Far Cry 5 – Deep Fried Testicle Festival (Jimpressions)

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It’s time to visit Hope County and do… pretty much the same thing you do in pretty much every “AAA” Ubisoft game.


  1. Byron, Illinois home of the turkey testicle festival. Look it up.

  2. Me: “He’s gonna start this video on a tower isn’t he?”
    Video starts literally on a radio tower… Brilliant.

  3. Can I have a singleplayer game without needing internet connection for no meaningful way… please?

  4. I feel the silver bars aren’t shoved down your throat, you can even earn them in game by liberating outposts. Also, I didn’t feel like the guns cost much, I’ve only play for 3 hours and I bought a couple guns and upgraded them

  5. Wait, did they bring another “bespectacled, bearded, black guy mentor” to this series? Um, okay…

    What a specific character archetype to stick with.

  6. This game is literally £50 in the UK for the standard edition. When did video games become so expensive. Considering it’s literally the exact same game as Far Cry 3 and all the other games after that. The only difference is the story and the map but I bet the map is randomly generated and they plop in a couple of buildings hear and there with some AI and some new textures for the AI that’s it. Must be incredibly profitable for Ubisoft. Hat’s to them because they make a bunch of money for doing very little work. People are just too stupid to actually buy this shit. Also whats the point of having smoke effects if the AI show up bright red in the smoke?

  7. originalscreenname44

    Jeez. This game even uses assets from Watch Dogs. This has to be the most Ubisoft game to ever Ubisoft.

  8. More of the same, polished but not innovated.

    Hey, if you like that sort of thing you might enjoy Far Cry 5.

  9. I wonder if this is a dangerous trend, with these games being fun, but not enthralling, with microtransactions but not Battlefront 2 Star Cards. I think I would rather have clear separation of really good games and really bad games than only having middle-ground ones. That would probably lead to me stopping gaming, if more devs started doing this, only offering average, ok-ish experiences. Just a thought.

  10. If this game plays with stereotypes of preppers and all that, what would the west coast Millennial version of this game look like?

  11. All this “its a Ubisoft game” aside, Did nobody else just see the “Loot Boxes” this game has?!?! @1:35

  12. TheGuyCompensatingForHisSmallPenis

    >doing repetitive tasks because it’s therapeutic and relaxing

    so chores… except unimportant

  13. I don’t have over 100$ to spend on this game and it’s season pass, special edition, and Microtransactions.

    So I bought a snes classic instead, it has two controllers

  14. Blood Dragon is the only Far Cry i ever liked.

  15. Far Cry 5 is my first foray into the Far Cry series and I’m digging it so far. I reckon not having played any of the previous entries in the series is helping that cos I get to go in with no baggage, no preconceptions, no series weariness, and no comparisons to earlier entries.

  16. Holy shit, that FOV is absolutely unacceptable.

  17. I LOVED 3, I really enjoyed 4, mostly because of the co-op with a mate. This, to me, is all it needs to be. New outposts, and all in co-op. I played it for 4 hours just now, with said mate, and I’m in a terrific mood.

  18. looks like another steam sale bargain bin buy, at least it runs fairly well. maybe this year or next, meh

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