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This seems to be going well… oh.


  1. I sacrificed my soul to the notification squad! I’m praying for mercy from
    Jim Sterling!

  2. Anyone know if the assets are bought?

  3. i didnt like the fairy game video, not because the game was popular, but
    because there was no catch to it, in other words, i didnt find it
    thank god for Jim.

  4. 7:07 – Helps to have one..

  5. Today’s lesson:
    Don’t jump in lava.
    This message has been brought to you by The Adventurers’ Guild of

  6. the fairy game was just boring. it wasn’t bad, but there are 1000’s of
    other games like it that i’ve seen already, so it couldn’t hold my

  7. Skaven? Jim’s a fan of Warhammer it seems.

  8. I mean, this wasn’t THAT bad.
    A lot of the things that’s wrong and bad with it can be fixed.
    The assets (if they are bought assets) fit together acceptably.
    Enemies don’t deal instant unavoidable damage.
    It seems like someone has thought through the design to some extent, which
    can’t be said for the other garbage Jim plays.

    It looks like a very early alpha or a newly examined student’s first game.
    Either way, it doesn’t belong on Steam. Even though it looks a hell of a
    lot better than the other trash on Steam.

  9. 6:33
    the froggiest idea?

  10. I do believe this is on Xbone, not PS4 however, correct me if I’m wrong.

  11. You just said “Skeleton”…I believe it’s “Skeleington” pal.

  12. Yesterdays video was an inside joke that required your fan base to follow
    the development of a relatively obscure indie game to understand.
    Considering you’ve spent years explaining these things to us as though its
    our first time exposure to said content it goes without saying that your
    joke went over a lot of heads. You posted an extremely boring video with
    promises that it would get good and then after wasting peoples time for 20+
    minutes you made a confusing joke.

    If a portion of your player base responded negatively to the video then
    that’s why. I’m sure you know this, you brought it up in this video
    jokingly. But I figured I’d take the time to give you feedback on it just
    to be safe. I’m not upset about it, I just want that kind of video to
    become a thing especially when the build up is so long and deliberately
    time wasting.

  13. this game has been on xbox 360 for a few years now? I believe correct me if
    I’m wrong

  14. …Was that it?

  15. Jesus fuck that is some shitty jump

  16. Don’t like that at all the player character is holding the weapon right in
    sight. Very rough game.

  17. I wasn’t watching the video, just listening to Jim, I look back, OH GOD. No
    FOV slider?

  18. RubberDuckerFuckerBerg

    I saw this on steam, its just a crappy mess. This game was also made by a
    color blind prick. Don’t buy, don’t try.

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