The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC Dev. Talk – ft. Mr. Aonuma & Mr. Fujibayashi

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Get a behind-the-scenes look at The Champions’ Ballad with Mr. Aonuma and Mr. Fujibayashi, the Producer and Director of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, as they share insight about the DLC.

Learn more about DLC Pack 2 The Champions’ Ballad!
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  1. Just like this awesome DLC, I want one better for odyssey, please ;-;

  2. Thanks for making this game.

  3. Tbh that Master Cycle Zero with the wolf design looks more dope and cooler. Imho

  4. 4:55 was that an EA diss?

  5. SuperEdgyLordxXx5 GD

    Baby Sidon was too much for me.

  6. Now I want that wolf-master cycle

  7. Lets start a new Hashtag ! #DLC3

  8. This was such an interesting video to watch! To see the producers take on the game and seeing the fans opinions it’s just all too amazing! Thank you nintendo for being the best company <3

    • Dampf Those aren’t flaws. They are, in your opinion (not mine), at the very worst minor (or major, depending on your opinion) shortcomings. Learn the difference between flaws and shortcomings next time (no hate on your opinion, though I disagree).

    • Steven Paul Doyle I agree. BOTW didn’t earn game of the year awards for have such ‘flaws.’ The game has an excellent story. It’s fun getting new weapons, it’s fun searching for bits of the story. It’s pretty good game in my opinion. Not to mention Kass… Heh (I’m kinda upsessed with him) the style is beautiful. It’s just such a great game.

    • junky swump Kass is such a great character, he is one of my favourites. I loved everything about the game: the story, the gameplay, the characters, the music, the art, and more were all stellar to me.

    • Steven Paul Doyle yes. This game is truly a master piece. I’ve put 90 hours into the game and I still haven’t even fought Ganon!

    • Steven Paul Doyle and I don’t plan to any time soon.

  9. King Daniel The Dandy

    1:57 they ask the real questions in life

  10. This was pretty interesting! I find it hilarious how even Aonuma himself started to like Mipha more after the Champions’ Ballad cutscene of her. I felt the exact same way seeing a new side of her with Sidon. It’s so amazing that the DLC had such an impact on the story and gameplay, when the game already felt complete. I’m beyond excited for what’s next in the series! Thank you Nintendo for this masterpiece!!

  11. *Please release the full Zelda: Breath of the Wild Soundtrack + the story trailer theme!*

  12. The Legend Of Myan

    Aonuma I love you and I love this game but I’m starting to get tired of how overrated it is…
    I would really love if you could stop taking about it and make the fandom calm down
    We can’t even say our opinion without fearing hate
    And it has been a year
    So please
    Stop talking about this game
    There is already enough adoration to this game
    Do you really need more?
    With that, you would not read what the people disliked about the game

    • Hansiger Obba LMAO you don’t respect opinions and you are talking to me about not “hating” (I haven’t even attacked you so lol)?

    • i respect opinions when they have actual thought behind them

    • Hansiger Obba Right…(?)
      This is so weird and your arguments don’t even make sense
      An opinion it’s an opinion no matter if it’s stupid or too short
      If it doesn’t hurt anyone, you don’t have the right to call it a bad opinion (disclaimer: I’m not saying you can’t disagree with it)

    • Hansiger Obba Glad you shuted up

    • I Can't Think of a Good Name

      The Legend Of Myan Aonuma is proud of the game he built. I think he should talk about it as much as he pleases. There’s nothing I see wrong with it. He’s not saying “Attack people who dislike the game!” He’s answering questions about it’s development and other things about the game. He has no control how the fanboys act and even if he did say something nothing would change. This is a huge achievement on his part so I don’t see any harm in him still discussing it

  13. BotW was phenomenal – but please don’t make the next Zelda a carbon copy. I loved open world Hyrule but I’d really like to explore some place completely new and fresh, and see the return of traditional Zelda dungeons like the ones in Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. If they could strike a balance between the gameplay of BotW with the dungeons and story of SS/TP/WW then I’d think we’d be in the perfect spot.

