You ever Just Want To Eat and you’re Almost Home Now but as soon as you get inside BOOM there’s a Home Invasion? Well that’s this 3 Scary Games.
TYLER HAS SOMETHING TO TELL YOU ►► https://open.spotify.com/show/4Hn3qhWe5NqnhLFKytyfFW

Almost Home Now ► https://timeberwell.itch.io/almost-home-now
Just Want To Eat ► https://yapgamedev.itch.io/jwte
Home Invasion ► https://darkos23.itch.io/home-invasion

Horror Outro ► https://soundcloud.com/shurkofficial/haunted


  1. The last one stroke a new fear in me, vhs tapes

  2. Boy do I love analog horror

  3. The one jumpscare to get me after almost a year… the door opening.

  4. me: *sees corridor digital symbol on marks head*
    also me: *goes to the corridor crew channel and finds 2 vids with mark in them and 1 vid in the corridor cast channel*

  5. 𝓐𝓼𝓱𝓵𝔂𝓷𝓷 𝓳𝓮𝓵𝓵𝔂

    me just waiting for the link to download the game

  6. I love watching these. School is out, I’m not working, I’m consuming sugary foods and drinks. Awesome, just awesome

  7. larry belly button lint

    I cannot wait for 3 Scary Games 100, it will be so badass

  8. Michaela Alexandra

    hey mat pat did round two and the two hottest pokemon for you you wont resist the second one

  9. why does mark has the corridor crew symbol on his headdd

  10. Aeron Hockenberry

    Slender The Seven Pages huh lmao

  11. Markiplier- Starts questioning his morals over shooting a person

    Me- Just shoot him already

  12. Happy Early Birthday Mark! I just remembered because mine is june 29th!

  13. 0:20 holy shit this one was pretty good

  14. totes scary

  15. I like how the character in Just Want to Eat just lives in the movie The Labyrinth

  16. the jumpscare in the intro didnt get me

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