NieR: AUTOMATA (Demo 120161128) – Holy Crap I Might Actually Like This One

Giving the for : Automata a spin, slicin’ up robots n’ shit.


  1. I was just looking at fan art for this and was wondering what the character
    was from

  2. Explod pausemovetime

    Fast, this was unexpected, especially after Scalebound.

  3. nier: a tomatoes

  4. title = my reaction

  5. Jim snorts cocaine, thank god for Columbia.

  6. aw-TOM-uh-tuh, not otto-may-ta

  7. Been playing games for 30 years, this is the greatest demo Ive ever played.

  8. As flawed as it was I have a soft spot for the first one, had some great
    moments. It’s cool that it’s getting another shot.

  9. So in this one are you the daughter of NieR from the first one? So you’re
    an adolescent famale with her Dad’s pants on her face or what?

  10. Nier Ate Tomatoe

  11. Kept telling the same gag more than once…sound familiar Jim?

  12. “It’s a Square Enix thing” is my favourite 2017 meme

  13. It’s fucking Platinum Games. If there’s is one developer I will follow
    through everything, it’s Platinum Games. Even with the fuckups like Kora
    and Ninja Turtles, they are still my favourite developer out of all.

  14. how the fuck do they even see lol talk about nonsensical character design

  15. 1st 11.28.2016?

  16. The demo name is the date I’d imagine? 12016 is the year in the Holocene
    Calendar, (remove the 1 at the beginning and it become the year,) then add
    11, which is the month, and 28 the day. So November the 28th, 12016 HE or
    2016 CE/AD


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