E3 happening again, and we’ve got a lot of press conferences get through. EA kicked off with a not-E3-but-totally-E3 “EA Play” event. Here’s what Jim Sterling and Conrad Zimmerman thought.


  1. Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

    Jim was in his underpants when he did this, huh?

  2. bboooooooring

  3. Gus Davis (Major G)


  4. Only on Chungusfield

  5. Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 looked good, beyond that barely any gameplay
    or new announcements.The charity stuff was nice I guess though.

  6. inamoratasamazing

    I made it about 10 minutes into EA’s presser and I legit passed out and
    took an hour long nap. Not even joking…sounds like I didn’t miss much, at

  7. Necron ResistanceLord


  8. Metal Gear Solid pachinko game

  9. thelaughingrouge

    No trailer can be trusted. Not. One.

  10. Lol for battlefield 1 they’re not going to do any of that philosophical
    stuff but it’s still going to be fun

  11. Oh wow, World War 1. How fucking creative. Shoot more Germans and brown
    people. Real fucking innovation EA. And on top of that, they have a black
    guy on the front cover as the hero. And people actually defend this. Wow.

  12. You’re talking with a person and it isn’t Laura? For shame!

  13. Was it Comrade Zimmerman or Conrad Zimmerman

  14. Ooh ooh, Jim, ask Conrad whether this new game Wasted is any good. Maybe he
    will make you play it.

  15. Wait. The Titans are alive?

    That’s actually really damn interesting… I’m ready.

  16. EA’s conference was basically a joke (tho i knew it would be). Half the
    time went to showing football and weird cameos from some actors and sports
    people? They showed nothing properly about Mass Effect (only EA game that
    slightly interests me)
    And the rest was CEO and some other old dude talking bullshit about how
    much they care about games and their customers (Like anyone would take them
    seriously anymore). It was unnecessary conference, they had nothing new to
    show us.

  17. EA sucks

  18. if you could turn up the sensitivity on yall mic that’d be great!!

  19. I like the sports games. I don’t understand the hate. What disgusts me is
    releasing a battlefield every game. There’s so many different things you
    can do with that series, but sports consistently needs to stay similar and
    yearly. Battlefield being the same released every year is more retarded to

  20. Arbhall McDougall

    I just cant believe how excited folks are for another Star Wars EAfront! I
    honestly cant believe how easily people are parted with their money. You
    poor gamblers paid the equivalent of two games, got what amounts to half a
    remake of a ten year old game and before they even finish that, they are
    planning a new hundred twenty dollar sequel instead of finishing the game
    they released seven months ago. It would seem a lot less sleazy if they
    just started releasing these 1st person shooters in a subscription model.
    Glad some of you were happy with EAfront, I wish you had gotten what you
    paid for.

  21. I’d love to see the two of them do a livestream of it.

  22. “fe is a playstation 1 era 3rd person platformer.” Then you don’t remember
    those games. Gex and Spyro didn’t even have filtered textures, it looks
    nothing like it.

  23. I now want to see a Blackadder telltale game that will never exist. Thanks
    Jim. :(

  24. That livestream was so lame i shot up a whole gay club.

  25. Holy shit, I haven’t heard Conrad since The Dismal Jesters ended.

  26. ‘Macro-transactions’ just sounds like when developers try to sell you
    micro-transactions over $50.

  27. Did you see Larry Bundy Jr.’s recent video?

  28. S̶u̶b̶t̶l̶e̶ ̶I̶n̶s̶a̶n̶i̶t̶y̶

    E3’s conference was absolute shit, but I would be lying if I didn’t say I
    was pretty pumped for Titanfall 2 based off that campaign trailer.

  29. shag… is that like stabbing someone or fucking someone? (I know nothing
    about mass effect)

  30. ugh am i the only one that knows that Fe should be done as F and E
    seperetly and base don iron? o.o

  31. I never played original and the blind forest…..oh wait i did it was
    called limbo.

  32. More Zimmerman!



  34. Titanfall’s Single Player trailer was cringe worthy for me.

  35. I might be in the minority here, but I actually like the idea of a story
    mode in a sports game.
    I don’t play FIFA, but I do play Madden and NHL, and the career modes
    (while kind of fun) have always left something to be desired. Of course, if
    the story mode was totally linear, it would be pointless. Something where
    you can make off the field/ice decisions that affect your player’s career
    would be cool.
    I mean, lets face it…career mode in sports games is nothing but playing
    the regular game, except you earn stats and only control one player. Pretty

    When you consider that EA just releases the same old buggy ass sports shit
    every single year, it would be nice to have something (literally fucking
    anything) that improves the game in a meaningful way.

