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New Quake, a fresh take on Prey, and plenty of Dishonored 2 footage. Oh, and some Elder Scrolls shit.

Conrad and Jim provide their thoughts on Bethesda’s second ever E3 showcase.


  1. Still pissed that Bethesda didn’t announce a Fallout pen and paper RPG. How
    dare they.

  2. I’m slightly disappointed to say the least

  3. Why is the other guy speaking?

  4. Disappointed by the lack of Wolfenstein and The Evil Within but, too many
    games get shown too fucking early anyway. Dishonored 2 looks great, Prey 2
    was a nice surprise, even though it looks like system shock (which is

  5. Didn’t like the dual commentary..

    Was expecting just jim :(

  6. “dude what if we made hearthstone”

  7. Skyrim came out in 2012..
    Not 2009..


  8. People bitching about no TES 6: First, I get it, I wish it was announced
    too, but it wasn’t realistic. Fallout 3 came out in 2008, 3 years later
    Skyrim came on 2011, 4 years later Fallout 4 came out on 2015. Did you
    really think it would be announce a year after their last big release?
    Don’t be a spoiled idiot. With hope, it will be announced next E3 for a
    2017 release, more realistically probably 2017 or 2018. Think before you
    disappoint yourself next time getting hyped for something that wasn’t

  9. can’t think of any game I’m looking forward to from now and ? other than
    Cyberpunk 2077 even Mafia 3 doesn’t have me counting the days and I loved
    Mafia 2 soooo much. ah well there’s always Dark souls 3 dlc’s…. wouldn’t
    it be good if someone made a great space game… i dunno where you could be
    a citizen of the stars…. maybe in a decade or 2.

  10. Skyrim remastered is a lame announcement. Who cares. “Hurr its 7 years old,
    they love it so much every time they do it,” you’ve got to be kidding me.
    How about a Morrowind remaster you idiot. Who is this guy….? Jim, why did
    you let this guy speak in this series

  11. You forgot shirt guy

  12. Prey 2 looked so fucking good. I am totally with you on the excitement and
    disappointment for the new Prey.

  13. Zimmerman is a funny name.

  14. Conrad Zimmermen? Zimrmen? Zimmerman? Im going with Conrad Zimmerman, Love
    spin of doctors.

  15. A morrowind or oblivion remaster would be nice. Except the changes that
    would need to be made to morrowind would make it a remaster. *sighs* I need
    a pc.

  16. Bravo6Entertainment

    Yay! Snark! Hopefully the game will fail and everyone gets fired! Yay!

  17. Remember when Bethesda made the ridiculous copyright claim against Mojang
    for a “Scrolls” card game? Maybe they had their eye on the development of

  18. god i’m so hyped for dishonored 2

  19. We need Hank Hill…Surprised…and disappointed. Surprised….and

  20. Gromulous Straine

    I actually really enjoyed Bioshock 2. Something about becoming a Big Daddy
    and ramming my drill through Splicer’s sternums felt so satisfying! Also
    the fact that I actually felt something for the little sisters was a nice

  21. They should have remastered oblivion (Or ideally Morrowind) Too soon for

  22. Really disappointed by prey.

  23. Still waiting for a great Commander Keen remake lel

  24. skyrim remastered should support VR

  25. If they’d said they were remastering Oblivion I’d have actually been
    excited. Dishonoured looks ace though.

  26. Jim. You keep repeating that mistake so here I go. New Wolfenstein was
    developed by machine games not Id software.

  27. OldSchoolDudeGaming

    “we’re not interested in something, so we can’t imagine it being
    successful.” You guys just make me sick. So what if you dont like VR. At
    least they’re trying something. The more companies that try to make new
    stuff with VR, the better chance something will come out of it that will
    blow your mind. Think outside of the box for once.

  28. I’m genuinely sad about Prey 2 becoming Prey. It’s Star Wars Battlefront
    all over again. Company makes a entirely different style of game and slaps
    an older franchise on it to boost sales or some shit. You can make your
    jump-scare sci-fi shooter just make it a new IP. Don’t bury all
    possibilities of a franchise continuing in the style it’s fans liked cause
    you wanna bank on nostalgia. Fk sake grow a spine and make it a new IP

  29. The fuck is Conrad talking about with Skyrim? How many times does he think
    it’s been re-released? And it’s been out for 4.5 years, not “7+” buddy.
    You’d think people in the games media industry would be able to remember
    how big the 11-11-11 campaign was.

  30. prey was something ive never played so i guess this conference was ok….
    rip valenwood

  31. I think the Elder Scrolls online people are divided or confused over the
    faction changes and disappointed that we didn’t get any DLC announcements.
    Obviously its one of the less cared about franchises and has players
    already, so I can see why they focused on other games.

