Call Of Duty: WWII Drops Loot Boxes Onto Normandy Beach So They Can Be Opened In Public

It seems that Activision’s patented method of using matchmaking sell microtransactions really was a tipping of the hand.

COD: WWII has a public social area, Beach, where you can open your loot boxes in full view of other players.

Activision’s plan manipulate its own customers by appealing to envy is unveiled.


  1. Lootboxes ruined gaming experience for me. I used to play a game because I liked it, now I play to get a lootbox! Enough is enough!

  2. Its kind of like Heroin works, dealers dont go around getting people hooked, they use thier customers to get others hooked and the druggies come to them.

  3. We don’t need to hear what you think of the game Jim. If people don’t know what the game will be like by now they deserve to be ripped off.

    Save your money and don’t help Activision bring down the industry.

  4. Ive never seen so many losers complain to just complain.

  5. If you are only going to play the single player of CoDWW2 then buy the game used then trade it back in when you’re done.

  6. Also, you can target a Nazi and “Press F to hear their point of view and defeat them in the free marketplace of ideas”. It goes into a mini-game where every three balls of the same colour matched equals “A Salient Point” and chaining combos becomes “A Powerful Argument”.

  7. So to sum up, Activision’s evil plan is to assimilate it’s players into the company and turn them into even shittier PR people. I feel like this should be some sort of shitty made-for-TV movie, but no, this is the real life.

  8. its in the game, well fantastic. I didnt want to play this anyway

  9. If you’re not gonna play the multiplayer, then you always have another option to play the game without supporting these shitty companies. It starts with P. And ends in racy. And has an i in it somewhere. I’ll leave y’all to figure out what I’m getting at.

  10. They don’t care about innovation but more about profit. That’s what a business does so unless people stop buying it than it won’t stop. Innovation will come if they aren’t making profit and need a new way to get people back.

  11. Remember when USA lucked out in WWII and got 2 nuclear bombs in a lootbox

  12. Its not in the game ;D

  13. Oh man, absolutely shameless! Using one of the darkest moments in mankind’s history, not to tell stories and move players emotionally by using the interactive medium as artistic expression and make money by charging for the experience, oh no, here we literally have a ww2 themed gambling app.
    And there I was thinking EA’s E3 Battlefield 1 presentation was in poor taste. Good God.

    BTW the greatest CoD game (imo), was called, funnily enough, Finest Hour. Long time ago, when the games were focused on pretty much the exact opposite of what they do now.

  14. Accurate history as presented by a 17th century aristocrat


    Another shitty move by a shitty company that came out with a game that is the same as games they came out with exactly 500
    years ago. Nothing innovative except for their greedy money grabbing tactics. Glad they are being called out and not everybody is just bending over.

  16. This is so unessicarry it’s pretty damn disgusting

  17. Man, Activision! Innovating the genre!

    Not the genre of First Person Shooters, of course. They keep innovating the “milk the players” genre of cashgaming.

  18. Using bots to make people think everyone is buying loot boxes. That sounds like fraud

  19. Game’s still gonna be great

  20. Since you keep mentioning the people that hate on you for continuing your coverage on this topic, I’ll tell you this the only way you pay attention to:

    Fucking fat ass SJW but not really, can’t you just keep covering this nasty practice more so the gaming community wakes up!? Fucking hell man, please! It’s very entertaining and something worth putting the effort into, son of a… yeah there you go, thanks man.

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