How to one shot baron with Fiddlesticks.

Hey guys. Finaly, the thing that I have been trying to for the last 3 days is here. Big thank you to all of you who have helped me make this. I could have never done this without you.

Video inspired by:
My business:
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Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: – Epic movement 01.


  1. Hey guys. I just wanted to say thank you for 2 thousand freaking
    Subscribers! Thanks to every single one of you! The rate at which I have
    been growing in the last few months is huge for a small youtuber like me.

    Also, a really huge thanks to all of you guys who help me make these
    videos. I know this last video was a very frustrating experience, but the
    end result is worth it as you can see.

    Have fun and enjoy the video!

  2. is that Vandiril XD

  3. Your choice of music makes the laps watchable.

  4. truly a magical moment in human history

  5. this must be EU tactics because NA cant even do 1 lap

  6. You linking to that website is like me linking to when
    providing source to a song.

  7. now do it in ranked

  8. Unlimited Blade Works

    So basically be the Flash and run through the multiverse?

  9. Vandiril is that you?

  10. Awesome video. You should have also thrown the scuttle crab in there with
    syndra ;)

  11. how does it work ?

  12. hm thanks i’m going to try this in my next game

  13. I really thought it was a troll until the actual baron kill

  14. Haha nice one!

  15. Holy fucking fuck I finally found it.. the song from the site is called
    “Epic Movement 01″

  16. Tucson Personal Chef Mike Neylan


  17. clever shit to whoever thought of this first. hopefully this reaches you
    somehow :)

  18. Syntecy Treepuncher

    I didn’t know how much I wanted to see this.

  19. Idk what it is but the lapcount scene was soothing to hear.. The music and
    the crow noise lol

  20. K, one shot 30 times. okey

  21. next time “How to one shot baron with katarina” Keepo

  22. Now do this in a ranked game.

  23. How long the game was?

  24. Viralpresence crafter

    how does this work im lost

  25. What is that beautiful song

  26. Science League

  27. Genuinely clever.

  28. My name is Barry Allen…

  29. omg what song from epidemic sound? (its not deserted)

  30. You’re like Vandiril lol.

  31. This is incredible

  32. Gotem

  33. This is beautiful ;(

  34. this is amazing

  35. Hlams, man njepatik

  36. GG

  37. Sounds like the soundtrack from “A Beautiful Mind”????

  38. Good Job !!!

  39. Music plz?

  40. This gives me life :P

  41. for a sec i was confused as to why the other team got the buff

  42. A true Crow Storm

  43. bro longest gunblade

  44. Nice Vid mang. What’s the song called?

  45. im so sorry :D

  46. Der Fickende Zerficker

    i cried

  47. Not sure why I cried a bit when he finally reached the Baron and it died.
    Must be the beautiful music. Felt like a parent watching his baby Fiddle
    crow grow. 750/750

  48. More like how to 30-shot baron, which is equally impressive tbh

  49. - “Negrido” -

    A one shot is when you kill something with one hit. Not multiple attacks in
    quick succession. I don’t know why so many LoL players are confused on this
    point. You 30 shot Baron Nashor.
    The term you’re looking for is instagib.

  50. oh wow

  51. I approve of this amazing creation. Have a lenny ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  52. cool idea haha

  53. Rip fox icon :(


  55. Couldn’t you just farm with Nasus or Veig stacks to one shot it?

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