  32. I remember Prey… took me some time to get used to it, as the Native
    American culture is not something I’m really familiar with. But the game
    threw some really out of this world enemies at you. And that scene when you
    want to rescue the girl… it was not something you see often…If we get
    that bloody and very gritty atmosphere again I’m really looking forward to

  33. PC players are already playing the remastered skyrim. Its called mods. The
    footage they showed of the remastered graphics? My skyrim on pc already
    looks like that.

  34. does anyone know what time mirosoft is on in the UK?

  35. The Fallout 4 stuff they announced wasn’t that interesting to me because
    I’m not really into the workshop side of the game but it didn’t look bad,
    I’m just not the market for it.

  36. Who’s going your buddy jim fucking sterlingson??

  37. I’m disappointed with people who are getting prissy over Prey because of
    something that never even really happened. I imagine a lot of projects get
    cancelled, Prey 2 was just one we got to see so people get emotional about

  38. Don’t get me wrong, I love VR, It’s an amazing piece of kit. However I cant
    imagine a worse game to have VR in than DOOM.

    The rate the game goes you’d be puking within minutes! That game is waaaay
    too fast to be able to play like that.

  39. Jonathan Bzovsky

    no wolfenstein :(

  40. Quake sounds good and all, but all I ever played with in the Quakes was the
    Rocket Launcher, and Overwatch does that with Pharah now (much like how
    they usurped the things I liked about Unreal Tournament with Junkrat among
    others) gameplay wise

  41. Elder Scrolls Online isn’t actually bad now, it’s launch dooms it.

  42. Am I the only one who thought Rage was incredible??

  43. Nebula “Youji” Storm


  44. I already have a 2 copy of Skyrim, on Xbox and PC.
    How much are they going to make me pay for Skyrim Remastered wtf? not
    counting the multiple Dlc

  45. As a person who can’t play horror I’m very disappointed with Prey not being
    the Prey 2 they promised years ago. That trailer was so amazing and I never
    try to get hyped but that game seemed so promising. Let’s hope they make a
    great horror game instead and that people who play horror games will enjoy.
    I won’t since I’m an anime fan on prom night.

  46. the biggest travesty was no brink 2 announcement

  47. SPOILER: “God Bless” in this review means “fucking idiot”. Love it!

  48. More like B-3-sda… I’ll go

  49. nobody buy this trick

  50. skyrim isn’t 7 it came out 2011

  51. I think having “classic” pc/console games “portet” to vr is a overall good
    move, even if the games don’t turn out that good, because it is relatively
    risk free for the developer , can easiy sold as dlc (one that is clearly
    optional and doesn’t feel nescesary for enjoing or playing the game) and it
    provides more content for vr (at least for the people not having motion
    sickness problems) so more people are willing to adapt to vr systems, witch
    helps Developers get theire original vr games funded.

  52. dismal jesters reunite. Where is that lovely boy Jonathan Holmes? Put on
    your mesh tank top son.

  53. This conference was totally disappointing.

    Quake Champions – Don’t care.
    ESO updates – No.
    Skyrim remastered – Meh.
    Prey – Never heard of it.
    Fallout 4 DLC – I couldn’t even bring myself to finish the main game.
    Dishonored 2 – The first game bore me to tears.

  54. All I need to know about Dishonored 2: Does killing the robots violate a
    pacifist route? Because holy fucking shit, those takedown moves on the
    automations, my fucking heart is beating fast enough to power a theoretical
    chest-mounted piezoelectric generator and I forget where I was going with
    this analogy but just know that I’m fucking excited.

  55. Skyrim… 7 years old… *facepalm*

  56. Pinkeye simulator 2017

  57. And lastly, I really want a Skyrim Remaster. I would have preferred
    Morrowind, Oblivion, etc. But I don’t have a PC, and played Skyrim on PS3,
    so I spent my time fighting backwards flying dragons

  58. So love ESO or hate it in my mind one tamreal (I can’t remember how it’s
    spelled) is a big deal for MMO’s as the only other MMO to do that is eve
    and it’s also got consoles in there too now if I was being cynical you
    could just say it’s because no one is playing it and this is just then
    moving people onto one server and closing all the others but I don’t think
    they would be spending the money if that’s true.

  59. Harvey “Dizzy” K

    Conrad always works great for these things.

  60. Didn’t the same guy who did a lot of the visual design of Dishonored work
    on Half-Life 2 as well? I really get a lot of the same vibes from those two
    games when it comes to the art style.

  61. skyrim is not seven years old…

  62. transformerszlaja

    Machine Games made the new Wolfenstein games not Id software.

  63. Zelda is like Final Fantasy in that way

  64. People are going to puke if they try to play Doom on VR

  65. Does anyone else think Emily being an assassin after the events of the
    first game is a poor character/narrative decision?

  66. Not all of us bought skyrim 4 times

  67. “We have Mods on Skyrim on Console now” Except you have none of the good
    ones, because no SKSE..