  36. wish you did the live reaction type thing, that would be amazing!

  37. €A is the devil! ^^

  38. Now I want Telltale’s Band of Brothers…

  39. Sean “DeViLzzz” DeMarco

    I disliked this because you didn’t talk of how EA really isn’t the best
    company to be doing a World War I game right now. I actually think the
    people behind Arma should do it as they would show what it really was like
    in World War I. It is not this crazy action filled crap that was shown in
    the trailer. So much of the war was slow paced and it was fought in
    freaking trenches. While this Battlefield 1 from EA might end up being fun
    it is not a true World War I game.

  40. What the fuck? Is Spike Lee now fucking up football, too?

  41. Theirs a ww1 game on steam called Verdun.

  42. Star war battlefront. “We’ll make it right this time edition, because we’ll
    look at the previous 2 battlefronts that came out before ours(feedback)”

  43. Came to this video after finishing re-reading 1984 for some happy times and
    your “always at war with Eurasia” reference had me lolling. Cheers!

  44. I could listen to Jim and Conrad talk shit all day! Are ye called
    Spindoctors or movie boys though Jim? It’s very important that I know this,
    for no particular reason..

  45. Liked video for Jim mentioning Blackadder.

  46. I was watching totalbiscuit absolutely rip the piss out of the whole
    show… FIFA story mode looked aight to me…and BF1 looks awesome,
    especially in “pre-alpha” as it said all over the hour of play after the
    conference which snoop dogg and wiz khalifa were smoking weed while
    playing… Not the best ea conference, last year was “better”.

  47. e3 konami impression FUCK YOU AND YOUR pachinko machine’s

  48. All I remember from EA’s presentation was that sports nerd babbling on
    about how when you push buttons things happen in the game while holding
    that poor man in the floral business suit hostage, those awkward dudes that
    build computers for a living competing in a computer-building contest
    against the woman who has little idea of what a computer even is, and a
    bunch of robot alien hosts.

  49. I thought valiant hearts was world war 1….

  50. the great war was always my favourite war

  51. Toy Soldiers will be a better WWI game than Battlefield One.

  52. On Titanfall: Sounds like EA stole the concept from “The Last Guardian”.
    Just as well since that one is never coming out.

  53. Ludvig Kortaffel

    Jim did you watch the Battlefield 1 livestream that ran after the press
    conference? Interested to hear your opinions on it.

  54. God the EA announcers were so cringy.

  55. I love the way people think in terms of good and bad in World War 2 , when
    all the countries committed shocking war crimes.

  56. Cancerous content

    Millions have died, but our troops have advanced no further than an
    asthmatic ant with some heavy shopping.

  57. Matthew Jenkinson

    Macro-transactions, literally micro-transactions that cost more.

  58. HeatRayz Video (Heat Rayz)

    Salute for mentioning Blackadder goes forth.

  59. qX Doombringer Xp

    I will be buying Battlefield 1, the WW1 setting is something I’ve been
    saying should be explored more for years, a game like this was what i had
    in mind, though i expect the campaign won’t take any risks and show the
    horrors of the war like i want it to.
    It looks like the destruction engine may be making a return which will be
    so welcome, BF3 and 4 heavily lacked anything there when compared to the
    bad company games, which made me not invest in them untimely (though 4 was
    a gift).I like being able to turn the map into a battlefield as the game


  61. Liarra “Heart” Sniffles

    I don’t fucking care, but I’m going to watch it out of spite.
    This’ll teach you to tell me what to do!

  62. I expected some more on Mass Effect: Andromeda….sadly we got very little

  63. Battlefield 1: unless they would implement some massive map events that
    come in randomly, but that would make the game less “fun” …

  64. Battlefield seems keen to repeat mistakes of the past with every new
    iteration. Map pack dlc. Battlefield is usually better received by the
    community than other shooters but sick and tired of seeing micro fucking
    transactions. It’s not enough to just buy a game anymore.

  65. When can we expect you to do pizza in your underwear reviews jim? I am lost
    in that world.

  66. The only thing i’m waiting for is mass effect andromeda

  67. Marcvs Nonsapiens

    I guess EA is trying to make everybody distrust them… for some reason.
    “Look at this exactly the same game and exactly the same footage we’ve
    shown you last year, you retards! We have totally designed everything from
    the scratch and improved more than god can! Eat it up, maggots!”

