Loot Boxes Are Dirty: Dauntless Removes Them From Game

Game doin’ it right, gets a link: https://playdauntless.com/

It might be “sad” that the removal of from Dauntless should make headlines, but I love it.

The more news stories about games *not* having glorified gambling, the better, because it makes ’em good and dirty.

Which they are.


  1. 4:40 Can anyone tell what this game is?…looks very familiar

  2. I really liked smite. Ended up buying the god pack and a shit load of skins and voice packs…then they introduced loot boxes. Bought a couple of those… didn’t enjoy feeling like I was being taken advantage of and ended up quitting the game entirely.

  3. I’d rather the game have Microtransactions for cosmetics since it’s F2P to begin with.

  4. Sounds like the motto of people that typically pirate games…

    “When I pirate a game, and if it’s good, I’ll buy it!” – Typical Game Pirate

  5. I really hope this game gets a release on Steam to boost awareness for it.

  6. I’d love to see a video specifically on the excuse of “its just cosmetic”, Jimquisition or not

  7. another free game i actually like is league of legends. the lootboxes and keys in there can be achieved while just playing the game, and only offer potential champs you can get through playing anyway, and skins. sure you run around as an advertisement if you buy a skin, but if i like the game, i can purchase it, but i dont need to, i dont feel the need to buy a skin.

  8. German War Machine

    Hey Jim what’s the background guitar track?

  9. This makes me want to try out their game
    If an f2p can do this it certainly deserves the attention
    Fuck the AAA industry

  10. If Monster Hunter World has microtransactions im not touching it.

  11. Jim , thanks for the vid …. PLEASE make a vid on Guild Wars 2 ( and history ) people need to be warned about those cheating bastards .. that’s right everything from $60 + buy in to mass ban , then FTP , loot boxes , oh and keys , Binding ( bound items ) rigged economy ( gold sinks ) on everything from traveling to selling items at auction house …. and i haven’t even mentioned the micro transaction shop , or gems , i can go on and on .
    Gw2 needs to be tide to a tree and beat with a shovel , and who better to do it than you

  12. I fear that people may start resorting to industrial sabotage or god forbid, real world violence if this goes much further.

  13. JubJubtheWonderHippo

    I didn’t even know they had a loot box thing. Is the game even fully out? I stopped following it as much once Monster Hunter World was announced and confirmed for PC.

  14. Yes we need more of this shit

  15. Path of Exile has loot boxes with cosmetics in them. Warframe has loot boxes that have random mods in them.

  16. This is way better then gambling but then we’re going back to “was this pulled from the game, to sell back to me?”

  17. Valve is full of bullshit.

  18. Anyone know what the name of the DW song is in the background? I feel like it’s from 4, but I’m not sure.

  19. they are only removing it because the game isnt good enough to survive day 1 if it keeps lootboxes -_-

  20. How do they make money now? Jim you need to give options and not just complain and complain.

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