Talent Is An Asset (The Jimquisition)

On this constructively critical Jimquisition, we explain how using pre-bought videogame assets isn’t inherently wrong, and how they’ve been put to good use.

We also have a CASH CONTENT going on to reward anybody who can prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that talent is an asset.

(That’s the name of an old Sparks song!)


  1. EA = Electronic Aids

  2. Drink a Beer and Play a Game

    as much as I like the new theme you just can’t beat a Jimquisiton opening with Born Depressed

  3. In The Mind of Kibara


  4. Never did I think I’d see a Sparks reference like that.

  5. I’m a simple man. I see Jimquisition, I click. Thank god for him…..and for lotion.

  6. And now… a Haiku:

    Talent’s an Asset
    Greed’s a liability.
    So’s Randy Pitchford.

  7. TheAlmightyBracket

    Those weren’t props. Those were things you already had, and use regularly. I like it.

  8. Life’s Good when you put together a legitimate game with prebought assets but some other asshole did the same thing but put no effort into it and then sue the critics and steam users so now your forced to be related to these talent-less hacks

  9. Easy way to get custom blood effects, google search water splash.
    Use photoshop and mix it around
    Turn the wanted parts into a custom brush
    Change colour, done

  10. I loaded this video up just to listen to the audio and thought Jim invited Sweep (from Sooty) onto the show 😛

  11. Basically this episode can be summed up to “Do we get pissed off at sculptors because they all use clay? No. Talent and skill are the deciding factors between whether an Artist takes that clay and makes The Thinker or just crudely makes the clay into a ball, draws a half assed smiley face, writes a currently popular meme on it and calls it a day.”

  12. I always see assets as a burger. you can buy a frozen burger and slap it on a plate. But it’d be shit. Cook it nicely. add some new ingredients and season it and it’ll be real juicy

  13. So from what Im understanding “Asset Flips” are the gaming equivalent of coming some’s papers and using it as your own. Thats plagiarism

  14. Anyone know why he’s using the old intro theme? I was really starting to get into the new one!

  15. It indeed takes a true talent to create a game as terrible as PUBG and make a fortune out of it.

  16. Great episode. It actually reminds of a developer’s commentary on Gone Home and how he purchased a bathtub duck from the Unity Asset Store as a foundation but when work was nearly done, he actually remodeled the duck. YandereDev said in a video how Yandere-chan and every other schoolgirl were based on an existing schoolgirl Unity asset and made rearrangements. That iconic video game yandere, who is already derivative from the yandere archetype you see in anime, is actually an asset the developer didn’t make but the game looks so cohesive and has a lot of mechanics added on a monthly basis, it doesn’t matter.

  17. yo so uhhhh who in this comments section wants to make a game together

  18. Metal Gear Solid 3 used a ton of stock jungle sounds, and that’s Metal Gear fucking Solid! The series with independently animated ice cubes.

  19. The argument against PUBG is silly, and I don’t even like PUBG. If you take a lot of bits and make an original whole, that’s what should matter.

  20. Supermassive Gaming

    Quite frankly Jim, you look sexy like that too.

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