Super Lucky’s Tale – Plus, Xbox One X Thoughts (Jimpressions)

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[Disclosure Note: for some reason, Microsoft thought I was relevant enough for an and sent one. This game’s code was included.]

It’s Super Lucky’s Tale! Move over Master Chief, there’s a NEW squirrel (I think) in town!

Also, what I think about the Xbox One X.
Jim’s Big Ego (No Relation):


  1. Jim when are you going to call for an end to the corrupt corporate controlled ESRB? They just raised the price for indie devs to produce hard copies instead of digital.

  2. Wow, the Xbox can finally run games that look like wind waker!

  3. Microsoft owns an IP which involves an orange animal with a large fluffy tail who wears blue and is in a platformer. And they said yes to this.

  4. I like that it’s so cute. ♡_♡

  5. Thought it was Bubsy at first.

  6. That game actually looks great tbh.

  7. With how much you mention Yooka laylee, have you ever tried A Hat In Time? I think it does everything YL tried to do but better, and I think it can stand toe to toe with Mario Odsessy

  8. If you want more collectathons after you’re done with Mario, A Hat in Time is a great game.

  9. But how does this compare to KNACK 2, BABY?!?!

  10. It’s a good thing all those hardcore console gamers got an Xbox One X. They don’t play those kiddy games that are on the Switch……..

  11. Cant wait for the furry porn of this

  12. Nice! At least Microsoft hasn’t blacklisted Jim. 😀

  13. I was definitely not ready for the verbal hand job you gave Mario throughout this video

  14. My video on why I felt the Xbox One X was dead on arrival has been getting hit hard by a lot of people, yet I say exactly what Jim says. Maybe I need to be more popular… Lol.

  15. Not everybody owns a Switch for Mario, so this could be a good PC platformer, if I wasn’t forced to buy it off of the damned Microsoft Store.

  16. XBox Owners: They cancelled Scalebound for this?
    Jim: …It’s better than Yooka-Laylee.
    Microsoft: _… Worth it…_ *cackles vindictively*

  17. 2:37 Oh, Jim. You underestimate how much time I put into Odyssey. I reached 100% in the first 11 days.

  18. What I got from this Jimpression: play Super Mario Oddysey

  19. Sideshow The Game Freak

    This is great for anyone who can’t play Mario because they don’t own a Switch….Like me ?

  20. >ps4 gets game like nier, souls, persona, yakuza, etc
    >switch gets mario, zelda, splatoon, metroid, etc
    >xbox gets…super lucky’s tale

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