BLASPHEMOUS – Barbed Wire Drill Hats And Blindfold Baby Beasts

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  1. NGMajora NGMajora

    Who you calling Pinhead: The Game

  2. the game looks awesome and beastly

    has the dark souls feels…. speaking of 28 days…hope they will make a sequel to it I love the soundtracks of it

  3. Looks like pyramid head from silent hill

  4. Blind Folded Baby SOLD

  5. whatever happened to your series?

  6. Hell yeah, I saw that when its campaign started, it really looks awesome. Also The Last Door is a great Horror Point & Click that does Lovecraftian Horror right.

  7. that pose the demon was in is a famous Christian symbol of Mary holding dead Jesus. make of that what you will 🙂


  9. I dunno, this trailer showed like 5 enemies if you don’t count bosses and a lot of the standard “2D Soulslike” tropes that have made games feel really bad in the past. I can’t see a point where this one stands out other than the edgy killmoves and that amazing, flawless hat. “Brutal” has become one of the biggest red-flag buzzwords for me recently, and this one wears it on its sleeve, so…
    Slightly skeptical of this one. Nice boss designs but not much else that looks unique or anything.

  10. killing greenlight killed jim 🙁

  11. I’d buy that for a dollar!

  12. Paying money for god knows what is an entirely different beast to voting. Keep that in mind, Jim.

  13. A bit disappointing that the player character has a drill for a helmet, but never seems to use it in combat.

  14. Oz is no more and the Tin Man is pissed.

  15. Laurence, the First Vicar

    Pledge $1,000 dollars just to make the cornflakes humunculus a boss battle.You must, Jim.

  16. The thing that worries me about kickstarters that promise such grandiose rewards, is if they are actually going to be able to back that up by actually delivering the rewards. We’ve seen things like this before, and then shit goes down, and somehow the money goes missing.

    I must admit, I have been burned by kickstarters before, and it makes me leery of any kickstarter that promises so much, sometimes even before there is a playable concept yet. .

  17. the baby is just prepubescent Young Thug on the Slime Season 3 cover tbh

  18. Alejandro Marquez

    Check out Pathologic”s remake if you’re looking for suggestions.

  19. I backed this just so I can lock in the artbook since I am a sucker for artbooks.

  20. This game looks so dope. I want it in my library NOW!

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