow this game is so boring, every Dark Souls game is overhyped lame garbage

  46. Play how you want to play, if you want to summon someone go ahead. I’ve
    helped bros countless times already, but for the love of the Sun!, could
    people atleast try to SOLO the boss first time?. Who knows maybe you might
    one shot the boss, which is awesome. Though mostly to skip the cutscenes
    for people you summon if you don’t lol.

  47. Aldrich Faithful AKA “The Coward Covenant”

  48. Well now I know I’ve killed you

  49. That tree is like a “realistic” rendering of a Cuphead boss.

  50. so dark souls is kind of like skyrim?

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