    Not to be too extreme, but if EA said ISIS is a bad thing, I would think
    ISIS is saint. Kinda like Molyneux when you think about it…

  68. Damn Jim. That tweet was brutal

  69. WW1 bloodsports can you feel the energy

  70. World War 1 is way too overhyped in Battlefield 1. If there ever was a
    shitty miserable grey-brown muddy dirty war then that’s WW1. Guys in misery
    in one trench shooting at miserable guys in another trench. Maybe
    occasionally one side gets mowed down by machine-gun fire as they try to
    move forward, or get gassed. But bright and flashy with EXPLOSIONS AND
    ACTION AND BLIMPS AND SEXY HERO MEN , it really wasn’t.

  71. This conference was wank nothing new

  72. Is the other guy Jim’s boyfriend cause his voice is precious.

  73. The reason I can’t appreciate anything EA announces is their reliance on
    preloaded gameplay. Especially the Battlefield/Battlefront series is so
    heavily based around prepackaged, predesigned game situations that look
    cool in a trailer but feel repetitive in the game that we all know it’s
    going to get extremely boring a month or so in. Same with Titanfall.

    What’s depressing about it is that EA probably knows how to design a game
    with longevity – but their DLC plan was built before release. They already
    got the lifecycle of a game mapped out before they even announce. There is
    no incentive to them to invest any thought in emergent gameplay or solid
    mechanics that do anything other than supply trailer material.

  74. I actually really really like what ea have put forward here

  75. EA – it’s for you if you like sports and wars

  76. Titanfall also ballsed up thanks to their paid DLC scheme. Not everyone
    bought the season pass, and people who grew tired of the limited content
    early on didn’t buy the first DLC pack, and even many of those who still
    played later on didn’t buy it – which split up the already small
    multiplayer community. Then they released two more DLC packs months apart,
    with fewer buyers each time, and fracturing the community even further each
    time. Eventually they released all the DLC for free out of desperation, but
    it was too late.

  77. The fucks a macrotransaction?

  78. Battlefield matches are always different from each other!
    You get entirely different shitter teams to play on and contend with!

  79. pertaining to BF1 — If there is great terrain destruction and not just
    this canned animation near buildings and whatnot it could be pretty
    interesting. I wish the gameplay was a bit slower but whatever. I hope that
    blimp crash wasn’t a “levolution” event. If you can control the blimps and
    they can go down anywhere and really change the landscape, that’d be pretty

  80. So what to do then. I wuld like to buy Battlefield 1 to show EA a want more
    risky games in new scenarios, but i dont want to show EA, by buying the
    game, that im ok with microtransactions in 60 dollars game.

  81. Titanfall 2 burn was amazing. That game looks cool to me

  82. who the fuck wouldn’t shag darrus?

  83. Jeffrey Pichardo

    Visceral plus respawn could probably do a really good Jedi Knights game.
    Titanfall 2 looks good and I actually have high hopes for it. Battlefield 1
    gameplay looks amazing though. True to the series save for the stains that
    are battlefront and hardline. I’ll wait for reviews on all of the above
    though. The press conferences need to be shorter and only show gameplay.
    The battlefield segment was awesome because players got to see how to play
    the game. They need to know that it’s a team game and that vehicles and
    support matter.

  84. Ethreezeay!

  85. They really didn’t show much of anything which was really disappointing.
    Some of these titles were talked about last year and still nothing to show
    about them other than a behind the scenes video, come on.

  86. RIP1313…Never Forget.

    Also isn’t it ironic that among all those big titles, Fe actually stole the
    show ? Because it actually showed some GAMEPLAY !

  87. I miss FEAR. It’s a shame the third game really shit the bed.

  88. An hour of sports and war? Sounds like American news.

  89. EA’s 2016 E3 presentation is a DISASTER! It was awful. AND they buried
    Mirror’s Edge completely, just because of stupid reviewers! Thanks EA! The
    most exciting thing from your presentation was the dynamic weather in BF1.
    Something that the fans were asking for since BF Bad Company 2! It only
    took you 7 years!

  90. how do you forget battlefield 1!

  91. I would love for Conrad and yourself to do all the E3 videos this year!
    Also love the Movie Boys podcast.

  92. About BF1, they lost a golden opportinity to slow down the pace. Quick
    scopes and teleporting into vehicles should never be the “BF moments”, but
    WW1 was a perfect moment to leave it to CoD where it belongs.

    Not for me, really. tired of that twitch gaming fuckfest BF became.

  93. booooooring.

  94. Titanfall 2: Electric Boogaloo

  95. I salute your old Slack Bladder reference!

  96. But what about Mourinho?

  97. “The titans are apparently alive” – plot to eureka seven.

  98. You can’t simmer the Zimmerman.

  99. I guess you should have watched stream of this huge BF1 battle. There is
    some nice stuff into it…

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