Seriously? Destiny 2’s Holiday Update Is Microtrantastic!

Forget Christmas, it’s Boxing Day EVERY day at Eververse!


  1. The worst games of 2017 will certainly be interesting…

  2. Reading the comments I noticed a trend. People saying “yeah but this game and its gunplay is fun AF” even though there’s nothing magical about the gameplay in this one. After the BS Destiny 1 threw at people, short-linear campaign set up to sell DLC and microtransactions. Then they fucking do it again for Destiny 2, and charge for MORE SHIT. EVEN SHADERS. Lock original content behind the new DLC. Continually lying to/hiding from its players about what they earn via exp/ 3 of coins. That’s all fine though, THE GAME IS STILL GOOD, they say.

    ….and then I saw someone compare this to Overwatch…and holy shit the excuses made for THAT one were even weaker. IT COSTS MORE TO DEVELOP OVERWATCH SO IT’S OKAY. YOU CAN EARN LOOTBOXES EVERY DAY, AND IT’S ALL COSMETIC SO THAT MAKES IT OKAY! Fuck off. So brainwashed you already forgot this weeks Jimquisition. Sad.

  3. Can I just say how impressed I am that the Destiny 2 subreddit isn’t as much of a fanboy-ridden hellhole as the original Destiny subreddit? They seem to never miss a beat when it comes to calling out Bungie and Activision Blizzard’s antics.

  4. Why are we still here?… Just to suffer?
    Every night, I can feel my wallet…
    And my cash… even my loose change…
    The money I’ve lost… the content we’ve lost… won’t stop hurting…
    It’s like they’re all still there.
    You feel it, too, don’t you? I’m gonna make them give back our shaders!

  5. best pre-order i ever cancelled.

  6. We should start calling these games buy2play2pay, objectively worse than free2play n most don’t have a high opinion of free2play models.

  7. On the 12th day of lootboxmas my loot box gave to me
    12 Messy Messi’s
    11 Kylo Ren Emotes
    10 NBA All Stars
    9 Golden Llama’s
    8 Tracer Skins
    7 Orphiel’s Mounts
    6 Types Of Tires
    4 Carlton Dances
    3 Horde Mode Buffs
    2 Five star punches
    And a crippling debt I’ll never repay

  8. At the end of Destiny 2, the Traveler cracks open.

    This is because the Traveler is, in fact, a giant massive lootbox.
    Destiny 3 will therefore be entirely about paying money directly to Activision to be the one to own the Traveler lootbox. Highest bidder wins. It will contain exactly 1 shader.

  9. I’m officially done with Bungie. I was patient, really fucking patient. I stuck with Destiny 1 all the way through it’s life-cycle and by the end, I had hoped Bungie would take the lessons they learned from Destiny 1 and take those lessons to heart in the sequel. But lo and behold, look what patience has wrought. Micro-transactions, cut content sold off as DLC and the mummified husk of a video game developer I once revered and respected. And you want to know who’s to blame?

    Fucking Activision.

  10. Good rule of thumb: If the game is published by a company that publicly trades on the stock market, DON’T BUY IT. Just don’t buy it. If you do buy it, you’re buying a game made by shareholders for shareholders, which means crap like this. Seriously, there are plenty of indie and small studios that will give you quality games at good prices, and those games won’t be built around trying to milk your wallet every other level because the people in charge of creating the game aren’t trying to make their stock prices rise to please venture capitalist investors.

    In short, just say NO to corporate video games.

  11. In better news:
    -A Hat in Time is selling well
    – Darkest Dungeon hinted at a new DLC which is basically just Lovecrafts Colour out of Space but in the Darkest Dungeon Universe
    -Switch is doing well
    -Monster Hunter World is about to kick off its second beta tomorrow
    -Why are people still playing Destiny ?

  12. Supermassive Gaming

    My alternate hypothesis as to why Destiny 2 isn’t making waves the way that Battlefront 2 did is because there aren’t many people left who care. Assuming articles I’ve read are true, the player drop off for Destiny 2 is astoundingly high. Tbh, I got Destiny 2 for PC and within a month I was done. I’m not excusing Bungie in the slightest, but I think that anyone that gave a shit is all ready gone.

  13. Pay 4 EVERverse..

  14. Remember when people applauded Bungie for leaving MS and thought they were going to be better.
    Now they’re far worse .

  15. Not surprised at all. Destiny had such potential, such a shame that Activision had to ruin it..

    Edit: Yes I suppose Bungie are equally as guilty now, but it was obvious to me when Destiny was first announced that a lot of people at Bungie were passionate about Destiny, but once they realised the way everything was going with Activision, a lot of them left. I’m saying that the franchise had so much potential if it wasn’t for Activiosn at the time.

  16. Sideshow The Game Freak

    This video explains every reason I waited to get, and never got, Destiny 2. Even after my over 2000 hours spent in Destiny 1 and it being one of my favorite games of all time I just had a feeling they were gonna fuck up the sequel. Trust your gut gamers, and think with your wallets.

  17. Before destiny 2 came out you’ve all been warned that Bungie would try to pull this shit again. And you all Bought Destiny 2 Anyways Dispite the Warnings, Anyone Who Bought Destiny 2 Deserved to be Burned and Gouged because if you haven’t learned your lesson the first time, you Never will learn. maybe D2 will teach you to not double dip in the shit pool. for those of you who’s minds will reset when bungie announces the next game, let me be the first to say…


  18. The whole world is falling into monetization mayhem

  19. Fanbase: They did it *AGAIN* ?
    Activision & Bungie: They noticed it *AGAIN* ?

  20. I honestly don’t know what people ever saw in Destiny to begin with. I still firmly believe nobody would have given any f*ck about the first one if Bungie didn’t make Halo.

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