ARMS 4.0 Update: New Fighter – Misango – Nintendo Switch

Check out the new fighter (Misango), Stage and ARMS in the ARMS 4.0 game update! Learn more about the update here:

ARMS is Available Now!
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  1. One day in the Safari or jungle in the middle of who knows there was a person name Misango who protects his home from any one and blah blah the end

  2. Oh sweet they finally added Star Platinum

  3. Is it just me, or the new character looks like star platinium from JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure?!

  4. Guess we can call him

    *A pillar man*


  6. Wowser! Misango it is strongly inspired by the Olmec culture, both it’s design and it’s stage and music, that’s very awesome! 😀

  7. The ARMS character designers should be given a raise every time they release a character. All of them have been really tight.

  8. He looks like star platinum

  9. Nice stando

  10. Damn Misango who does your nails because bih that pedicure done right ??


  12. Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora!!!!

  13. I for one am happy for this Nintendo and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure crossover.

  14. Awaken, My Fighter

  15. What a wonderful free update amidst all the controversy of expensive DLCs and loot boxes.

  16. His face look like Star Platinum.

  17. halfdan matthíasson

    ARMS>>>>>> Zelda

  18. Is this a jojo reference?

  19. Nintendo just explain us the origins of the masks of pillar man and the correlation & existence of stands before jojo’s sagas. Also how MIsango perdure after death as Star Platimun and why Star Platinum only attacks with his fists. Damn all the whole video is a Jojo’s reference. LOL

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