  68. I still believe it’s good for developers to add VR support to existing
    games first before making exclusive VR content. We’ve had all this time
    since the Oculus DK was released and we still mainly have “floating head”
    simulators. People are still waiting for more VR games before they take the
    dive and purchase a headset. No one is buying headsets because nothing is
    released because no one is buying headsets. Then there’s all this talk
    about needing to have a whole room for VR experiences which I’m sure is
    putting some people off from the idea of buying.

  69. man i was so hoping for a new obsidian fallout game… i want to cry now

  70. Mark Noone (Nooney)

    VR is like 3D on movies when it 1st came out it was slapped on ever movie
    even if it didn’t fit and KILL ALL THE MUDCRABS

  71. Wait, how do Skyrim mods work on console? Are they specifically made for
    console? Do they just take mods from Steam and stick ’em on console?

  72. quake 3 arena is the f2p game in a browser.

  73. And here I thought they were struggling to fill the hour they had,it was so
    boring and felt way too dragged,apart from Dishonored 2 we didn’t learn
    anything new.Them constantly saying how great their games are was a bit bs.
    Never knew Elder Scrolls Online was more popular than WoW xD.

  74. TES Online. The best MMO of 2015 (according to… who exactly Bethesda?)

  75. None of the games showing at E3 2016 look interesting to me. Where the hell
    is Red Dead Redemption for PC!

  76. So are there any Quake fans that are pissed off that it’s turned into

  77. The 3rd or 4th time? Wut? Why would thay have bought it that many times?

  78. Is Fallout turning into Minecraft???

  79. Edgaras Mickevicius

    the skyrim rework looks like the vanilla game plus mods

  80. Jon Iglesias Seoane

    New Quake smoke, Prey smoke and plenty of Dishonored 1.5 footage.

  81. So the console ppl get the game we have been playing for years…. cool i

  82. I honestly thought this conference could have been 20 mins in and out,
    nothing to declare. no footage the same trailers repeated over and over
    whilst they joyfully exploited how much everyone liked Doom 2016. I thought
    you would wax these fuckers but apparently not?

  83. In response to One Tamriel: “wwwwwWWWAAAAAAAT?” – Best E3 moment 10/10

  84. No Evil Within 2?
    I’m disappointed. XD

    And Skyrim Remastered?
    The release of that one on PC really is unecessary.
    They probably just added some new fancy shaders.

    Maybe they implemented the unofficial patches into their esm files.
    I doubt it though.

  85. I think most of Skyrim’s hate was the result of millions of people
    worldwide suddenly describing every RPG as ‘like Skyrim but…’

  86. Correction: Skyrim came out Nov 11, 2011. It’s about 4.5 years old, not 7.

  87. Say what you want but Bethesda hadn’t released PC exclusive games since
    90s, so the fact that Quake Champions is their excepiton is a good sign.
    Besides id just couldn’t possibly ignore all the feedback from DOOM MP, so
    I’m sure that their new game will be awesome. Quake could use some fresh
    ideas for sure.

  88. TheCrazyFereldan

    The Dragon Age games are great.

  89. Id didnt make Wolfentein 2014, Machinegames did. Sorry to be picky I cant
    help myself.

  90. I hope you movie boys do more material together on the channel! Good

  91. Conrad info about Skyrim is lacking

  92. I’m very curious how they’re pulling off the VR stuff. If done right,
    Fallout 4 could be the most immersive thing ever. But I’m afraid it won’t
    run well, the game is already badly optimized and running it in VR isn’t
    gonna help the framerate. And you need a good framerate to enjoy VR!

  93. the screeching woman was jessica nigri, she said it on her twitter

  94. all of the DLC for Fallout 4 are stolen ideas based on existing mods,
    sooo… fuck’em!

  95. The new Prey seems very Bioshocky and Dead Spacey which is great.

  96. Brandon Christopher

    The Skyrim remaster will mostly benefit console olayers (such as me). I
    want to know more about thr technical specs of the remaster. It would be
    great if they added a couple of tweaks, or if they ever decide to do
    another DLC.

  97. So they’re gonna remaster Skyrim, but not Oblivion or Morrowind.

    Are you shitting me? Skyrim only came out 5 years ago.

  98. Very meh to me personally. Prey was interesting. Dishonored 2 looks good
    but the presentation was really awkward. ESO wanking over their
    achievements went on for too long. The whole thing fizzled out at the end
    like a whimpering fart. Also, call me an entitled little fuck, but
    announcing a demo at an E3 conference was a joke. Most certainly (varying
    degrees of) unrealistic from me but I would have been much more excited
    with a Wolfenstein/Oblivion 10 Year Anniversary Edition/Word of an Obsidian
    Fallout/TES VI’s title.

  99. UT5 AND QUAKE it must be my birthday

    f2p quake was quake online

  100. ItalianoMobzter7

    I can’t help but feel disappointed in Quake Champions. I wanted a return to
    the original Quake: Sci-Fi mixed with gothic medieval fantasy with some
    H.P. Lovecraft elements. Maybe I’m in the minority but I like single

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