    • BlazingSerenade dude.. Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess had the best and most interesting dungeons

    • Jason Porter well I don’t expect the next open world zelda will release on the switch but I expect another zelda game maybe a 2d zelda or something like majora mask or skyward sword and probably rerelease the classic zelda games Maybe im wrong but thats how Nintendo been making the zelda games since the n64

    • Couldn’t agree more.

      Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword were flawed definitely but when it comes to story and dungeons they are some of my favourites. Ocarina of Time also had great dungeons.

    • 100toonlink I’m pretty sure we’ll get a Skyward Sword HD for the Switch

    • Lillyz yes please

  14. I still wonder… what time line is brearh of the wild… i think in the fallen hero timeline

    • They already said it isn’t part of the timeline since they don’t want to force it somewhere. So I guess from here on out, forget about the timeline. Doesn’t make the games better or worse anyway.

    • The timeline technically never should have existed in the first place, they don’t really acknowledge the timeline anymore because it was basically made up on the spot.

    • zelda hyrule Sorry.. but *breath

    • Could be possible that this is before the great flood or a version of it where it never happened

  15. Well, see you guys in 2025 for the next main series Zelda game.

    • Not likely considering development has already started and BotW was such a success. Far more likely the next couple games will be 2 or 3 years apart because they’ll just re-use the BotW engine.

    • do it like majoras mask after ocarina of time 2 years later on the same engine and both masterpieces

    • That’s what I’m hoping. They have a great engine with BOTW, they don’t need to reinvent the wheel again after one game. I appreciate the ambition but there’s such thing as too much of it. Make a darker, wackier sequel with the same engine. Like you said, it’s how we got Majora’s Mask.

    • 2030: hold my beer

  16. I love how they just burst out laughing when asked about what’s next for the series. As if to say “Yeah, you won’t be seeing another one for about 8 years.”

    • Louis Wouters this is also the way I took it.

    • They have to be make a smaller 2D game or two for the Switch now that they don’t have a designated handheld for them. And Even if you’re talking about big console Zelda games, it will only be 5-6 years.

    • The next legend of zelda title will from the top down team, so i think a link between worlds style game would be a great treat while we wait for the next big entry.

    • They could be going the Majors Mask route for BOTW 2. Reusing a lot of the technology they developed for BOTW, while introducing a new setting and expanding on the gameplay. If so, they could make a new one in a few years.

    • Nah, 5 years max. It should be much faster now. Skyward Sword introduced motion controls, and Breath of the Wild was their first true open world game in 3D as well as their first true HD Zelda game. They won’t have to start from scratch this time.

  17. I personally liked the wolf design, reminded me of Twilight Princess.

  18. 1:56 “fans find him really attractive” oh god they’ve seen the furry posts

  19. My favorite Champion is also Urbosa, and with the champions ballad, I still haven’t completed the final trial lol

  20. The Erotic Movie Review

    Nintendo still exists ?

    Mind blown….. Did Sega come back from the 90’s too?

    • Just stop

    • Have you been living under a rock? Nintendo is in their prime right now — almost more so than ever before. They’ve had multiple hit releases on Switch in the first year. The Switch is selling at record numbers, comparable or better than their Wii sales, which was objectively when Nintendo was at their peak. Two of 2017’s GOTY nominations were Switch-exclusive titles — Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. Not sure, but Splatoon 2 may have been nominated as well — another Switch exclusive.

      Everyone thought that Nintendo dug their own grave with the Wii U, but Switch is absolutely proving otherwise. They’ve got their mojo back.

    • The Erotic Movie Review

      XxInf3ctedxX no, I’ve been living in a Nintendo branded cardboard box ???

    • Boi Nintendo has been alive and never died

    • Lank From California

      It’s like the Wii never happened or something.

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