Steam Removes 173 Games Made By One Developer

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I was going to do a Jimquisition on Zonitron Studios sometime, after we’d had a bit of a break from the asset flip videos.

Won’t be required now, as Valve finally removed one of the biggest hack studios in Steam history.

But is it really going to take THIS much for Valve to step in?


  1. The Google play store is even worse

  2. This reminds me of Plarium. They do something similar, only with fewer games.

  3. I went to look for the DLC on Steam since its free, I assume its been rolled into the main game, as its no longer on the steam store.

  4. Would it be possible for Valve or a browser extension like Enhanced Steam to whitelist developers and publishers you care about? It could automatically create a list based on games already in your library perhaps. I’m just so utterly tired of sifting through Steam trash to find legitimate games that I’d actually purchase. The storefront has been unusable for years.

  5. I. Told. You. So.

    I said, many times, Direct is just Greenlight without the voting.

  6. Serves the assholes right. Also, what’s the sick track in the background?

  7. How do we not know it’s just Digital Homicide under a different name?

  8. When I need cloning I am gonna call them.

  9. The God Emperor of Mankind

    That they HAD to be told that charging for a tribute DLC is bad, says enough about them.

  10. “pubic lice crawling around in Steams bush”….thanks Jim, that mental picture is going to be with me all day now…Thanks….oh and Thank God for You

  11. Well, at least Valve are making an effort. It’s about the same amount of effort that you would expect from a DMV worker on the day before they retire, but it’s something.

  12. Woah, valve must be very tolorant on his.

  13. It’s about time you start pulling this shit out of your store, Valve. Unfortunately, it took you FAR too long to give a fuck.

  14. Demon King Of The North

    I got into PC gaming because of Steam, and I left PC gaming because of Steam. The Story of Valve documentary that will come out after the company fails will be fascinating.

  15. It’s the year 2037, games have now got to the point where you pay the $60 to use the game engine and every asset you use is DLC. Want a character in your game? That’ll be $5. Want a gun to shoot in your game? Another $5. Want an actual level to play around in? Woah nelly, that’s $10 right there! Buildings and vehicles are extra though, they aren’t included in the level pack; only in the level pack deluxe. The story for your game is 10 cents for every word and voice acting… don’t even ask, that’s expensive shit. Welcome to the future of gaming!

  16. There’s a mobile panda game where you save baby pandas by doing exactly this. It’s the same God damn thing. It even has very similar screens!

  17. I think I got a free goocubelets game from Indie Gala, not knowing who ‘made
    ‘ it. Now I feel..dirty.

  18. for everbody who want to know more of sock puppet devs here are 2 videos from sid alpha

  19. I like to think I was one of the first to know that Steam Direct would make fuck all difference, but I never expected it to produce worse products than Greenlight.

  20. I guess there will be a Jimquisition on how flawed Direct has become in such a short time, and how shithead developers are already abusing it.

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