Star Wars Battlefront II ‘Only’ Shipped 9 Million Copies, Microtransactions Return Soon

[UPDATE: Apparently the originally reported figures were incorrect. Battlefront II supposedly shipped 7 million, not 9 million, which is still a fuckton and obviously even more sad for poor Electronic Arts.


Electronic Arts expected Star Wars Battlefront II to have shipped ten million copies by now, and fell short by a million. In other news, I just purchased a really, really small violin.

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  1. Can we just have another video games crash so we can have good games again?

  2. “we learned our less about lootboxes with battlefront 2”
    “we are bringing the lootboxes back to battlefront 2”
    are you sure you learned your lesson?

  3. The EA Cycle:
    1. EA builds hype for a game that they promise is an improvement from their last one.
    2. Fans preorder game because they believe there’s no way for EA would ruin a game that is designed to improve reputation.
    3. EA puts monetization ahead of quality and releases a poorly functioning game.
    4. Fans backlash for the loss of money and time.
    5. EA whines that they need to perform better next time, and the backlash is putting unnecessary pressure on them.
    6. Alternate between buying a studio and closing one down.
    7. Repeat.

  4. The success of this game is shameful to the entire gaming community.

  5. …did that faulty automaton of a CEO actually say “long-awaited return”? I guess that’s true, in the same way that the San Andreas mega-quake (aka the Big One) is a “long awaited geological event”.

  6. Starlight ★ Highway

    EA, can you just stop being EA?
    All i ask, is a good game, with good gameplay that isn’t tied to or include microtransactions.

    I guess EA will never learn,, all hope is lost.

  7. Angry people on the internet prevent game sales yet they don’t bother to listen to what people are angry about and instead just say it’s our fault

  8. Press F for no respect.

  9. Typical EA. Their apology ended up being an even worse insult. I’ll just keep on not buying EA games as I’ve done for the last 10 years.

  10. ‘People didn’t buy our game because of the exploitative microtransactions? Better double down on them again.’

    ‘Couldn’t we just sell them Darth Vader recolours? They might think cosmetics aren’t exploitative.’

    ‘Nah, they don’t want a pink Darth Vader.’

  11. It amazes me that they are taking the ‘This is happening because of the online backlash’ route. Like its everyone’s fault that this is now going to be making a comeback? Potential customers not happy with a product and then that product sells less, then product makers say, ‘its your fault it didn’t sell! we will have to carry on making it a bad product’….? well ok. go ahead. and we will still not buy it. They act like we are desperate to buy it, like its some sort of team deal where we have to work together to make it great. No, I give you money and you make it good. if its not, I dont buy. simple. like every f-in trade between humans since we climbed out of a valley in Ethiopia. what planet are they on? ffs.

  12. it’s over 9 Million! oh wait apparently it was 7.

  13. Hey Jim, just one question: Seeing they only sold 7m copies instead of 10, would consider the game …

    *puts glasses on*

    … an absolute failure?

  14. 7 million copies sold is definitely 7 million copies too much

  15. 4:04 “Current fiscal year argument.” Needs to be a running gag line.

  16. Only?! Oh yeah i forgot their goal was to sell 14 billion copies of the game,

    they wanted everyone to buy two copies of the game because their cocaine lab needed refurbishing.

  17. IGV IOS and Android Gameplay Trailers

    9 million x $60. That’s $540 million wasted that also could’ve been spent on charity or porn!

  18. Pretty sure all of EA must commit sudoku now.

  19. Loving the daily microtransactions videos, jk love your channel really Jim.

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