1 camp in 11 minutes

This was in flex queue, gold/plat.
I was Lee, premade with galio/xayah


  1. “Noob jungler no ganks”

  2. Sad

  3. So, whats the point? Do you wanna brag with this guy having a horrible game with you counterjungling him? Not remotely funny.

  4. If you were the Camille this might’ve actually been funny

  5. you should get banned for this tbh

  6. 2:19 best play in this video

  7. i don’t know how he didn’t rage quit,

  8. still needed 41 mins to win the game vs this camille, trashes lmao

  9. This is why you dont play Camille jungle.

    You´re not the first NA idiot trying to make it work.

  10. Lmao, you actually wasted so much time chasing her through her jungle when you could have ended the game with a 5 level lead within maybe 15 minutes. Instead it took you another 41 minutes of fiesta. WP for making this guys day worse and props to Camille for not rage quitting. Laners always complain about not getting ganks but when the jungler is getting gangbanged in his own jungle no one cares.

  11. That Galio red steal did all the work for you..

  12. Gold/plat but what the other jungle silver? Because this pathing is ridiculous lol

  13. i dont even play league anymore and im tilted

  14. I would just leave

  15. Dick move, Took you guys so long to end the game you just made his day worse. If your going to smash someone at least end the game fast…

  16. Lmfao this must be NA

  17. Эрен Йегер


  18. U have a full gameplay?

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